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Before Jing Tian could say anything, Lin Nan had already taken a step forward with an aggrieved expression on her face.

“Miss Nanxing, please dont misunderstand.

It was all Lin Nans fault for being hasty and saying the wrong thing.

I was just thinking about how many patients were waiting for the special medicine that could save their lives.

Master Qi, Im sorry.”

Lin Hua felt sorry for his sister.

He put his arm around his sisters shoulder.

He smiled and said to us, “My sister has been studying medicine with my grandfather since she was young.

She has a big heart and wants to save everyone.

Shes very unfamiliar with the ways of the world.

Master Qi, please dont blame her.

Miss Nanxing, I heard that you saved the eldest daughter of the Jingtian family, so you must be a kind-hearted girl too.

Please spend more time with my sister and teach her some manners!”

I couldnt help but curse this sly bastard in my heart.

It turned out that the Lin family was best at pressuring others with morality.

Miss Lin was so focused on saving the world that she didnt understand how she had offended me.

What a kind and gentle soul.

In contrast, I was just a scheming and deceitful person.

He had just insulted me without using any curse words.

I raised my head to look at Jing Tian.

I sighed lightly.

“Jing Tian, do you think I can save the world When I heard what Doctor Lin said about those people who were sick and distressed, I felt really uncomfortable.

If it was possible, I wanted to give them my blood.

Since I was given the Phoenix Blood, I should save the world with it, right”

From the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of the uncontrollable surprise on the Lin siblings faces.

Jing Tian reached out to tuck the messy hair at the side of my hair behind his ear.

He said indifferently, “Leave the world-saving to Buddha.

Youre just a common person.

Plus, there are great doctors like Brother Lin.

If you leak your blood every day, what would be left of you”

He looked at the Lin siblings.

“Nanxings body has always been bad.

If the Phoenix blood really has such a miraculous effect, then shouldnt Nanxing be full of vigor and vitality Unfortunately, shes in constant danger.

She cant even take care of herself, so how can she take care of others”

Lin Nan had a concerned look on her face.

“Miss Nanxings body is not good Then she should stay with us, and my grandfather will look after her.”

My God…

Lin Nan quickly explained, “Master Qi, dont worry.

With my grandfathers medical skills.

Miss Nanxings health will definitely recover!”

Jing Tian didnt look at Lin Nan.

Instead, he looked at Lin Hua with a faint smile.

“The Lin family really lives up to its reputation.”

Lin Huas face was a little red as she laughed.

“Master Qi, Im sorry.

My sister is so naive and sincere.

Theres nothing I can do about it.

She has been immersed in medical books since she was young.

Her IQ is very high, and her EQ is very low.”


I couldnt help but laugh at how scheming the Lin Family was.

Jing Tian said plainly, “Ive already arranged for a specialist doctor for Nanxing.

Theres no need for Miss Lin to worry.

After all, the Lin family has too many patients to treat.

I wouldnt want to trouble you.” In other words, he was saying that the Lin Family wouldnt be able to take good care of me.

Lin Hua was a little embarrassed, but he couldnt say anything.

Lin Nan looked at Jing Tian with a dark gaze.

When she noticed that I was looking at her, she immediately smiled and returned to her gentle appearance.

What an interesting person.

Lin Hua cleared his throat and changed the topic.

“Lin Nan, you should take everyone to visit our garden and relax.

Dont always think about patients and medical skills, okay”


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