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Looking at Gu Yans expression, I knew that Ye Qians mother didnt have much time left.

Gu Yan looked at me in confusion.

I smiled.

“Miss Gu, Lets not beat around the bush.

You just want Ye Qian to not be able to recognize her biological mother in the end and let her regret it for the rest of her life, right Five million is actually not much for the rest of your life.

Why dont I give you two million more, and you sell me some information Are you going to do this business or not”

Gu Yan was shocked.

After a moment, he said, “Are you really that good with her She used to treat you like that.

Even if she didnt hurt you directly, she also indirectly brought you a lot of trouble.

How can you help her like this”

“Thats between her and me.

Right now, Im talking about business with you, Miss Gu.

Two million.

If you think its worth it, you can tell me!”

Gu Yan gritted his teeth and thought for a moment.

“Add another 500,000!”

I smiled.

“I dont like this number.

Ill add another one million! Three Million!”

“Deal!” Gu Yans face revealed undisguised greed.

I picked up my phone and transferred the money.

“Ill pay half first.

Give me the address.

Ill give you the other half when I receive the address.

If you trick me, Gu Yan, I guarantee that you wont even be able to leave M City!”

Gu Yan bit her lips and nodded.

She added softly, “There arent many people watching over there anymore.

The family has already given up.

Even the Ye family has given up on her.”

I didnt say anything.

Gu Yan turned her head slightly to look at the crowd behind him.

“Ill go back first to help you light the fire and add more firewood.”

I smiled.

“Gu Yan, I quite admire the way you are now.”

Gu Yan didnt turn around, but her posture became even more upright.

I immediately sent the address that Gu Yan gave me to the gang of four, telling them to be careful and act tonight!

Jing Yan and the others were finally pulled away.

Everyone who participated in the battle was in a sorry state.

Their hair was messy, their makeup was tattered, their clothes were wrinkled, and their high heels had fallen off.

They stood in clear opposition.

Looking at the other partys panting appearance, they all looked down on each other.

Xiao Zhi yelled in exasperation, “How can you all be so stupid Someone is clearly trying to sow discord! Since were all suspected, we should join hands to find out who took advantage of us instead of killing each other here! Miss Jing, I swear on the lives of my entire family that we didnt do this.

I did have a relationship with the second madam, but I only gave her jewelry and gold.

There was absolutely no poison!”

Xiao Zhis words immediately silenced everyone.

After all, she had sworn on the lives of her entire family.

Thinking about what she said, it was not without reason.

However, why was second madam taking her jewelry and gold But earlier, she was trying her best to distance herself from Xiao Zhi.

Everyones disdainful gazes couldnt help but drift toward second madam.

The second madam shrank back into the crowd, but she had nowhere to hide.

She couldnt help but defend herself, “She did it of her own free will.

What does it have to do with me”

Gu Yan had unknowingly stood beside Jing Yan and lowered her voice, but she clearly conveyed it to everyone, “What the second madam said makes it sound like the eldest miss is deliberately targeting you.

Why would the eldest miss do that”

Jing Yan was furious.

“Second aunt, are you trying to make the Jing family take the blame for you How dare you interfere in the matters of the old madam No wonder the old madam refused to go back to the old residence with us.

It turns out that you have offended the old madam!”

The second madam was so angry that her eyes were shining.

“Jing Yan, dont be unreasonable.

If you have anything to say, you can ask your big brother! Dont come and pester me!”


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