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Chapter 78: Gratitude

Translator: Lonelytree

It felt like I finally had a home, both literally and figuratively.

Staring out at the lavish party, people clinking glasses with each other, I believed I saw Nanxing from my previous life hiding at the corner, helpless and weak.

But never again! I will not live such a cowardly life again.

The 3 members of the Nan Family approached us.

Nan Fengs smile was awkward, “Master Si, Nanxing, happy new year!”

My little uncle smiled charmingly, “CEO Nan, welcome to the party!” I had no idea how the custody legal battle went but based on how awkward Nan Feng was acting, things must have gone really well for my little uncle.

Li Yuan glared viciously at me but she had to greet me gracefully, “Nanxing sure is pretty today.”


Nanyangs smile didnt reach her eyes.

“Nanxing has always been beautiful, she must have inherited that from auntie.”

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I bowed.

“Uncle, Auntie, big sister, happy new year!” Since Ive left the Nan Family, then I hoped there would be new beginnings.

My little uncle patted my hand.

“Nanxing, youre the hostess, we should go and greet all the guests!” I nodded and bowed again, “Auntie and uncle, please enjoy yourselves at the party.”

After we walked away from the trio, my little uncle whispered in a frosty voice, “Nanxing, other than your custody rights, I didnt ask them for anything else.

Jing Tian is right.

This is your battle, we cant fight it for you.

Your money that the Nan Family has consumed, their involvement in your parents incident, I promise not to get involved unless you ask.”

“Thank you, little uncle!” I whispered back.

Jing Tian was the person who knew me the best, my little uncle was my family, however, I would not rely on them to do everything for me! Certain things I had to settle personally!

Old Master Jing had arrived with his whole family, that was rather surprising to me.

“Old Master Jing appears to like you a lot.” I commented to my little uncle.

He smiled.

“In his eyes, Im good friends of Jing Tian like Lin Ran.

He doesnt know about Dragons Gate and Ardent Flame.”

I was shocked.

My little uncle explained, “Jing Tian has a different mother from the rest of his siblings so he has no intention of competing with them for the Jing Familys asset.

Instead he carved his own path.

With regards to Ardent Flame, that has to do with his master, which has nothing to do with the Jing Family either.

Even though Old Master Jing is partial towards Jing Tian, since Jing Tian has bowed out from the fight for the inheritance, he shares a harmonious relationship with his siblings.”

I was silent.

The harmony was only temporary.

As Jing Nings generation slowly grew up, their parents would start to plot and plan.

Jing Tian had expressed his intention to bow out from the inheritance fight but the others would not believe him.

“Actually your mother has dealt with Old Master Jing when she was still alive.

He has such great praise for her and wanted to have her as his daughter-in-law.

It was because of your mother that the Nan Family is able to reach its current status at M City, or else with Nan Fengs ability, the Nan Family would have collapsed already.

Everyone gave face to Old Master Jing so they helped Nan Feng but honestly Old Master Jing was really giving face to your mother.

Nanxing, this is the blessing your mother has left for you.”

I was moved.

It was why when Jing Ning said that he liked me, Old Master Jing agreed to it easily.

It was also why the Jing Family had kept up the relationship with the Nan Family over the years.

Indirectly, my status at the Nan Family was protected by Old Master Jing.

I shared my thoughts with my little uncle and he nodded.

“Old Master Jing never cared about the rumors about your mother, because he knew your mothers real character.

It is why he warms up to us so readily.”

My little uncle and I went to greet Old Master Jing.

Old Master Jing was overjoyed when he saw me.

“Nanxing, youve really grown up now.

Im sure your uncle will take good care of you.

I heard that Jing Ni and your results have improved at school.

Jing Tian has done a great job.”

I thanked him sincerely.

In my previous life, I had no idea about Old Master Jings good intention but I still had the chance to repay him in this life.

My gaze met Jing Tians.

He nodded his head lightly and moved away.

This was my little uncles party.

Jing Tian was very understanding.

Be it a friend or a lover, he always knew where the line was.

Then I saw the eldest madam, Su Qing and her children, Jing Ning and Jing Yan.

Jing Yan was wearing a red gown.

She had an arrogant expression on her face and compared to before, she had this extra viciousness about her.

Looks like the trip to the police station and the mental hospital had taught her nothing.

Such a waste of Jing Tian and Jing Nings effort.


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