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Lin Nans few needles should have alleviated Jing Yans pain quite a bit.

Her face unexpectedly showed a bit of determination.

She avoided my gaze and looked at Lin Nan.

I smiled.

A person that stupid died, and it wouldnt have mattered.

Even if she didnt die today, she would die tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Mai Qi understood.

She pulled me.

“Nanxing, theres nothing for us to do.

Lets go.

Someone wants to die.

We shouldnt stop them.”

She pulled me around, but I turned around and kindly told Jing Yan, “Oh right, sister Jing Yan, when I was poisoned, it was Mr.

Lin Hua who saved me.”

The two sisters beside Lin Nan also quickly said, “Sixth sister, please save her.

If this continues, she will really die.”

Lin Nan shook off the hands of her two sisters.

She looked displeased, but she did not want to flare up.

Jing Yan looked at Lin Nan with a pleading expression.

I was not looking at Lin Nan.

I wasnt interested in someone who viewed themselves as Jesus.

But immediately after, Jing Yan let out a blood-curdling scream.

I smiled.

The Lin Sisters panicked and moved together to save her.

Jing Yan was in so much pain that tears flowed down her face.

She couldnt care less about the silver needles on her body as she curled up in pain.

Mai Qi didnt really want to pull me away.

She was just making a show.

We paused to watch the show.

Lin Nan added more needles.

Jing Yan panted and slowly calmed down.

I looked down at her and smiled.

“How is it How do you feel I was in so much pain yesterday.

Your poison is really strong.”

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Lin Nan stood up and looked at me.

“Miss Nanxing…”

Mai Qi raised her hand and stopped her.

She pointed at Jing Ni and said, “Doctor Lin, my friend had advised your two sisters just now.

Dont advise others to be kind unless you know what they have gone through.

Nanxing also went through what Miss Jing Yan went through yesterday.

May I ask who is qualified to advise Nanxing to save Jing Yan”

Lin Nan opened her mouth but did not say anything.

However, her expression had become very ugly.

I took a step forward and looked at Jing Yan.

“Sister Jing Yan, I just want to know who gave you the poison and who instructed you to harm me.

Is it so hard to say Or do you want to protect the person behind the scenes It doesnt matter.

I can wait.”

Jing Yan finally spoke.

“Can you cure the poison if I tell you”

I smiled.

“Would you believe me if I said that I could cure it” I looked at Lin Nan.

“Why dont you let Doctor Lin tell you if I can cure it or not After all, shes more trustworthy.”

Jing Yan looked at Lin Nan.

Lin Nan could no longer maintain her gentle and calm expression.

Her voice and gaze were a little cold.

She said numbly, “Miss Nanxings blood is the best antidote.

This poison has no effect on her.

Regardless of whether someone saves her, she wont die.”

I was a little surprised.

It seemed that Lin Hua had told her about my Phoenix Blood.

He was very clear that I wouldnt die without his acupuncture.

I looked at her in a friendly manner.

“Doctor Lin, you dont have to be humble.

My blood can cure the poison, but I also need doctor Lins acupuncture to alleviate the pain.

If it wasnt for your brothers help yesterday, Im afraid I would have suffered even more.”

Lin Nans expression relaxed.

I smiled and turned to look at Jing Yan.

“Sister Jing Yan, who is it”

Jing Yans forehead was wet from pain.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Its… Lee Yang.”

“Oh…” Jing Ni, Mai Qi, and I nodded in unison.

The three of us looked at each other.

Our direction was not wrong.


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