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I turned to Jing Tian and bowed to him, “Teacher!” My sudden bow surprised Old Master Jing and Father.

Old Master Jing guffawed and nudged his son.

“Jing Tian! Youve taken on a dangerous responsibility this time! If Nan Xing fails her exam, youll have to face the wrath of your oldest brother!”

My father was clearly very satisfied with my performance.

“Of course 7th Master will not fail Nan Xing! Only Nan Xing can fail 7th master! If she dont score well in the exam, its because she doesnt have any natural talent, it has nothing to do with 7th Master! Our Nan Xing is a bit slow, so 7th Master, please bear with her!”

Jing Tian said indifferently, “Im sure Nan Xing will not disappoint me.

CEO Nan, you can just call me Jing Tian.”

My father was all smiles like Jing Tian had blessed him with some great honor.

In my past life, all I knew was that the Jing Family was richer than the Nan Family.

My marriage to Jing Ning was like moving from one gilded cage to another.

Like everyone said, I might be stupid but I was lucky.

But now it seemed things were not as simple as I thought.

Looking at how my father conducted himself around Old Master Jing and Jing Tian, I knew he would have forced me to marry Jing Ning even if I was unwilling.

This was why when Jing Ning cheated on me, no one from my maiden family stood up for me; when I was chased out from the Jing Family, the Nan Family didnt want me back either because I was no longer useful to them.

I took a deep breath to settle the agitation in my heart. This time, things will be different!

Jing Tian looked at me.

“Show me your previous test papers.

I wish to know where you currently stand.

I want you to know in advance that my classes will be very strict and youll have to abide by my every rule.”

I lowered my head.

“Of course.”

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“Nan Xing, you have to listen to your 7th uncle, I mean your teachers words, okay Study hard.

Now go and bring your teacher to go over your current test papers.” Father agreed on my behalf and his eyes shone at me, reminding me to grasp this opportunity.

I sighed internally in relief.

Thankfully, for this step, my own goal aligned with my fathers.

That made things so much easier.

And it brought me closer to Jing Tian.

I invited Jing Tian upstairs while I remained one step behind him.

“Nan Xing, where are you going” Jing Nings voice came from behind me.

I continued to stride upstairs.

Jing Tian turned his head to glance at me.

“Teacher, this way please.” I was deaf to the scumbags calls.

“Nan Xing, where are you going” A person asked in a slightly displeased tone.

I lifted my head and saw Nan Yang walking this way with her girlfriends.

I lowered my eyes.

“Big Sister, father has found a tutor for me.

And teacher wants to go through my test papers.”

Nan Yang and her girlfriends turned to Jing Tian and gasped in surprised.

“Jing… 7th Master!” Someone exclaimed.

“7th uncle, youre going to tutor my little sister” Nan Yang plastered the most gracious smile on her face.

Jing Tian responded with a fainthmm.

“What 7th uncle, youre tutoring Nan Xing” Jing Ning, who had caught up with us, immediately asked.

Then he broke into a big guffaw like he had heard a big joke.

“7th uncle, youre way too overqualified for this job.

With Nan Xings results, any random person can tutor her.

You dont need to lower yourself to do something like this.” Jing Ning could barely contain his laughter.

Jing Ning placed his hand over my shoulder.

“Nan Xing, youre truly lucky to have found my 7th uncle to be your tutor.

7th uncle normally wouldnt even tutor the juniors in his family.”

I silently slipped out from Jing Nings grasp and sneaked a glance at Jing Tian.

Jing Tian was expressionless, like an iceberg.

On the other hand, Nan Yang and her sisters expressions were colorful.

Nan Yang stepped forward and gently pulled on Jing Nings sleeve, “Brother Jing Ning, you misunderstand our Nan Xing.

Shes a hard worker, its just that her hard work is misdirected.

Take for example, yesterday night, she had spent the whole night playing video games again.

Tutoring her wont be hard, but bringing her under control will be.”

Jing Ning placed his arm over my shoulders again, “7th uncle, did you hear that Nan Xing is a lazy bones and shes not that bright.

To be honest, no one expects her to score well in the exam.

7th uncle, dont be too strict on her.

My mom said that as long as Nan Xing can get into an official undergraduate program, itll be fine.

She wont trouble Nan Xing too much.”

I once away sneaked away from Jing Ning.

That brought me closer to Jing Tian.

With regards to what they said about me, I was too lazy to respond.

Nan Yangs cousin, Li Tian suddenly chimed in, “If thats the case, why dont we all attend 7th uncles classes That way, Nan Xing will have us as company and shell be more motivated.

Sister Nan Yang, dont you agree”


After saying that, Li Tian glanced at Jing Ning shyly and lowered her head.


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