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I shook my head.

Jing Tian cared about my safety and health the most.

He didnt care about the value of the Phoenix Blood.

This was my pride.

“Tong Yan said that if this goes on, Ill be half poison and half medicine.

As for the reason… Ill have to wait a little longer before I can come to a conclusion.” I still felt that it was too early to tell Jing Tian that I was pregnant.

“Lets wait a little longer and wait for a suitable opportunity.”

I raised both my hands in front of Jing Tian and looked at him under the sunlight.

There really wasnt anything out of the ordinary.

Jing Tian grabbed my two small hands tenderly.

“Why did it change again Its better to keep it a secret.

Otherwise, I dont know what kind of people will come after us.”

I leaned into his arms and whispered, “Dont be angry with me.

I dont know when accidents happen to people like me.

If youre angry with me, you might regret it for the rest of your life!”

Jing Tian yelled fiercely, “What nonsense are you spouting” I received a violent blow to my head immediately

I covered my head and protested pitifully, “Dont hit me on the head.

What if Im struck silly What if the children I give birth to in the future are also silly”

Jing Tian smiled and pulled me into his arms.

“Its okay.

Ill take care of them if theyre silly.

As long as the children are like me, they wont be silly.”

I rolled my eyes at him. This narcissistic guy.

“Whats wrong with that snake” I finally remembered the important matter.

Jing Tian took my hand and placed it in his pocket.

We walked toward his study room together.

“It should still be in the study room.

Gao Da is watching it.

Lets go and take a look.”

No wonder he was so calm and composed.

“Whats wrong with Jing Yan and the others Didnt you tell them not to come here” I asked with a frown.

Jing Tian replied indifferently, “Nothing good will happen with them around.

Dont worry.

My parents wont fall for their tricks easily.”

“Was it really Lin Nan who saved Auntie Lan” I asked carefully.

Jing Tian rolled his eyes at me.

“She happened to be by my mothers side, so she saw it first with her sharp eyes.

She blocked it for my mother.

I happened to enter the room, so I couldnt catch it directly.

I let it go and let Gao Da lure it to my study room on purpose.”

I pulled out my hand and hit him.

“Then why did you put on such a fierce face just now Jing Yan must be so happy that she thinks you dont like me anymore.

She must be so proud of herself.”

Jing Tian grabbed my hand again and put it in his pocket.

“Thats exactly what I want! Let them think that Im not satisfied with you so that they can reveal their tricks.

Instead of letting them play tricks behind my back, I might as well show them a flaw.

Let me see what kind of demons they are!”

I was speechless.

Even if he was angry, he had to find excuses for it.


As soon as I arrived at the door of Jing Tians study room, I saw Tong Yan coming out of the study room with a bag in her hand.

Her face was a little pale.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that she was holding her wrist with her other hand.

“What happened Were you bitten by the snake” I asked with concern.

Tong Yan nodded and said hurriedly, “Ill go back and apply for the medicine.”

Before I could say anything, she collapsed weakly.

Fortunately, Gao Da was quick-witted and hugged her.

I grabbed the bag that had fallen to the ground.

“Quick, send it to Mr.



I felt a pain in my hand as the bag fell to the ground.

A small blood-red snake slithered out of the bag.

It was only halfway out of the bag when it stopped moving.

“Is it dead” I reached out to grab it out of curiosity.

Jing Tian pulled me back.

“Dont move.

Its poisonous!”

I looked at the wound on my left wrist.

“I dont think its poisonous like me.”


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