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Lin Nans gaze was clear as she looked at me.

Suddenly, she broke into a big smile.

“Sister, youre really beautiful.”

Lin Nans temperament was that of a gentle and well-bred lady.

After years of painstaking efforts to create this image, she was still very successful.

However, now that she had suddenly put on such an innocent appearance, like her elder brother, Lin Hua didnt feel anything strange.

On the other hand, I felt goosebumps all over my body.

Seeing that I did not respond, Lin Nan looked at Lin Hua timidly.

“Brother, why did sister ignore me”

Lin Hua felt a little awkward.

He naturally knew about my history with Lin Nan.

Thus, he humbly said to me, “Miss Nanxing, my sister is sick.

Please forgive her.”

Lin Nan immediately pouted.

“Brother, how am I sick Im fine.”

Lin Hua quickly turned around to comfort her.

“Okay, okay, okay.

Youre not sick.

Youre fine.

Come, lets finish the porridge.

Are you still hungry”

Lin Nan turned her head away.

“Im not eating anymore.

I want to go play with pretty sister!”

Lin Hua looked troubled.

I looked at Lin Nan and said slowly, “Alright! Then you can play with pretty sister!”

Lin Nan was delighted.

She immediately lifted the blanket and prepared to get out of bed.

However, she had been lying in bed for many days.

Although the poison had been removed, her legs were still weak.

Hence, she was about to fall to the ground.

Lin Hua was quick-witted and quickly supported her.

“Hey, slow down, slow down.

I told you that you were sick, right Why dont you believe me Come and lie down!”

Lin Nan seemed to be frightened as she burst into tears.

“My leg, my leg! Brother, I want to go down.

I want to walk!”

Lin Hua comforted her.

“Dont cry, dont cry.

Its alright, and its alright.

Wait for brother to give you a massage.”

Lin Nan grumbled and threw a tantrum.

I turned around and walked out.

Tong Yan and Mr.

Li followed me out.

The people who were walking back and forth in the courtyard were all doing their jobs in an orderly manner.

I asked Mr.

Li softly, “Master, what is she doing Is this real”


Li frowned.

“Theres no way to tell.

Actually, when I said her brain was damaged, I was just scaring them.

I didnt think itd come true.”

My heart couldnt help but jump.

“What about the medicine” I asked.


Lis spirit was roused.

“Ive already obtained the ingredients for the seven medicines.

Ive tested them, and theyre all genuine.

However, they can only be used after theyre refined according to the Lin familys method.

The refining method is passed down from generation to generation in the Lin family, and not everyone knows it.

Lin Hua just so happens to have mastered this technique.”

I couldnt help but fall silent.

I pondered over it.

“In other words, we have to protect the Lin siblings behind.

We have to continue treating Lin Nans illness.

No matter if shes really sick or fake, we have to treat her with courtesy.

This is because we need the Lin familys refining technique.

We need to refine the seven medicines.”


Li nodded.

I smiled as I looked at the distant bushes that were being repaired by the explosion a few days ago.

“Because we need Lin Hua to refine the medicine, we have to help him take care of his sister, the young miss who only has five-year-old memories.”


Li nodded.

I smiled again.

“How interesting.

The days that follow should be very exciting.

Tong Yan, you dont have to accompany me.

Why dont you go and see how Mr.

Lin refines medicine”


Li said, “Thats the Lin familys secret.

How can he allow our people to be by his side”

I glanced at Tong Yan.

“Just give it a try.

Perhaps he needs a helper”


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