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From what we know of her, Mai Qi was laying the cushion for a heavy blow.

But Auntie Lan and auntie Bai Rui rarely encountered such a situation.

They were all fooled by her.

Then, she attacked.

“Speaking of which, my brother is also a person with a hard life.

His birth mother passed away early.

My father doesnt know how to take care of children.

He only uses his son as a soldier to train.

My mother is his stepmother.

Besides, my mother cant even look after herself.

How can she look after the children My father sent my brother abroad, so my brother is like an orphan.”

Auntie Lan and Auntie Bai Rui knew Qu Hao well.

After all, he cared so much about Jing Ni.

But no one knew this side of Qu Hao from this angle.

Seeing that it was almost time, Mai Qi said, “So, Ive always depended on him.

So, I want to propose marriage to my two aunts on my brothers behalf.

I want Qu Hao to marry Jing Ni.

What do you think”

The two couldnt help but be startled.

Mai Qi hurriedly said, “My brother fell in love with Jing Ni at first sight.

For so many years, his heart has only been for her.

If you want me to guarantee anything else, I may not be able to guarantee it, but I can guarantee that my brother will be faithful to Jing Ni for the rest of his life.

He will never have second thoughts about Jing Ni.

If he dares, Ill kill him for you!”

The two aunts shivered at the same time.

They looked at each other, then broke free from Mai Qi to whisper among themselves.

Mai Qi understood and waited patiently with an extremely humble attitude.

Ye Qian and I watched the show while Jing Ni stood helplessly against the door.

Finally, the two aunts turned around, and auntie Lan said resolutely, “We agreed.

As long as he can treat Jing Ni well, we wont be picky about anything! If your family cant accommodate him, then let him come to our family.

Well give him a decent family.

He can get married when you get married.

Its more lively with more people.”

Auntie Bai Ruis smile was worried.

She looked at her daughter and asked softly, “Jing Ni, I think that young man treats you quite well.

Do you like him, too”

Jing Ni blushed and turned her head away.

Auntie Lan smiled and said, “Do you even need to ask This girl has suffered too much in the past few years.

We can only be at ease if we have someone meticulous and patient to take care of her.”

Jing Ni turned her head to look elsewhere and muttered, “Who asked him to take care of me Besides, if something really happens, its hard to say who will take care of who!”


Auntie Bai Rui immediately stopped her.

“What nonsense are you talking about Nothing will happen.

Well all be fine! Look, Qu Hao treats you like a treasure.

We can all see that.”

Auntie Lan said, “Our Jing Ni is the most blessed child.

Whoever marries her will be blessed!”

Mai Qi quickly nodded.

“Yes, yes.

Marrying Jing Ni is the luckiest thing in my brothers life! He said that he was unlucky in the past 30 years because he had saved all his luck in order to meet Jing Ni! You two can rest assured.

With me watching, I will never let Jing Ni suffer!”

Jing Nis life was thus set.

When Qu Hao, who had been practicing the speech, heard the news from us, he was so shocked that he stood up and then fell down.

He got up and couldnt even wipe his face.

“Did I succeed” He asked.



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