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I nodded.


Li was truly thoughtful.

“What about that maid” I asked Jing Tian.

Jing Tians expression turned somewhat ugly.

“Shes from the Jing Family.

She was under Jing Yans order.

Either they didnt know or didnt believe your Phoenix Blood.

They have a grudge against you and want to kill you.”

I imagined Jing Yans arrogant and despotic appearance in my mind.

This was indeed something that she would do!

“Then dont touch her.

Leave her to me.

Ill handle it myself,” I said to Jing Tian.

My little uncle said, “Take good care of your body.

I dont need you for this kind of thing.

Leave it to me.” He shot a glance at Jing Tian.

“I hope some people wont decide to protect his family.

The fact that I didnt charge to the Jing Family now is already my limit.”

I hastily said, “Little uncle, dont accuse Jing Tian! He wont protect the Jing Family.

Plus, leave this maid to me.

I want to have a little fine.

Plus, this matter is small anyway.”

Little Uncle wanted to say something, but Mai Qi stopped him.

“I agree with Nanxing.

Let us handle this ourselves.

You should focus on the bigger things.

Didnt you say that someone wanted to cooperate with us using Nanxings blood”

Little Uncles expression hardened.

“Those people must be crazy.

They basically want to sell Nanxings blood as medicine.”

With this reminder, I asked Jing Tian, “Arent we going to cooperate with them Are we playing hard to get”

Jing Tian shook his head.

“Not really.

The Lin familys reaction so far is too strange.

We dont feel too good about this, so we decide to observe for now.

Besides, if they decide to use you as an experiment, then forget it.

We dont need them.”


I reached out to hold Jing Tians hand.

Jing Tian understood what I meant.

He glanced at cousin Mo.

“If we have to sacrifice you to the Lin Family to get the medicine to cure your Cousin Mo, do you think he will agree”

I looked at cousin Mo.

He said, “Nanxing, we agreed to do our best and leave the rest to fate.

We shouldnt try to go against fate.”

I finally nodded.

“Brother, I understand your intentions.

But you have to understand me too.

To me, my Phoenix Blood isnt as important as a single finger of yours.”

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Cousin Mo smiled.

“Nanxing, Ive been sick for many years.

Ive been in a wheelchair for many years.

Im already satisfied that I can stand and walk again.

If you sacrifice yourself for me again, I wont be able to accept it.”

I understood his feelings and changed the topic to a more relaxed one.

“Hurry up and marry Ye Qian.

Give cousin-in-law a proper identity so that people wont gossip about her anymore.”

Cousin Mo was a little embarrassed.

“But uncle isnt married yet.”

I looked at my little uncle with a dissatisfied expression.

Before I could say anything, my little uncle already said with hatred, “Hey, what are you doing dragging me into this Are you going to marry tomorrow if I get married today”

Cousin Mo nodded.

“Alright, its decided then.

Ill get married on the day after you get married.”

We couldnt help but laugh.

Mai Qi blushed.

My little uncle held her hand.

“Lets go.

We should get away from these kids.

We have things to do anyway.”

After saying that, he grabbed Mai Qi and walked out.

“Why are you running away Are you afraid of marriage Let me tell you, if you dont marry Mai Qi, she will be pursued by others! Tong Le, you need to be more anxious about this!” I shouted at their backs.

Everyone laughed without restraint.


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