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I couldnt help but nod slightly.

I thought back to Xiao Zhi.

I said, “Auntie Lan, stop thinking about these unpleasant things.

We were careless this time.

This wont happen again in the future.

As for those people, Auntie Lan, we might face them in the future.

If you dont have the heart to face them, just ignore them.

Jing Tian and I will take care of everything.

From now on, you and the old master will enjoy life happily together and ignore these things.”

Old Master Jing immediately added, “I think what Nanxing said makes sense.

Our son is already so old, so we can leave everything to him.

Im already so old.

Dont you think you should spend the rest of your life with me”

Old Master Jing looked very wronged and cute.

Auntie Lan couldnt help but laugh and rolled her eyes at him.

“What are you talking about Thats my son youre talking about.

How can I just push everything to him”

She turned to look at me.

“Nanxing, Ive suffered so much because of them.

Ive done everything for them, but she still wanted to kill me.

How can I just abide by this”

I hesitated.

“Auntie Lan, what do you intend to do”

Auntie Lans gaze was firm as she looked at me.

“I just want justice! I was the one who was chosen to stay behind.

I have given her a chance for each of us to live peacefully.

However, she doesnt want to give up on killing me.

I wont tolerate it anymore.

Neither will the Xiao Family.”

I gently held Auntie Lans hands with both hands and asked gently, “Okay, Auntie Lan, what do you want to do”

“I want to find Xiao Zhi and clean up the family!” Auntie Lans voice was extremely firm.

I looked at her and nodded.


I didnt expect Auntie Lan to have such an unusual background.

When I told Jing Tian about it, I couldnt help but sigh.

Jing Tian remained silent.

“Whats wrong Is there something wrong We need to help Aunt Lan find Xiao Zhi,” I said.

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Jing Tians gaze fell outside the window.

“My mom told the tale so lightly, but she had almost died multiple times because of it.

She always said they were accidents but she knew the truth.

She has been covering for them all those years.

Was it worth it”

“Auntie Lan has always cared about her family.

The most important thing now is to find Xiao Zhi,” I said on Aunt Lans behalf.

Jing Tian said indifferently, “If Im not wrong, they all came to M city.

Its just that we havent found them.”

didnt find them for the time being.”

“I will ask the brothers of Sky City to search the city thoroughly.” Neither the Dragons Gate nor the ardent flame alliance was suitable for such a thing, but sky city was different.

Sky city was a group of happy hooligans, but we had eyes all over the city.

Jing Tian shook his head.

“This city is already under our close surveillance.

There are two reasons why we cant find them.

First, they came back earlier than we did.

Second, theyve already changed their appearance.”

“Changed their appearance” This was something I hadnt expected.

Jing Tian nodded.

“Tong Hui and Tong Zhuo have been playing cat and mouse for many years.

Theyve mastered the trick of hiding.

Now that theyre together, itll be even harder to find them.”

I thought for a moment and had an idea.

“Its actually very easy,” I said with a smile

Jing Tian looked at me in confusion.

“Use me as the bait! Their ultimate goal is to get me.

I refuse to believe they wont show up if Im the bait!”


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