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Chapter 79: Distinguished Guests

But at least she had learned one thing, she didnt dare to pick me out in public and bully me like before.

Now she didnt even look at me and treated me like I didnt exist.

It was quite funny.

Every guest had arrived so the party started.

As the host, my little uncle took to the stage to give a speech.

The host warmed the situation and the atmosphere was lively.

At that moment, the entrance of the hall opened and a group of people filed in.

Instantly the hall silenced as everyone turned to the new arrivals.

I saw Shi Feng.

He was walking in side by side with a tall middle-aged man.

Shi Feng whispered smilingly to the man beside him until they got closer.

Shi Feng smiled to my little uncle.

“Master Si, not all the guests have arrived, why have you started the party already”

My little uncle smiled, “All the invited guests are accounted for, so naturally I cant let them wait any longer.”

Shi Feng coughed.

“Master Si has a point, we are indeed uninvited guests.

But when Master Gu Er found out about this party, he insisted on coming.” My little uncle met the middle-aged mans gaze and smiled, “Tong Le didnt know Master Gu Er has arrived at M City, this is Tong Les fault for not extending an invitation.”

Master Gu Er extended his hand to shake my little uncles hand.

“Master Si, youre too kind.” His eyes wandered to me and he was startled, “Wait, this is…”

My little uncle introduced, “Nanxing, come and greet Master Gu Er.”

I bowed politely, “Master Gu Er!” My little uncle added, “This is my sisters daughter, Nanxing.”

Master Gu Er was even more shocked, “This is Ah Huans daughter” My little uncle nodded.

I stood there quietly and allowed the man to study me.

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Shi Feng smiled.

“Uncle Gu Er, I was right, no Nanxing looks just like her mother.

If my father is here, Im sure hell be so excited!”

Master Gu Er snapped out of it thanks to Shi Feng.

He looked at me and sighed.

Then he turned to my little uncle, “Time flies.

Even Ah Huans daughter is so big now.”

My little uncles smile didnt change.

“After all, it has been more than ten years.”

Master Gu Er turned around to introduce the two girls behind him.

“These are my 2 nieces, Gu Yan and Ye Qian.

Girl, come and greet Master Tong Si.”

I was stunned. Ye Qian! The name was like a nightmare for me.

This was the woman whom Jing Ning had an affair with when I was pregnant.

The woman who stood before me was average-looking.

Despite her make-up and expensive dress, there was nothing too captivating about her.

But it was exactly someone like her who not only managed to chase the pregnant Nanxing out of the Jing Family but also squeezed out Nanyang.

Every effort Nanyang did was neutralized by Ye Qian and Nanyang ended up as Jing Nings unknown mistress.

As for Gu Yan, she was the one kidnapped alongside me and Jing Tian when we were young.

I was not expecting to meet them like this.

In my previous life, I was too locked up in the Nan Family to know much about these people.

“Greetings, Master Tong Si and Miss Nan!” The girls bowed in unison.

I quickly returned their bows.

Another sound came from the front door.

Everyone turned and I looked up.

When I saw it was Lee Yang, I was startled.

Next to Lee Yang was a man in his 30s, dressed in a sharp suit.

He looked older than my little uncle and younger than Master Gu Er.

“Now, what brings you here today” My little uncle chuckled and strode to welcome to the man.

It was clear to everyone present that my little uncle was closer to this man than he was with Master Gu Er.

“Nanxing, this is Master Wei Wu.” I bowed.

“My niece, Nanxing.” My little uncle introduced me.

Master Wei Wu laughed, “This is such a coincidence, Ive also brought my nephew with me.

Lee Yang, greet Master Tong Si and Miss Nan.”

Lee Yang bowed to my little uncle and then turned to Master Wei Wu.

“Uncle, Nanxing and I are schoolmates.”

Master Wei Wu gasped, “Really”

My little uncle nudged him, “Your acting hasnt improved at all!”

Master Wei Wu guffawed.

“You got me! Its because Ive heard of what happened earlier that I brought him here today.”

I saw Lee Yangs gaze wander about and I giggled, “Lee Yang, Ill bring you to find Jing Ni.” Lee Yang blushed.

I turned to my little uncle to get his permission.

My little uncle asked, “Go on then.

Oldies like us know how to entertain ourselves, well not intervene in the business of the children.”

Before I could leave, Shi Feng suddenly cut in.

“Master Tong Si, Im here on behalf of my father.

How come I sense that you do not welcome me”

This man was not social butterfly but a social fly, he was extremely annoying and hard to get rid off!


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