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How unlucky were we to meet such a scoundrel

Little uncle was also fuming with anger, but there was nothing he could do.

Suddenly, a static sound came from the computer, followed by a loud bang.

Qu Hao took out his communicator and called, “Report the results! Report the results!”

A reply came from the communicator.

“Reporting, Chief Qu! Mission accomplished! Reporting, Chief Qu! Mission Accomplished!”

“Retreat! Be careful of any tricks!” Qu Hao ordered.

We all looked at him.

He put down his communicator and looked at us innocently.

“Whats wrong Weve snatched Lin Nan and found Tong Zhuos approximate location.

A bomb has been dropped.

It might not cause too much damage, but it might be of some use.”

My little uncle was speechless as he shook his head.

Jing Tian was displeased.

“Why did you snatch Lin Nan back”

Qu Hao was very certain.

“To do research! It was her own fault that she turned into a poisonous person.

She will be the perfect living specimen for Mr.

Li to study.

Its not like we can use a living person as an experiment.

This is a specimen delivered to our doorstep.

Dont waste it.”

Jing Tian said helplessly, “How do you know Tong Zhuo didnt send her here on purpose and then use public opinion to suppress us If she cant be saved, well be the ones who killed her.

If she can be saved… Even if shes saved, her life wont be good, right”

Qu Hao was a little surprised.

It was obvious that he hadnt expected such an outcome.

My little uncle said coldly, “In this world, were not afraid of strong enemies but weak teammates.”

Qu Hao countered, “As long as we have a clear conscience, well be fine!”

Jing Tian rolled his eyes at him and didnt say anything else.

I helped Qu Hao out of his predicament.

“Whats done is done.

Who cares”

Qu Hao let out a sigh of relief.

“Nanxing is the one who understands the situation the most.”

Xiaoyi knocked on the door and came in.

He looked around.

In the end, he said to me, “Sister Xing, weve brought her here.

The bomb has been defused.

Were afraid that there might be other dangers, so weve placed her in Room 2.

Why dont we use the surveillance cameras to observe her first”

I praised her.

“Xiaoyi, your thoughts are really getting more and more meticulous!”

Xiaoyi was a little embarrassed.

He scratched his head and went away.

Gao Jing opened the surveillance cameras in Room 2.

Lin Nan lay quietly on the gurney.

“Is she dead” Gao Da looked at her for a while and whispered.

“Move the camera closer.

Let me see her face.” I stared at Lin Nan and felt that something was wrong.

Gao Jing shook his head.

“This is the best I can do.

Is there anything wrong”

I stared at Lin Nan and said softly, “Why do I feel like shes smiling”

The cameras angle was aimed at Lin Nans face.

Gao Jing said, “Youre making my hair stand on end.

Why would she be smiling Isnt she poisoned”

I turned around to look at the others.

Everyone was looking at Lin Nan very seriously.

They shook their heads and denied my misconception.

I sighed.

“I was probably too nervous.”

Jing Tian said, “Just to be careful, dont let Mr.

Li go over yet.

He is not a fighter.

We cant afford to let anything happen to him.

Gao Da, let someone go in and lock this woman up.

Itll be safer.

Then, let Lin Hua go in.”

Jing Tian instinctively rejected Lin Nan.

The anger that he felt from being schemed against hadnt faded away yet.

“Invite Mr.

Li over.

Lets observe for a while first.” Everyone still took my observation seriously.

This made me feel a little more at ease.


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