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“Of course.

If I wasnt here, how could I have seen you get beaten up so badly Why did you get Lin Nan out” I said angrily.

Tong Zhuo wasnt angry.

His tone still carried that infuriating smile.

“Nanxing, can you tell me why Lin Nan was poisoned by your Phoenix Blood”

“No!” I answered without thinking.

Tong Zhuo continued, “She used your Phoenix Blood to treat the arrow wound on her back.

The effect was very good.

At that time, she even took 800 cc of the blood sample.

However, the second time she used your Phoenix Blood, she was poisoned.

This is too strange.

Nanxing, I cant sleep until I find the answer!”

Tong Zhuo was very shameless.

“Then you dont need to sleep.

Use that time to study.” I coldly said.

Lin Nan was really crazy.

She actually drew 800CC of her blood to use as a sample!

“Nanxing, dont be like this.

Tong Mo is not your only cousin.

Youve been biased since you were young.

This is too unfair.

Im also your cousin.

Shouldnt you help me too” Tong Zhuos words were so disgusting that they made people want to vomit.

“Tong Zhuo! Cant you talk like a man” Little uncle was displeased and interrupted him coldly.

Jing Tian said indifferently, “Tong Zhuo, dont think about stalling for time.

Its useless.

All your teams are within our shooting range now.

As long as I give the order, all of you will be annihilated.”

“Yes!” Tong Zhuo actually shouted excitedly.

This made us stunned.

This guy had never played by the rules, so we didnt dare act rashly.

It was obvious that he had guessed this as well.

He laughed complacently and arrogantly.

“Dont you know how powerful Lin Nans poison is Why dont you try it Try bombing her.

Bang! She will explode, and her flesh and blood will fly everywhere.

Wherever it touches, it will corrode.

Even if it drips into the soil, the surface of the soil will immediately turn black.

This frightens me even though I play with poison.

So, Nanxing, I just want to ask you, how did you become like this How did my little white rabbit become a Big Bad Wolf”

Jing Tian was immediately annoyed.

“What do you want Dont play tricks! At most, well die together.

I have nothing to lose.

Even if you die, we might not die! Think about it.

Ill count down from thirty!”

“Thirty, twenty-nine, twenty-eight…” Jing Tian started counting without any hesitation.

“Tsk, if it were up to me, I definitely wouldnt marry my cousin to you! Fine, you win! I want to trade Lin Nan for Lin Hua.

Return Lin Hua to us, and Ill give Lin Nan to you!”

“Is there something wrong with your brain Who wants to trade with you The Lin family is on your side.

No matter how we trade, well always be at a disadvantage!” I said angrily.

“Hey, Nanxing, its clearly your brain thats not working properly, alright Youve captured Lin Hua.

I want Lin Hua.

Im afraid that you wont give him to me.

So Ill trade Lin Nan for him.

You wont be at a disadvantage.

You want someone from the Lin Family as a captive, right So what do you stand to lose” Tong Zhuo said.

“We dont want either of them!” I blurted out in anger.

“Alright! Give me back both of them!” Tong Zhuo said shamelessly.

Damn it! I stepped on the foot of the table.

The pain made my eyes water.

Jing Tian quickly hugged me and rubbed my feet.


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