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Chapter 83: Reconciliation

“Jing Tian, you came up with this imaginative sweetheart because you wanted to let me down easy, didnt you” Gu Yan said smugly.

Then everyone thought she had a point.

“Thats right, Jing Tian, tell us the truth so we wont be worried about your marriage anymore,” Someone cheered.

Gu Yan looked directly at Jing Tian.

Jing Tian said, “This is my personal matter so theres no need for so many people to worry about it.

It is my personal belief that I have found my one true love in this life.

And that is enough for me, I dont need anyone else to mind our business.

The bottom line is I will marry her and no one else!”

I was stunned.

When Jing Tian spoke, he glanced unintentionally at me.

I knew better than everyone else that his words were meant for me.

I was incredibly touched.

I wanted to hug him, kiss him and tell him that I felt the same way.

I didnt expect to receive Jing Tians sudden confession and in this kind of situation no less.

Gu Yan was silent.

My little uncle smacked the back of Jing Tians head.

“You brat! Dont you ever say things like that again! Are you asking for a beating”

Wait, I forgot.

My little uncle would also knew who Jing Tian was talking about.

Jing Tian glanced at him, “Think twice before you attack.”

Master Wei Wu came to mediate, “Tsk! No matter what, it still looks to me that you two are a couple! Are you two flirting with each other” Everyone laughed.

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A deep gaze fell on me.

I didnt even need to turn my head to know it was Shi Feng.

Master Gu Er had already set up everything but the matchmaking was forcibly ruined by Master Wei Wu, Tong Si and Jing Qi.

Master Gu Er though was an astute person, he knew when to push and when to stop.

Ye Qian was even cleverer.

Even though she was directly involved in this matchmaking project, she acted appropriately.

She didnt make anyone embarrassed.

She was truly a diplomacy genius.

Only Gu Yan looked openly resentful.

Master Gu Er saw it but he pretended not to notice.

I couldnt help but pity Miss Gu.

She was just a tool used by her family but she couldnt see that.

She thought she still had the power to control her own life.

Ye Qian though was the complete opposite.

She knew very well what her role was and while she cooperated fully, she also tried her best to earn the greatest benefit for herself.

In my previous life, when I got to know her, she already had Jing Ning around her finger.

Her attitude towards me was very condescending because I didnt even fit to be her opponent.

Even Nanyang proved more of a match than I did.

She had nothing but derision and pity for me because I was not worthy of anything else.

In this life though, I was able to see more clearly the demons and monsters who lurked around me.

Just as the situation here was dying down, there was a commotion from the other side.

I heard Jing Yans shrill scream and a bad feeling rose within him.

Without saying anything, I lifted up my skirt and raced towards the sound.

Jing Ni and Lee Yang! How could I forget about their history with Jing Yan I moved through the crowd and saw Jing Ni lying on the ground.

Jing Yan was holding a crystal vase and was about to throw it at Jing Ni.

I rushed over and sheltered Jing Ni.

I shielded her from Jing Yan.

Jing Ni had shielded me once, this time I would repay her.

But the vase didnt fall.

I turned around and saw Lee Yang grab Jing Yans wrist.

The two glared at each other.

I picked Jing Ni up from the ground.

“Are you alright” Jing Ni shook her head in tears.

I shouted, “Tan Si!”

Tan Si, who was dressed in a security uniform, responded, “Sister Xing!”

“Help me send Miss Jing Ni back to Master Qi,” I ordered in a crisp voice.

Then I whispered to Jing Ni.

“Ni Ni, you should go back first.

Ill take care of this.” Jing Nis tears fell on my hands.

I hugged her and handed her to Tan Si.

I turned around to face Lee Yang and Jing Yan.

Jing Yans hands loosened and the crystal vase fell to the ground, shattering into pieces.

Jing Yan stared fiercely at Lee Yang.

Tears shone in her eyes.

“Do you know who she is

“She is nothing more than a dog reared by my family! What is wrong with your eyes Do you have some kind of savior complex First it was the useless bitch, Nanxing and now its that pitiful wretched girl!”


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