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I rubbed my eyes and wanted to watch it for a while more.

Jing Tian grabbed my hand.

“Stop watching.

Whats there to watch”

My little uncle added, “Its about time.

Lets withdraw our troops and rearrange the defenses.

We cant let this kid come in again.”

No one said anything.

This was quite embarrassing for them.

They cleaned up the battlefield quite quickly.

It wasnt until all the arrangements were done and the new defenses were in place that they got people to bring the people from the fort back.

Jing Ni and Mai Qi rushed over and sized me up.

“Are you alright We were worried to death.

They didnt let us come out to look for you!”

I hugged them.

“Its good that everyone is safe.

Lin Nan has been captured and is in Room 2.

I dont know what conspiracy they have.

Tong Zhuo is behind this.”

I briefly explained what had happened to them.

Jing Ni frowned.

“Theres something fishy about this.”

I nodded.

“I think I saw Lin Nan smiling, but no one else saw it.”

Mai Qi said, “We dont know what the Phoenix blood poisoning is like.

Its a good idea to lock her up and keep an eye on her.”

I sighed.

“But Ive been feeling uneasy.”

Jing Ni patted me.

“Well deal with whatever comes our way.

Itll be fine.”

Maybe I was worrying too much.

I was more or less panicking.

We went to settle auntie Lan down and comfort their frightened emotions.

I was still worried, so I returned to the monitoring room with them.

Everyone in the monitoring room had been replaced.

Jing Tian and my little uncle had gone off to work.

“She hasnt moved!” I asked the young man who had been watching the monitoring room.

The little brother shook his head.


Master Qi said to keep an eye on her for safety.”

Everyone took my feeling seriously.

Mai Qi leaned closer to the monitor and observed it carefully.

“I heard that she was poisoned But she doesnt look different.”

“Tong Zhuo said that her blood is very poisonous.

Her blood can blacken the soil…” I stopped.

They both looked at me.

“Why should I believe what Tong Zhuo said” I muttered.

Jing Ni patted me.

“Because Lin Hua said that Lin Nan was poisoned.”

I looked at Lin Nan on the monitor.

Yes! Lin Hua said that Lin Nan was poisoned and her life was on the line.

So when Tong Zhuo said that Lin Nans poison was extremely strong, we firmly believed that her poison was very lethal.

A bad premonition suddenly arose in my heart.

I asked the little brother sitting beside me, “When we were cleaning up the battlefield yesterday, did anything unusual happen”

The little brother shook his head in a daze.

“I didnt hear of anything unusual.

They retreated in time and suffered heavy casualties.

Its just that we didnt catch any important people.”

My heart sank.

We didnt catch any important people.

Tong Zhuo might not have come at all.

There were some things that we had taken for granted.

“Wheres Ye Qian” I asked Mai Qi.

“Shes been in the study the whole time.

She didnt come with us when we retreated.

She said that there was a change in the stock market.

Now, shes in charge of all economic matters.

You know her.

Shes willing to sacrifice her life for money,” Mai Qi joked.

We all understood that if Jing Tian and the others were our military shield, then ye Qian was our economic shield.

In this regard, her ability was not inferior to any man in the family.

I understood.

I immediately called Xiaoyi and asked him to bring people to the monitoring room.

In addition, I strengthened the guards outside Lin Nans room No.


Without my order, no one was allowed to go near there.

“Lets go see Ye Qian.

I want to know what happened to her,” I said to Mai Qi and Jing Ni.


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