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“What do you mean you can make the decision This is such a big matter.

Arent you afraid that father will skin you alive” Qu Hao was furious.

Mai Qi was suddenly discouraged.


Tong Le pulled Mai Qi behind him again, stood upright, and said solemnly, “I will personally come to propose marriage.

Please notify your elders.”


Tong Le reached out his hand and took off the platinum-plated ring on his left thumb.

He pulled Mai Qi and took off the necklace around her neck.

He put the ring into the necklace and put it on Mai Qi again.

“Qu Hao, I sincerely request to marry Mai Qi.

In this life, I only have Mai Qi as my wife, and Mai Qi is the only mistress of the Dragon Gate.” Mr.

Tong Le said solemnly.

Qu Hao was stunned and couldnt say anything for a moment.

Everyones faces couldnt help but become serious.

What Mr.

Tong Le gave Mai Qi was the token of the Dragon Gate.

He had used his own life and the entire Dragon Gate to ask for her hand in marriage.

Mai Qi pulled Tong Les lapel tightly.

She didnt understand the meaning of this ring, but she could tell that it was special.

She said in a trembling voice, “Brother, Ill go back with you to see father.

I want to marry Tong Le! No one can disagree with me! At most, you can kick me out of the house.”


I raised my head to look at the sky.

Its a pity that there are no clouds in the sky.

The heavens should strike the girl for saying something so heartless.

Fortunately, the elder isnt here.

Or, hed have a heart attack hearing his daughter.

Our Jing Ni was the most sensible one.

She pulled Qu Hao back, and she said gently, “Alright, whats there to be angry about Tong Le has already given his promise.

With so many people testifying, why should we be afraid that he will go back to his word Lets hurry up and bring Tong Le to meet the parents.

Then, we can prepare for the wedding.”

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Jing Nis gentleness was like a fire extinguisher.

Qu Hao, who was in a rage, immediately calmed down.

Mai Qi was relieved.

I reckoned she had cheered for Jing Ni many times in her heart already.

Jing Tian only stepped forward at this moment.

He held back his laughter and deliberately put on a stern face.

He advised Qu Hao, “Jing Ni is right.

Youve already beaten and scolded them.

You still have to help take care of their matters.

A daughter eventually has to get married.

You should be thankful that at least Tong Le isnt an outsider.”

Cousin Mo also stepped forward and cleared his throat, “Cough, our family is small.

Fortunately, Nanxing and I are both adults now.

As for the betrothal gifts, just say anything you want.

When Little Auntie enters the house, shell be the mistress of the Tong family.”

I looked at cousin Mo and opened my mouth but didnt say anything.

They seemed to have settled everything.

Su Qian, Su Shen, and Mr.

Li smiled as they entered the venue.


I secretly gave Mai Qi a thumbs up.

She hid behind my uncle and made a face at me.

Our relationship was messy.

The matter of seniority was always a mess.

We had always avoided talking about it.

With my uncle and Mai Qi making a move, we had to talk about it.

Mai Qi, Jing Ni, and I decided to leave this matter to the men and elders.

What I was most curious about was how Mai Qi had managed to “seduce” my monk-like uncle.


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