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Gu Yan smiled disdainfully.

Ye Qian looked at her.

“Gu Yan, you dont love your husband, do you Even if you marry him, your heart doesnt belong to him because you dont think hes worth it.

Jing Ning is the same to me.

So, even if I tell you how much I love my husband or how much he loves me now, you wont believe it because youve never loved a man.”

Gu Yan was unconvinced.

“Why not Ive tried my best to love someone before!” Gu Yan blurted out the words, and her face couldnt help but look a little uncomfortable.

Ye Qian smiled.

“Are you talking about Jing Tian”

Gu Yan averted her gaze.

Mai Qi and Jing Ni glanced at me, and I glared back.

If Gu Yan and Ye Qian hadnt mentioned it, I would have forgotten that Gu Yan was once my rival in love.

However, I had never taken Gu Yan seriously.

She was obviously not worthy of being my rival.

Ye Qians eyes were filled with pity.

“That was an one-sided crush.

It was not love.

Love goes both ways.”

Gu Yan felt embarrassed and snorted coldly.

“Do you know that Jing Ning is about to be released from prison You think that one-sided love is not love, but Jing Ning thinks you are his life.”

Ye Qians smile disappeared.

Even Ye Qian was getting tired of the insults.

She had given Gu Yan enough face.

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“What does it have to do with me” Ye Qian said indifferently, her attitude still as calm as the wind.

“How is it not related Ye Qian, youre so funny.

Hes your ex-husband!” Gu Yan couldnt help but raise her voice, emphasizing the word ex-husband.

Ye Qian did not care and smiled faintly.

“You also said it yourself.

Hes my ex.

We have nothing to do with each other anymore.”

Gu Yan stared at Ye Qian with a ruthless gaze.

“I didnt expect your heart to still be so ruthless!”

“Yeah, Ive always been ruthless to myself and the people around me.” Ye Qian acted as if she did not mind at all.

Gu Yan was at her wits end.

She failed to anger Ye Qian, but she became extremely angry.

Ye Qian was more familiar with Gu Yan than Gu Yan did herself.

“Gu Yan, did you invite me here today to tell me that Jing Ning is going to be released from prison” That was clearly not the case.

Gu Yan and Ye Qian were not really friends anyway.

Ye Qian had always been clear-headed.

Sure enough, Gu Yan could not be bothered to act anymore.

“You got a lot of benefits when you left the Gu family back then.

I think you should return some of them.”

Ye Qian looked at Gu Yan in surprise.

The three of us who were listening were all dumbfounded.

Didnt Gu Yan start the conversation by saying that Ye Qian was not doing well So where did the benefits from the Gu Family come from Ye Qian didnt have any shares in the Gu Family.

That was a fact that even outsiders knew.

Back then, whether it was Jing Ning, Jing Yan, or Gu Yan, they had never been stingy in publicizing this matter to the public.

The purpose was to let people know that Ye Qian was an adopted daughter.

This was their way of dimming Ye Qians radiance.

So, now, how could Gu Yan had the nerve to say something like this.

Who did she think she was

Ye Qian looked at Gu Yan quietly.

She was probably shocked too.

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Gu Yan was a little flustered.

“Its no biggie.

I dont need you to pay much, just 10 or 20 million.

Dont tell me you dont even have 10 or 20 million!”

I think Ye Qian has already taken a few deep breaths in her heart, but her tone was still neither slow nor fast.

“Gu Yan, when I was with the Gu Family, I was given less than a million, much less 10 million.

You should know that very well.”


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