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I held my head high in a proud manner.

Jing Tian lowered his head and kissed me on the lips.

“They are not going to lay a finger on you.” He said indifferently

Is that a no

I stood on tiptoe and reached out to wrap my arms around his neck, pressing my body close to Jing Tian.

Jing Tian reached out to wrap his arms around my waist and leaned even lower to deepen the kiss on my lips.

His kiss was deep and passionate.

Eventually, I finally found a chance to push him away to catch my breath.

I was about to run out of oxygen!

I buried my head in front of his chest.

His muffled voice sounded above my head.

“We were together first, but they are all getting married before us! How is that fair”

I couldnt help but laugh.

He was complaining.

Jing Tian clenched his arms tightly and said through gritted teeth, “Stop laughing!”

I reached my hand into the hem of his shirt and caressed his cool skin.

“Why dont we do the same as little uncle and Mai Qi” I asked in a muffled voice

Jing Tian tightened his arms again.

I could clearly feel the skin under my palms tightening.

I moved my hands up and down his body.

I loved Jing Tian like this.

Jing Tians breathing became heavier.

He held the back of my head and continued to kiss me.

I also tightened my hands on his back.

Our skin warmed up.

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Jing Tian was eager to conquer me.

I was lost in his deep kiss.

My mind gradually went blank.

I decided to relax and surrender myself to him.

I longed to be Jing Tians woman.

In my previous life, we finally got together on the last night.

I finally became his woman.

I felt happy and guilty at the same time.

At that time, I was covered in wounds, feeling that I wasnt good enough for Jing Tian.

I hated myself for being muddle-headed.

I didnt find Jing Tian at the best time and couldnt give him the best of myself.

I had already forgotten many things from my previous life.

However, I would never forget that night when the candlelight was flickering.

Even the moment I was reborn, all I could think about was that night.

Jing Tians hand had already reached into my clothes.

His rough palm caressed my skin, making me shudder involuntarily.

A ball of fire rose up in my heart.

I wished to melt into Jing Tian.

We were one and the same; we had already become one.

I felt like I was laying everything out for Jing Tian.

Jing Tian suddenly stopped moving, holding me in his arms while panting.

The desire in my body flowed freely like a flame.

I breathed heavily and leaned toward him, letting out a soft moan.

Jing Tian hugged me tightly and said gloomily, “No, we have to wait until the wedding night!”

After saying that, he buried his chin in my neck.

I could sense that he was trying his best to restrain himself.

I couldnt help but lament in my heart, stomping my feet. This fool.

Jing Tian managed to calm down after a few breaths.

He hugged me and gently stroked the hair on my temples.

“Be good.

We have to wait until we get married.

I promised Tong Le that I would treat you well.

We have to wait until we get married!”

My foot! I didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Even Mr.

Tong Le himself didnt abide by the rules and fell for Mai Qis trap.

Yet this fool still had to abide by his promise to Mr.

Tong Le.

I really need to ask Mai Qi how she got my uncle to surrender.

Jing Tian, just you wait!


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