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She clutched her stomach with one hand and grabbed me with the other.

“Nanxing! You bitch! How dare you poison me”

I slightly avoided her hand.

I looked down at her from above.

“Your stomach hurts, doesnt it How does it feel Your vision must be turning black, right And its going to hurt for a while.

When Sister prepared this poison, didnt you ask about the process of the poisoning”

Jing Yan was in so much pain that she couldnt speak.

Her eyes were wide open as she stared at me.

I looked at her indifferently, silently counting in my heart.


“Call the police!”

The young ladies who followed Jing Yan turned pale and pointed at us.

Mai Qi looked back at them with a smile.

“Then hurry up and make the call.

When the police arrive, we can tell them about the origin of this poison.

In fact, why dont you ask Jing Yan whether you should call the police or not.”

Everyone looked at Jing Yan.

Jing Yan was in so much pain that she couldnt speak, but she waved her hand.

Mai Qi clapped her hands and smiled.

“See Jing Yan doesnt want to call the police because she knows that if she does, she wont be able to explain herself.”

The young ladies looked at each other and couldnt help but take a few steps back.

I glanced at them indifferently and roughly recognized a few familiar faces.

These peoples backgrounds were far inferior to Jing Yans, and their families relied on the Jing family.

That was why they had to bow down to Jing Yan.

Jing Yans lips were stained with blood.

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I reached out to pinch her chin.

“Whats wrong Is it so painful that you bit your tongue Its useless.

Even if you bite your tongue off, you wont be able to cure it.

Sister, do you care so little about yourself Even now, you still refuse to tell me who gave you the poison”

Jing Yans forehead was covered in sweat, and she looked at me with despair in her eyes.

I sighed.

“Ive already experienced what sister is going through.

I understand your pain, but what can I do If you dont tell me who gave you the poison, I wont be able to tell you how I cured the poison.”

Jing Yan gritted her teeth and persevered, but in the end, she couldnt hold on any longer.

I stood up slightly, knowing that I had won.

“What are you doing” A clear shout came from outside

The crowd split up, and two girls rushed over.

The two girls pushed Mai Qi away and pulled Jing Yan up without even looking at me.

The two then helped Jing Yan lie down on the sofa.

One of them checked her pulse, while the other asked about Jing Yans symptoms.

Mai Qi stood beside me.

Jing Ni gave up her seat and looked at them with a frown.

They were from the Lin family.

“Quick, call sixth sister,” one of them said.

The other quickly took out her phone.

The other girl took out a silver needle.

After simple disinfection, she checked the acupuncture points and applied the needle.

I looked at them coldly.

I didnt expect to meet people from the Lin family here.

My heart sank.

The lady on the phone gave a brief introduction to the situation before hanging up.

She said to her companion, “Fourth sister is here as well.

Shell be here soon.”

I stood with my arms crossed, intending to enjoy the show.

Jing Yans pain seemed to have lessened a little.

The lady who applied the needle turned around and glared at me.

“Who are you How can you poison others in public If you have the antidote on you, I advise you to take it out immediately.

Otherwise, dont blame me for being impolite!”

I looked at this arrogant and fierce lady and smiled.

“Miss, youve found the wrong person to ask for the antidote.

You should ask Miss Jing Yan.

This poison is hers, to begin with, and has nothing to do with me.

Im the victim too.”


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