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As soon as we went downstairs, Xiaoyi ran over.

“Sister Xing!”

I glanced at the people he brought and was very satisfied.

Mai Qi was puzzled.

“Nanxing, whats wrong with you”

I raised my head to look at the sun and narrowed my eyes.

“I dont know.

I just feel that Tong Zhuo might be up to something big, but I cant guess what exactly hes up to.

Its always good to be careful.”

“What does that have to do with Ye Qian”Jing Ni asked.

“Tong Zhuo needs money.

He must really need it because Ive already taken back my assets.

Tong Zhuo can no longer take my money like before.

His only source of income is to plunder other people.

“If the people around him cant satisfy him, hell have to stretch his hand out.

But no matter where he stretches his hand out to, its probably not as good as reaching out to me.

Even if you find a new mine, youll have to dig a little to see if theres any gold.

But here, you dont have to dig.

You just have to find a gap.”

The two finally understood.

“Oh, I see.

Then lets go help Ye Qian.”

Jing Ni said, “We might not be as good as Ye Qian, but we can help whatever we can.”

I nodded.

“Thats what I meant, so we have to check on her and take care of the elders at home.

Tong Zhuo is at the end of his rope, and he will do anything.

We have to be careful at all times.”

Mai Qi understood.

“Then we need to be careful of those who are phoning it in!”

I was shocked.

“Thats right! Why didnt I think of that”

Mai Qi said smugly, “Im still of some use.”

Jing Ni frowned.

“Thats a bit difficult to handle.”

I said confidently, “Its fine.

My gang of four is perfect for this.”

I immediately looked for Tan Si and told him about our suspicions.

Tan Si was shocked, but he immediately realized the seriousness of the matter.

“Brother Si, go and find Mr.

Li first and ask him to give us some medicine.

Im worried that they have cast spells on our people.

I also need charms to prevent spells from affecting our ally.” I suddenly thought of this problem.

Tan Sis expression changed.

He nodded solemnly and walked away quickly.

We hurried over to Ye Qians place.

The entire building was in a state of martial law.

There was a whole team of people patrolling the area.

Ye Qian was extremely vigilant.

“Where are uncle Qi and the others” Jing Ni immediately went upstairs to ask.

“Theyre researching weapons.

Yesterday, Jing Tian showed off his new weapon.

Qu Hao and little uncle are very envious of it.

Theyre probably holed up in the armory studying it now.

Dont worry about them.

With new toys, they cant care about anything else.” I completely understood them.

Mai Qi and Jing Ni understood.

Men were still children no matter how old they were in front of toys.

Ye Qian looked a little haggard.

It seemed that she hadnt slept the whole night.

Seeing us, she said bluntly, “Mai Qi, keep an eye on these K-line maps.

Jing Ni, someone has been attacking us.

Jing Tians firewall is quite useful, but I want to fight back.

You find a way for me.

Nanxing, Im hungry.

Im too tired.

Come and serve me!”

The three of us obliged.

The other two went straight to the computer.

I immediately went to the pantry to heat up the milk and make coffee.

I made her a cup of hot cappuccino, fried an egg, and made a simple sandwich.


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