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The members of the Jing family were dumbfounded.

“Old Master…”


Everyone spoke in unison.

Old Master Jing raised his hand to stop them.

“Ive given my all to the Jing family throughout my life.

But Ive done wrong by Jing Tian and his mother.

In the past, I always cared about everyones feelings, so I had to sacrifice them to balance things out.

I have always let them down.

“The last time I was abroad, I would have died in a foreign country if it werent for Little Nanxing.

At that time, I made up my mind to make it up to Jing Tian and his mom for the rest of my life.

But I failed at my words because things kept popping up after I came back.

This time, I thought I was going to die for sure.

I didnt expect Jing Tian to save my life again! The heavens have treated me well.

I will be punished if I continue to go against my own promises.”

“Dad, how can you say that!” The eldest son of the Jing family frowned.

Old Master Jing rolled his eyes and looked at him.

“Why cant I say that Once you came here, you started by blaming your brother and accused him of being the culprit.

However, he has evidence that this happened because of your business failure.

I dont see any regret in you, and you didnt even think about apologizing to your brother.

I think this is the result of my bad example.

I didnt take Jing Tian and his mother seriously enough that you all turned your noses up at him and blamed him for everything!”

Old Master Jing had a gloomy expression on his face.

Glancing at the crowd, he said, “Since all of you feel that Jing Tian hasnt made any contributions to this family and he is too lazy, irresponsible, and dishonorable, from tomorrow onwards, Jing Tian will officially enter the Jing group.

He will study by my side for a month, and then Ill give him the position of the chief executive officer so that he can contribute to the Jing family!”

Jing Tian shot a displeased glance at Old Master Jing.

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Old Master Jing immediately begged his son not to embarrass him in public!

Jing Tian felt helpless.

The others saw the intimacy between the father and son, but they didnt feel good about it.

They didnt expect that their plan to blame Jing Tian would fail, and the Old Master Jing would use this opportunity to award Jing Tian with more power!

These people were really holding their anger in.

Old Master Jing held his head, and he said in a pained tone, “My head hurts a little.

Jing Tian, help me to rest.

As for you people, you should go back to the old residence and go back to your own home.

Cant you see that this place is too small Were not going to ask you to stay for dinner.

You can leave now!”

With that, he signaled Jing Tian to help him up.

Gao Da hurriedly asked, “Master Qi, those people from the Lin family…”

Jing Tian didnt say anything, and Old Master Jing waved his hand impatiently.

“Let them go, let them go.

Didnt I tell you to let them go Lets not make enemies if we can.

Youre a member of Jiang Hu.

Dont you know that our family is in the wrong”

Gao Da was astute.

He didnt even look at Jing Tian.

He said respectfully to old master jing, “Yes, Old Master.

Ill go do it right away.”

Old Master Jing was very satisfied.

He held Jing Tians hand and walked away.

The Jing family members who were left behind couldnt do anything.

“Big Brother, what… Whats going on”

“Big Brother, hurry up and persuade big uncle.

How can he do this How can he cover for Jing Tian like this”

“Yes! Big Brother, this… The cake is already so small, and we have to share it with Jing Tian too This isnt fair!”

The eldest brother of the Jing family said coldly with a livid expression, “What do you want me to do!”

He stood up and left, leaving the group of people looking at each other in dismay.

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