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Without a leader, the motley crew had no choice but to leave.

After they left, I came out from behind the curtains to get some fresh air.

Sister Kong walked over with a smile on her face.

“The old master and Master Qi are in Madams room.”

I nodded and quickly ran upstairs.

Auntie Lan was still asleep.

The old master sat by the bed quietly, looking at her tenderly.

Jing Tian stood by the side.

Seeing me come in, the old master turned his head and smiled immediately.

He stood up and motioned for us to go to the side hall.

Then, he pulled my hand and looked me up and down.

“Its good that youre fine!”

I said immediately, “Old Master, Im fine.

But are your injuries serious”

The old master raised his hand and rubbed his head.

“Im fine.

I merely pretended earlier to scare them!”

We sat down on the sofa.

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The old master glanced between Jing Tian and me.

He nodded with satisfaction.

“Youre finally back.

Thats great! Theres nothing more important than being alive.

When you reach my age, youll understand that everything in this world, except life and death, is a trivial matter.

“Think about how many twists and turns you two have gone through at such a young age Ah Lan and I have been through a lot in our lives.

Ive thought it through.

In the future, I wont care about anything else.

Ill just stay with Ah Lan, Jing Tian, and you.

As for the Jing Group, Jing Tian, Ill leave it to you!”

Jing Tian felt a headache coming on.


The old master raised his hand.

“Do you want me to stay with your mother If your mother is unhappy, will you be happy You Brat, I raised you.

You cant be so heartless! Im already so old.

Who knows how many days I have left Shouldnt my limited life be used to staying with your mother Youre our son.

Shouldnt you make some sacrifices for us”

Jing Tian looked at his father helplessly.

The old master glanced at me, “Theres nothing to discuss about this.

If it werent for the incident between you and Nanxing, this matter would have been on the agenda a long time ago.

I know youre not in a good mood these few years, but Ive never bothered you, have I

“So you cant disturb the time between your mother and me now.

Take the responsibility that you should bear.

Youre my son, so theres no room for discussion about this matter! Hurry up and get Nanxing married into the family.”

Jing Tian shut his mouth.

We knew that with the old masters temper, it was useless to say anything at this moment.

“By the way, did you say that the Jing Family children were the ones who interfered with the Lin familys business” Only then did old master Jing remember to ask about serious matters.

“Yes,” Jing Tian said in a muffled voice.

Old Master Jing sighed.

“They do things without thinking.

If you dont take action now, this family will be ruined by them! This Lin family is one of the top medical families in our area.

Why do you think these crazy people provoke them for no reason”

Jing Tian also sighed.

“Originally, I came back to develop medicine with the Lin family.

Now, Im afraid there will be some twists and turns.”

Jing Tian then briefly told the old master about the Phoenix Blood.

The old master was dumbstruck.

“This, this, how could such a strange thing happen Jing Tian, you must protect Nanxing well.

If outsiders find out about this, they will definitely think of ways to kidnap her!”

I chuckled.

“Its fine.

Arent there so many people protecting me Moreover, my blood can help a lot of people! Mr.

Li said that it was fortunate that I was here.

Otherwise, Auntie Lan would have been in danger this time.

Therefore, this phoenix blood is very useful!”


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