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My little uncle coaxed her.

“Weve found her.

Well talk later.

Lets send Mr.

Lin out first.”


Goodbye, Mr.

Lin,” Mai Qi said as she turned around.

She pushed my little uncle out while she returned to my bedside.

Lin Hua looked at Mai Qi with a meaningful smile.

Mai Qi held my hand and said with a pained expression, “How could this happen When we turned around, you instantly got into trouble.”

I frowned.

“I didnt expect that they would use such a despicable method.”

Mai Qi came to a realization.

“Thats not right.

Why would they poison you If they killed you, they would lose the Phoenxi Blood too.

Maybe the culprit didnt want to kill you or it might not be for the Phoenix Blood.”

I looked at Mai Qi and nodded.

“That makes sense.

We should investigate!”

“Okay!” Mai Qi got up and walked out.

“Mai Qi!” I stopped her.

“Whats wrong” Mai Qi turned around to look at me.


I waved at her helplessly.

“Come back and sit down! Do you think Jing Tian and little uncle wouldnt have thought of this already”

It was only then that Mai Qi came back to her senses.

I knew that she was acting like this because she was worried.

When she finally calmed down and sat beside me, she suddenly asked, “Who was that person just now”

I looked at her helplessly.

She tried to find an excuse for herself.

“I realized he is a stranger, but why would they let a stranger come here He must have some background.”

I nodded.

“He has quite a background.

Hes from the Lin family.

His name is Lin Hua, and hes a good doctor.

Just now, he suggested a cooperation with Jing Tian to use my blood to combine with their herbs to develop a new medicine to treat and save people.

He even praised me for being kind.”

“What is he talking about That is even worse than those who wants to use your blood to prolong their lives.

He basically wants to use your blood to earn profit to sell them at retail!” Mai Qi said indignantly.

Mai Qi was very smart when it came to the big picture things.

She hit the nail on the head!

Mai Qi frowned.

“Why do I feel that theres something wrong with the Lin Family Every one of them resembles a vampire.

They stand out in that way.

I dont like the way Lin Nan looked at Jing Tian.

You must be careful of her.”

I suddenly recalled the way Lin Hua looked at Mai Qi just now, as if he had found his prey.

While we were talking, the crowd had already sent the guests back.

Jing Tian came over and touched my forehead.

He said to Mr.

Li, “Please take a look at her again.”


Li went forward to take my pulse.

I asked him, “Why did you allow Lin Hua to treat me Arent you afraid that he will poison me”


Li smiled but didnt say anything.

When my uncle saw how relaxed Mr.

Li was, he also calmed down.

“We all know that you wouldnt die, so we decided to make this a chance to test the Lin Family.”

I rolled my eyes at him and ignored him.

Mai Qi said, “Why would you do something so risky What if that man has sinister goals Even if she wont die, shell suffer a lot!”

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I made a face at my little uncle.

“Its still little aunt who dotes on me.

Why would I still need you”

My little uncle didnt mind.

He reached out and touched Mai Qis head.

His love was written all over his face.


Li said, “Youre fine.

The Lin Family was here when something happened to you.

I didnt want to expose my identity.

Its still unclear whether the Lin family is a friend or foe.

We shouldnt let them know that you have a doctor by your side.

It might cause more trouble.”


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