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Auntie Lan sighed softly.

“Because we are identical twins, our appearances are like duplicates.

Therefore, my parents decided to quietly send me away and keep Xiao Zhi by their side, allowing her to live on in my name.

This way, it would be fair for both of us.

However, my parents also felt sorry for me, so they sent me to a small island that they privately set up, trying their best to arrange my life.

“I have nothing to say about this.

Id been doted on for so many years, so I didnt mind that it was my younger sisters turn.

However, Xiao Zhi still feels that its unfair because my parents abandoned her in the beginning, but they didnt abandon me.

Instead, they did everything to ensure that my life away from home was comfortable.

“However, she didnt reveal her annoyance in front of my parents.

Instead, she caused an accident on my island and almost caused me to drown.

If it werent for Jing De, I would have died a long time ago.

They all thought I was dead.

Xiao Zhi stayed by my parents side under my name, and I was saved by Jing De.”

Auntie Lans tone was very calm.

She continued to tell me this shocking story.

“Jing De bought that island, and I continued to live there.

My lungs suffered irreversible injuries from drowning.

Jing De and I fell in love with each other.

Later, I had Jing Tian, but I didnt go back home because I felt that I had found happiness.

So, I left my home to my younger sister.

After all, I owed her for so many years.

Even though she caused my drowning, I still felt like I owed her.”

Auntie Lan sighed lightly.

“I thought that was the end of everything.

I would live on the island with Jing De.

However, later I realized Jing De was already married.”

Auntie Lan rolled her eyes at Old Master Jing.

Old Master Jing put on his reading glasses and pretended to read a book.

“If it werent for Jing Tian, I would have given up on my own life a long time ago.

Living alone in this world with no one to love and dote on, whats the point of living” Auntie Lan said indifferently.

“Who said no one loves you You have Jing Tian and me.

Now you even have Nanxing and Jing Ni!” Old Master Jing couldnt help but interrupt.

Auntie Lan ignored him, and I didnt dare laugh either.

Auntie Lan pulled my hand.

“I thought I wouldnt see my maiden family again.

But life is unpredictable.

The Xiao Family declined after a few years.

Jing De kept an eye on the Xiao family.

He brought me back to the Xiao family, and only then did my family know that I was alive.

“Jing De helped my family through the crisis.

Only then did I know that the Xiao familys mishap had a lot to do with Xiao Zhi.

It was the family curse.

Twins couldnt be kept.

My parents let two daughters live, and that brought disaster to the entire family.

In order to protect herself, Xiao Zhi explained that she was the one who was saved.

I was the one who was abandoned.

The familys mishap was all because of me.

“My parents didnt dare to say anything.

Jing De was so angry that he wanted to crush the Xiao Family.

However, the Xiao Family had another culture that neither my parents, Xiao Zhi, nor I knew about.

They would mark the child who was abandoned.

Xiao Zhi was immediately identified.

Xiao Zhi and my parents were kicked out of the house.”

Auntie Lan stopped, and she sighed softly.

“Actually, I dont know what to feel.

Did my parents deserve it But it was all the curses fault.

So Jing De helped me move them to another island.

I cut off all contact with them.

I dont even know where that island is.

Who knew that Jing Tian accidentally bumped into that island in order to find you This is all fate!”


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