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Chapter 921: Poisoning

Translator: Lonelytree

This time, I became the target of public criticism.

There were all sorts of gazes looking at me.

Envy, jealousy, flattery, disgust, and hatred.

I smiled slightly.

“Miss Fu, youre exaggerating.

As an outsider, I was just reminding you out of kindness.

I have no interest in sharing a share of the profits with you.

Some of my personalities may be different from yours.

I can share a bowl of rice with others, but I will never share a man with others.” I looked at Fu He.

“With Miss Fus measure, Im willing to admit defeat.”

Fu Hes smile didnt change.

Her gaze once again swept across the crowd.

Fang Jing immediately jumped up.

“Then why are you here Why didnt you leave Why did you share the same man with others Then you can see now that Wen Dians woman might not even fit in this room.

Youre just one of them.”

I smiled at her and didnt say anything.

I didnt want to compete with others, nor did I want to argue with fools.

Fang Jing thought that her words threatened me.

She sneered.

“What Are you not convinced Im telling you, theres nothing you can do even if youre not convinced.

You have to abide by the rules here! Were both Wen Dians women.

If youre not willing to share a man with us, then why are you still staying here”

I looked at her and sighed.

“I dont want to stay here either.

Why dont you point out a path and let me out”

Fang Jing was stunned for a moment before she sneered.

“What are you pretending for The main door is right there.

If you want to leave, who can stop you”

I looked at Fu He.

“Miss Fu Can I leave”

Fu He shrugged.

“Miss Nanxing, you already know.

Why are you asking me”

I sighed again.

“Miss Fu, cant you be brave for once and show your boldness as if youre the host”

Fu He ignored me.

Fang Jing had a puzzled look on her face.

She looked at me and then at Fu He.

Fu He didnt even look at her.

She raised the wine glass on the table, and she said to everyone, “This is the first gathering of our peony garden.

Why dont we all have a drink first Staying in Peony Garden is our common fate.

Why dont we meet honestly, right”

With that, she downed the wine in one gulp.

Those women also raised their glasses in unison.

Even Fang Jing seemed to be surrendering to Fu He as she downed the wine in one heroic gulp.

She turned around and looked at me provocatively as if telling me that the enemy of my enemy was my friend.

She stood in line.

I stopped Yang Yang and Zhao Mei, who were prepared to follow behind me.

The two of them were a little confused, but considering that I was quite a strong backer, they finally put down their wine glasses.

There were also two or three women who didnt drink.

They seemed to have a wait-and-see attitude toward the current situation.

Fu He didnt mind.

She looked at everyone and said, “Sisters, if you have an afterlife, remember to take revenge on Miss Nanxing! This gathering started because of her, and this wine is also thanks to her.”

After she said that, she smiled with a very pleased smile.

At first, the crowd didnt understand what was going on.

Then, their faces were filled with pain, and they fell to the ground.

They clutched their stomachs and rolled on the ground a few times.

Then, they kicked their legs and stopped moving.

It was exactly the same as Jing Nings death.

Zhao Mei, Yang Yang, and a few others who hadnt drunk wine couldnt help but scream in fear.

They very consciously hid on my side.

I instantly understood.

I looked at Fu He and calmly said, “You used my blood on them.”

Fu He smiled and nodded.

“Thats right.

Shouldnt I try out its magical properties You should be used to it, but this is the first time Ive seen it.

The effects are quite good! Ive long disliked these women.

This time, Ive borrowed your hand and your blood to fulfill my wish.

Thank you!”

I sighed.

“Its said that womens hearts are the most poisonous.

Ive seen it myself.

Thank you!”

“No matter how poisonous my heart is, it is not as poisonous as your blood!” Fu He retaliated.

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