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According to my condition, Mr.

Li gave me another prescription, and I slept well the whole night.

The next morning, I was woken up by Jing Ni.

Under Qu Haos begging, Jing Ni finally agreed to go with Qu Hao to see his father.

Due to Qu Haos identity, this could only mean one thing, Jing Ni had been recognized by that elder.

Jing Ni ultimately waskidnapped by Qu Hao under all of ourblessings.

Therefore, the two of them did not know what had happened yesterday.

When Jing Ni woke me up, I thought she was going to share with me the process of meeting her future father-in-law, so I ridiculed her, “Do you need me to help Auntie Bai Rui prepare the dowry Im going to marry you off in a grand manner!”

Jing Nis expression was serious and nervous.

“Nanxing, hurry up.

Qu Hao and Tong Le are fighting!”

“What!” That woke me up immediately.

“Qu Hao and your little uncle.

Hurry up!” Jing Ni conveniently pushed the wheelchair to my bedside.

Thanks to cousin Mo, there were several wheelchairs in the house.

Ye Qian prepared them for them so that he could find a wheelchair at any time to sit down and rest.

It came in handy this time.


Jing Ni pushed me into the wheelchair.

She pushed me along, and I asked, “Why did my little uncle fight with Qu Hao Tell me clearly! Why didnt you stop Qu Hao Why did you come looking for me”

Jing Ni looked helpless.

“I couldnt stop them, so I came looking for you.

You can stop them.

I asked the servants to hurry up and wake up the others.

You have to help me pull them apart!”

She still didnt get to the point.

“Why are they fighting”

Jing Ni gritted her teeth and said in a low voice, “Your uncle and Mai Qi are sleeping together.”

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“What” I didnt hear clearly.

“What does it have to do with Mai Qi” I asked Jing Ni.

From afar, I saw two people struggling in the center of the courtyard.

Mai Qi was circling around them.

Jing Ni stopped the wheelchair, and she rolled her eyes at me.

“Tong Le hasnt made a proper proposal yet.

When we came back this morning, we happened to bump into Mai Qi in Tong Les room.

Qu Hao exploded on the spot.

He didnt even ask about the truth and dragged Tong Le out.

Tong Les face was filled with confusion, and Mai Qi protected him with all her might.

Qu Hao became furious.

Now, theyre fighting.

Im counting on you to stop them.”

I sat in the wheelchair and admired Qu Haos good fighting skills.

My uncle was in the wrong.

He only defended and didnt attack.

His martial arts were good, but he didnt attack.

Mai Qi stamped her feet.

“Stop fighting!”

Unfortunately, no one listened to her.

To be exact, Qu Hao didnt listen to her.

If he didnt stop, my uncle wouldnt be able to stop.

I gently kicked Mai Qi and whispered, “Idiot.

Dont you know how to pretend to fall”

My words woke her up.

Mai Qi ran towards them and tripped over her brother and her lover.

I couldnt help but cover my eyes with my hands.

“I really dont want to admit that shes my best friend! How can she make something so obvious” I muttered to myself.

Someone pushed the back of my head hard.

“Do you want to see the world burn” Jing Ni chided.

I touched the back of my head with one hand and said, “The point is its working.

This is the key to solving the problem! Mai Qi is the key!”


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