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“Other than taking my blood, have any other doctors examined me” I deliberately asked nonchalantly.

The mute girl shook her head.

She looked at the crook of my arm with a pained expression.

I took a bite of the drumstick.

I felt that the meat wasnt very tasty, so I put it down.

I followed the mute girls gaze and looked at my arm.

I said to her, “Its alright.

It doesnt hurt.

I thought that a doctor would examine me.

Otherwise, why would they take my blood”

I picked up a piece of fish and slowly picked at the thorns.

I said casually.

The Mute Girl looked at me worriedly.

It was obvious that she didnt know anything.

I was almost done eating.

I leaned back on the chair.

The mute girl immediately scooped up another bowl of soup for me and placed it in front of me.

I waved my hand and rubbed my stomach.

“Im done eating.”

The mute girl smiled.

I stretched my back, and she immediately handed me a wet towel to wipe my hands and mouth.

I stood up and asked her, “Can I go out for a walk Im a little stuffed.”

The mute girl nodded and immediately followed me, making a gesture of invitation.

I followed the mute girl out.

There was a small courtyard outside.

Every part of it was meticulously designed.

It was a miniature version of the Jiangnan Garden.

It seemed that the owner here was very particular about the mood.

It wasnt something that a boorish person like Tong Hui or Tong Zhuo could compare to.

Even the men in my family didnt have such elegance.

Thinking about the past few years, we had spent most of our time fighting for our lives.

We really didnt have such leisure.

I walked along the cobblestone path and looked around.

Soon, I found two hidden cameras in the corner.

There was a swing not far ahead.

I said to the mute girl, “Help me get a coat.

Ill wait for you at the swing.”

The mute girl quickly nodded and turned to walk into the house.

It seemed that she knew that I wouldnt be able to leave here, so she was very relieved.

I turned around and looked at the house.

It was a three-story house.

Looking up, the glass was dark, and I couldnt see anything.

However, I could feel that there were eyes behind the glass looking at me.

It didnt matter!

The flower bed on the left side of the path was filled with pink roses.

The flowers were very delicate, and the thorns were very eye-catching.

I reached out to pick the flowers.

In fact, I used the thorns to pierce my finger.

The blood immediately flowed out along the thorn.

The pink rose in full bloom changed color bit by bit.

I looked at the flower in front of me in surprise.

The green stem turned blue, and the pink petals slowly turned blue.

Then, the flower slowly drooped down.

This flower was poisoned.

I looked at the small blood on my finger.

I was a little surprised but also a little proud.

I didnt know if the people upstairs and the people in the surveillance cameras had also seen this scene.

Were they shocked

I used my right hand to touch another flower thorn.

After waiting for a long time, there were no changes.

I didnt know if it was because of psychological effects, but I felt that the pink color of the flower petal was even more beautiful.

My left hand was poison, and my right hand was medicine.

Wen Dian undoubtedly came for the Phoenix Blood.

There was Tong Zhuo and Tong Hui.

There was the Lin Family and now this.

I really have a bad time!

No wonder my parents tried their best to cover up and change my Phoenix Blood.

They just did not want me to have a life like this.

Unfortunately, nothing in this world was as good as Gods plan.

We couldnt change our fate.

By now, Jing Tian and my uncle must have known that I was missing.

They were probably searching for me.


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