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Including Mai Qi, the three of us were dumbfounded.

Ye Qian smiled.

“Im good at reading peoples minds.

Why dont you make a bet with me and see if Im right”

Jing Ni and I waved our hands.

“No, no.

We admit defeat.

What you said must be true.”

Mai Qi stared at Ye Qian in disbelief.

“Its impossible, right”

“What do you think is impossible” Ye Qian looked at Mai Qi with a smile.

Mai Qi swallowed and didnt say anything.

I answered on her behalf, “She is surprised at her exposed identity.

She has a goldfish memory.

She forgot how arrogant she was in the past.”

Ye Qian looked at Mai Qi with a gentle gaze.

She said gently, “Mai Qi, back then, there were many people who fawned on you.

Why do you think that is Now, things havent changed.

After all, youre a symbol of power.

A family like the Lin family has money and ability.

What they lack is power.”

Mai Qi was stunned and muttered, “Im going to marry Tong Le.”

Ye Qian smiled.

“In the eyes of outsiders, as long as youre not married, youre a free woman.

When theres profit to be made, no one can be an obstacle, not even the famous Master Si.”

Mai Qis eyes lit up.

“It doesnt matter.

Im already with Tong Le.”

Jing Ni patted Mai Qi on the back of her head.

“Can you not surrender so easily”

I hit Jing Ni.

“Hey! What are you talking about This is the daughter-in-law of our Tong family.

Its a done deal.

How dare you incite her to choose someone else”

Ye Qian smiled as she watched Jing Ni and I fight amongst ourselves.

How many times do we have to go through this kind of fight every day Feeling that today was meaningless, they all asked Ye Qian, “So you taught Mai Qi how to seduce my uncle”

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Ye Qian shrugged.

“You make it sound so base.”

Jing Ni sighed.

“Maggie, dont let your brother know.

Hell strangle Ye Qian to death.

If he dares to touch Ye Qian, Master San will never forgive him.

Then itll really be an internal conflict.”

Ye Qian didnt care at all.

“Qu Hao is angry, but of course, he also wants his sister to marry his sweetheart.

He wont let his sister become a tool for others to use.

If you really care about me, of course, you wont let him know that I taught his sister to do something like this, right”

She said this to all of us, but her eyes were fixed on Jing Ni.

The person most likely to tell Qu Hao was, of course, Jing Ni.

Mai Qi immediately begged pitifully, “My good sister-in-law…”

Jing Ni slapped her hand away and said sullenly, “Go away!”

The four of us started laughing.

We all knew very well that a storm was brewing outside.


Tong Le insisted on getting married immediately!

But Qu Hao didnt agree.

He wanted to get engaged first, then get married.

They had to have the proper etiquette!

Cousin Mo immediately agreed on behalf of the Tong family to all the brides requests.

I had a vague feeling that things werent that simple.

I didnt believe that the few of them would end up with this conclusion after hiding in the room and discussing it for an entire morning

However, everything was so reasonable that no one could say anything else.

Qu Hao had said that when his sister got married, he had to announce it to the world.

He had to make sure that her marriage had enough pomp and circumstance.

This matter was too easy to handle.

Wasnt it just extravagance This was what our group was best at.

They had chosen an auspicious day.

It was in a months time!

Then came the extravagant preparations.

The bride-to-be, Princess Mai Qi, was flabbergasted.

She asked cautiously, “I heard that Im going to wear the tiara that the European royal princess once wore”


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