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He stood up and said to Jing Tian, “Rumor has it that Phoenix blood and a few medicinal herbs can be combined to form a miraculous medicine that can cure all kinds of diseases.

Although, from a scientific point of view, a cure-all medicine is exaggerated, the mixture would still have medicinal properties.

The Lin family has been studying medicine for centuries, and we happen to have some medicinal herbs in reserve.

Master Qi, why dont we cooperate in the field of medicine as well”

He had a smile on his face, giving off the demeanor of an expert.

Jing Tian said indifferently, “I never thought of profiting from Nanxings blood.”

Lin Hua immediately apologized, “Im sorry, but I didnt make myself clear.

The cooperation I mentioned wasnt for profit, but to study the effects of the Phoenix Blood and try my best to save as many patients as possible.” He turned to look at me.

“Miss Nanxing is kind-hearted.

I think she also hopes that she can help more people, right”

I smiled faintly and couldnt help but roll my eyes in my heart.

Is he trying to pressure me already

Before I could say anything, Jing Tian said, “It doesnt matter.

I dont agree.

There are many ways to help people.

I wont let people keep drawing Nanxings blood.”

Lin Hua was a little embarrassed.

“Master Qi, Lin Hua is dumb.

I didnt explain things clearly.

Believe me.

Im not someone who takes human lives lightly.

Technology is advanced.

Theres no need for us to keep drawing Miss Nanxings blood.

We can work together to research…”

Jing Tian interrupted him.

“Theres no room for discussion on this matter.


Lin, thank you for saving Nanxing just now.”

I tugged at the corner of Jing Tians shirt.

Didnt he say that he wanted to cooperate with the Lin Family They had already offered cooperation, so why did he still refuse

Jing Tian held my hand, indicating that I to keep quiet.

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Lin Hua saw all of this.

He smiled at me in a very friendly manner.

Then, he said to Jing Tian, “That was nothing.

Miss Nanxing is fine now, so Ill take my leave.”

Jing Tian let go of my hand and got up to send Lin Hua off.

As soon as he reached the door, someone came in at a very fast speed and bumped into Lin Hua.

It was Mai Qi!

“Nanxing…” she shouted my name and bumped into Lin Hua.

Lin Hua reached out to hold Mai Qi and said gently, “Careful there.”

Mai Qi pushed him away without even looking at him.

“Nanxing, who poisoned you Im going to cut him into pieces!”

I couldnt help but cover my eyes.

‘Miss Mai Qi, how could you be so bloody

Mai Qi failed to pounce on me because my little uncle grabbed her waist and said in a low voice, “Mai Qi, we have a guest.”

Only then did Mai Qi realize that there was an outsider present.

She immediately stood up, looking dignified and elegant.

I couldnt help but cover my eyes again.

This wasnt a change in expression but a full transformation.


Tong Le introduced, “Mai Qi, this is Mr.

Lin Hua.

He just saved Nanxing.”

Regardless of what happened, it seemed that they had decided to make Lin Hua my savior.

I could faintly sense what my little uncle and Jing Tian were thinking.

Mai Qi hurriedly said, “Thank you, Doctor Lin.”

She turned around to look at me anxiously.

I leaned against the headboard of the bed and raised my hand to her, indicating that I was still alive.

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She was relieved.

When I saw Lin Hua looking at Maggie with a very patient and thoughtful gaze, my heart couldnt help but move, feeling a little uncomfortable.

My little uncle introduced them, “This is Mai Qi.”

Lin Hua smiled and stretched out her hand to Mai Qi.

“Hello, Miss Mai Qi.”

Mai Qi shook his hand.

She said again, “Thank you for saving Nanxing.”

Lin Hua smiled.

“I wouldnt say Ive done that.

Miss Nanxing would have cured herself anyway.”

Mai Qis focus was on me.

She turned to my little uncle and said., “Tong Le, who poisoned her Have you found them I wont forgive them!”

No wonder shes really my little aunt.

Shes so cool!


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