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“It seems that Jing Tian wants to cooperate with the Lin family by offering them this land,” I muttered to myself.

Mai Qi frowned.

“If he wants to cooperate with the Lin family, shouldnt he talk to the head of the Lin Family The people we saw today are extremely young.

Do they have the final say in such matters”

“Why not They are young but promising.

Isnt it common for the younger generations to take over the family business” I didnt understand.

Jing Ni shook her head.

“No, the Lin family is a traditional aristocratic family.

Their hierarchy is very traditional, and seniority is extremely important.

No matter how outstanding the younger generations are, they have to assist their elders.

If the elders have yet to retire, the juniors will have to assist them unless the elders give up their position.”

Mai Qi and I were puzzled.

“Wont that raise many lousy descendants How will the family be strong through the generations Isnt this too conservative”

Jing Ni sighed.

“You dont need to worry about that.

The Lin Family is famed for its elite education.

No child will be left behind.

Everyone has their uses.

They teach according to their aptitude and cultivate their specific talents.

So far, no other family has been able to imitate this teaching method.

“Thats why the Lin family is so powerful.

They had many talented descendants.

Think about it.

Which other family is like that”

Mai Qi and I looked at each other.

“Doesnt that make them extremely powerful”

Jing Ni nodded, and she sighed.

“Thats why I cant understand why my uncle would offend the Lin Family.

No family wants to go against the Lin Family because they wont be their competition.

However, the Lin Family keeps a low profile.

They do not fight with others.

Instead, they are kind to others.

Basically, they have saved every big family in China one time or another.”

I stuck out my tongue.

“In that case, the Lin family is really extraordinary.”

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Mai Qi and Jing Ni nodded repeatedly.

“Then, that Miss Lin…” I wanted to say something but stopped.

Jing Ni turned around and smiled sweetly.

“Dont worry, my Tang Sanzang.

No matter how outstanding Miss Lin is, she cant compare to your uniqueness, right”

I glared at her.

She added, “In my 7th uncles eyes, there will not be anyone else but you!” Jing Ni patted me.

“Dont go embarrassing Sky City.

Since when did you become so worried about competition You and Jing Tian have experienced so many hardships.

Do you think anyone can tear you two apart If anything, I think my 7th uncle wants to tie you to his body!”

I smiled wryly.

I couldnt tell what the reason was.

When I first saw Lin Nan, I felt uncomfortable.

I didnt know why.

The more Jing Ni and Mai Qi comforted me, the more I realized they felt the same way I did.

This was an unprecedented crisis.

This was very hard to explain until I met Ye Qian in the small garden.

“Why the long face” Ye Qian asked me.

She was arranging flowers in a vase.

“How can you tell” I picked up a gladiolus.

Ye Qian smiled.

“Whats wrong Who made you unhappy”

“No, Im not unhappy.” I played with the gladiolus.

I knew nothing about flower arrangements.

Ye Qian took the flower from my hand.

I took a leaf and played with it.

“Ye Qian, how much do you know about the Lin Family” I couldnt help but ask.


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