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Someone came and took Lin Nan away.

At least she was safe.

That was good.

I didnt want to be blamed by the Lin family.

I was the target, but Miss Lin was injured.

I owed her.

Jing Tian looked around cautiously to make sure it was safe before nodding at us.

Like a deflated rubber ball, Mai Qi collapsed on a bench by the door and said angrily, “They better not let me know who is behind this, or Ill skin him alive!”

Jing Ni was also exhausted.

She dragged her body and sat down.

Jing Ni didnt talk much, so Mai Qi was usually her mouthpiece.

I looked at the door leading to the main hall and thought I should go to the main hall.

There was nothing else for us to do anyway.

“Ah!” Jing Ni and Mai Qis screams came from behind me.

When I turned around, they were gone.

I hurried to the bench.

The wooden plants were perfectly sewn together, but my two sisters had disappeared out of thin air.

I looked at Jing Tian in fear.

Jing Tian patted the chairs a few times calmly.

“Theres a trap,” he said.

I sat down on the chair.

“Then well follow them.”

I pulled Jing Tian to sit down together.

I wanted to find Jing Ni and Mai Qi through the trap.

However, the chair didnt move.

I looked left and right before standing up and asking, “Eh Whats going on”

As soon as I stood up, the chair moved.

I was quick to grab Jing Tians hand.

Jing Tian reached out his other hand to hold me.

Our bodies fell down rapidly.

I thought to myself,Its over.

No one can survive a fall at this speed.


All of a sudden, a strong force rushed over and separated me from Jing Tian.

“Jing Tian!” I shouted anxiously, but I couldnt see anything clearly in the darkness.

I fell heavily to the ground.

I groaned in pain and felt that all the bones in my body had been broken into pieces.

I felt that I should hire a fortune-teller.

If someone had told me that this tragedy would have happened at this party, I would have stayed at home to sleep.

I endured the intense pain and struggled to get up.

In my heart, I couldnt help but curse the Lin family.

‘They are supposed to be a family of healers, but why would they have such vicious traps Do they use this to bury the dead bodies of their servants

I supported myself against the wall and walked slowly with my hands on my waist.

My eyes had already adapted to the darkness.

This was a long and narrow tunnel.

It didnt look like it had been artificially dug.

Instead, it looked like it had been built into a natural underground tunnel.

The light was too dim, so I couldnt see it clearly.

I walked forward slowly, carefully paying attention to my surroundings.

The four of us fell down.

Jing Tian and I, who were holding hands, were separated.

I was afraid that Jing Ni and Mai Qi had the same fate.

I had to find them first before I could plot my next move.

This was the Lin familys manor.

I refused to believe that they had nothing to do with this!

My feet slipped, and I fell heavily to the ground.

I groaned as I got up and cursed at the Lin Family again.

‘What kind of weird family is this Why would they design their house like this Is there a mass grave under the house

I reached out and touched my aching knee.

My palm was wet.

‘Am I bleeding But I dont feel pain.

I put my hand to my nose and sniffed.

There was a very strange smell.

It was like a mixture of many kinds of Chinese medicine.

I touched the ground again.

It was wet.

That was why I fell.


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