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The waiter brought the coffee over.

Ye Qian gestured for one of the cups to be placed in front of Gu Yan and said gently, “You like mantenin.

But Im not sure if your taste has changed.”

Gu Yans expression changed a little, and she looked at the coffee unnaturally.

Ye Qian stirred the coffee in front of her and gently put down the spoon.

“Gu Yan, long time no see.”

Gu Yans imposing manner immediately dissipated, and her eyes were a little red.

She picked up the coffee cup and took a big gulp before putting it back on the plate.

“This coffee shop must have a new barista.

The taste is not as good as before.”

Ye Qian smiled.

“You havent come here for coffee for a long time, right I dont think theres any change.”

Gu Yan said coldly, “Who would have the patience to come to such back-end places I came here today because of our friendship.

You havent been in the country for so many years.

Now, the city has added many high-class places.

This place is getting old already!”

Ye Qian still smiled.

“Is that so I must be quite ignorant.

However, after so many years, this shop is still here.

It feels very familiar.

The coffee also has a familiar taste.

Maybe Im getting older, so Ill unconsciously reminisce about the past.”

Gu Yans expression could not help but change.

Ye Qian admitted that she was getting older so calmly.

In terms of composure, Ye Qian won easily.

This made Gu Yan extremely uncomfortable.

She could not help but glare at Ye Qian.

“I realize that youre getting more and more useless now.”

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Ye Qian smiled.

“I was useless in the first place.

All the things in the past were only given to me by the Gu family.

It was the Gu family that gave me face.

After leaving the Gu family, Im myself.

Theres no future for me.”

Ye Qian was self-deprecating, but Gu Yan felt great.

Her pride and arrogance returned.

“Tell me.

What kind of person did you marry”

Her eyes were fixed on the ring on Ye Qians hand.

As a playmate that she grew up with, she was very clear that Ye Qian would not marry an ordinary man.

For example, Jing Ning was useless in Ye Qians eyes.

If Jing Ning didnt have a crush on Ye Qian and was so smitten by her, the women who pursued Jing Ning would have circled M City at least three times.

At least he was the eldest young master of the Jing family.

However, Gu Yan knew that Ye Qian had never liked Jing Ning.

She was only making use of Jing Ning.

To be honest, Gu Yan had learned from Ye Qian how to make use of a mans feelings.

After witnessing how she played Jing Ning in her hands, she applied it in her marriage.

It was a pity that Gu Yan was not Ye Qian, and what she had learned was just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, Gu Yan was curious about who Ye Qian had married and what kind of man she was.

But she was certain that no man would really get Ye Qians love.

At the mention of her lover, Ye Qians smile became even gentler, and her whole person seemed to glow faintly.

“Hes just an ordinary person.”

Gu Yan sneered.

“Hes very rich, right If hes an ordinary person, then he has to have a lot of money! Why would we want a man who is poor”

Ye Qian shrugged, “I want his sincerity and kindness.

The way he treats me cant be measured by money.

Im willing to serve him forever.”

Gu Yan could not help but be curious.

“He treats you well! What man couldnt do that Jing Ning also treated you very well.

But have you ever loved him, no, even liked him”

Ye Qian leaned back and leaned gently against the back of the chair.

“Youre right.

Ive never loved Jing Ning.”


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