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Auntie Lan said to Lin Nan with a smile, “This pretty sister is called Nanxing.

You can call her sister Nanxing, and she is my daughter-in-law! This is my son Jing Tian, and you call him brother Jing Tian.

Do you remember that”

Lin Nan blinked her big eyes and called timidly, “Brother Jing Tian!”

When she met me, she immediately smiled.

“Sister Nanxing!” Her smile was pure, harmless, and bright.

Auntie Lan was very satisfied, she held her hand and sighed.

“What a pitiful child.

I heard that she was poisoned.

She was originally a clever person, but now that shes become like this.

No matter what, its fate that we met.

Bai Rui and I are usually free.

With her accompanying us, we have some things to do.

Although shes only five or six years old, shes still smart and sensible.

Its really rare.”

I smiled at Auntie Lan and said, “You have a kind heart.

Auntie Bai Rui too.

Doctor Lin Hua is helping Mr.

Li with his work, and we dont have the time to help him take care of his sister.

Auntie Bai Rui and Auntie Lan will be perfect to look after her.”

Since things had already come to this, saying too much would make auntie Lan nervous.

It was better to just leave it at that.

Jing Tian was a little displeased.

“Cant we just leave her to someone else” He asked with a frown

Auntie Lan was a little surprised.

I hastily smiled.

“Auntie Lan and Miss Lin seem to hit it off quite well.

Besides, this is the young miss of the Lin family, so we cant neglect her.”

Auntie Lan nodded hastily.

“Thats right.

Im also afraid that the subordinates wont take good care of her, and shell still cause trouble for you.”

I squeezed Jing Tians hand.

Jing Tian frowned but didnt say anything in the end.

Auntie Lan brought Lin Nan to introduce her to everyone else.

Lin Nan was timid toward the others.

She greeted them, but she acted as if she didnt remember anyone.

I watched from the side coldly.

If I removed the filter, Lin Nan would indeed look like a five or six-year-old child.

Perhaps she had really been poisoned

I also experienced amnesia.

It wasnt strange for Tong Zhuo and the others to have such a medicine.

In addition, the effects of Phoenix blood were uncontrollable.

Perhaps Lin Nans IQ had really been damaged.

I was overthinking.

I was being petty.

However, when I thought about what Lin Nan had done in order to obtain the Phoenix Blood, I couldnt help but feel worried again.

Lin Nan was a ruthless person who would do anything to achieve her goals.

Her actions were unexpected.

One should always be wary of others.

It seemed that the others had the same thoughts as me, so everyones expressions were a little stiff.

Auntie Lan thought that we were surprised that Lin Nan looked like an adult, but she had the brain of a child.

So, she felt even more pitiful for Lin Nan.

She said to Lin Nan in a voice that we could all hear, “Dont be afraid.

These brothers and sisters are good people.

Dont be afraid of them just because theyre fierce.

Theyre all paper tigers.

Dont be afraid of them.

If anyone dares to be fierce to you, come and tell Auntie Lan.

Ill teach them a lesson!”

Little uncle, Qu Hao, and cousin Mo glanced at Jing Tian silently and turned their faces away.

Their meaning was quite obvious.

Jing Tian felt a little helpless.

Mai Qi blinked at me.

Jing Ni and Jing Tian had the same expression.

Only Ye Qian asked gently, “Lin Nan, do you miss home when you live here”

Her tone was kind and gentle, and her expression was also gentle.

However, her words were sharp.

Lin Nan leaned closer to Auntie Lan and felt a little wronged.

“Lin Nan doesnt want to go home and do homework!”

She was a really good actor.


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