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Departure (4)

Several Silver Big Dipper officers open fire together, and after an indiscriminate bombardment, the giant centipede spewed blood and fell, shattering a large piece of rock and sending dusts flying.

The atmosphere became solemn.

Several mechas that had fallen were re-manipulated and stood up.

Everyone was shocked and uncertain, and many were discussing in panic.

Several sergeants of Silver Big Dipper confirmed that the giant centipede was completely dead from the dispersion of the crystal particles, and one of them said in a hurry. 

“This is impossible, Lieutenant Colonel, this is obviously a safe area, only one step away from the fortress—”

“Shut up, can’t you see that there’s something wrong with the fortress.” 

Lieutenant Colonel Louis’ face was ghastly pale.

“The contact has not been connected yet.

Tell the recruits to take a defensive formation and keep alert at all times.”

Inside the mecha, Jiang Jianming breathed a sigh of relief, leaned back on the driver’s seat and rubbed his eyebrows.

Damn amazing far interstellar space. He had just nagged Tang Zhen a few minutes ago that he couldn’t be careless, then this happened… but it was really too scary…

A mecha approached next to it.

Gao Long had already retracted his crystal bones long ago, and probed his head to look at the body of the white centipede.

“Ah! What the hell is so powerful So that crystal particle fluctuations were transmitted from here.

They looked like condensed real crystals.” 

“Real crystal” Jiang Jianming was slightly startled, he straightened up, his eyes fell on the corpse of the giant centipede again, and suddenly he froze for a moment—

In hindsight, he saw countless crystalline spikes piercing the centipede’s hard armor.

When this monster came out of the ground, it had already been seriously injured by those crystal thorns, like a cluster of thorns growing with blood, all of them were translucent bright red gold color.

It was as if pure red magma was flowing in the golden river.

It was dazzlingly beautiful, but it also implied danger.

This “real crystal” — in particular, it refers to the state in which the originally invisible crystal particles in the atmosphere aggregated and crystallized after being disturbed by excessive external force.

The crystal bone of the new human being was actually a true crystal in an autonomous and controllable form.

It’s just that natural crystals were colorless and patternless, while the crystals manipulated by a new human will bring different colors and textures when they crystallize.


Jiang Jianming’s eyes gradually rolled up, and he fixedly looked at the golden red real crystal on the corpse of the alien creature.

His grip on the rod tightened, and exerted force until his knuckles turned blue.

“How is it possible…”


The operation mode of Jiang Jianming’s mecha was switched to automatic mode, his fingers fell on his neckline, and quickly hooked out a necklace that was worn close to the skin.

A ring hung from the end of it and it had the same translucent red gold luster and the same reflective spar texture.

It’s just that the real crystal on the corpse of the alien creature was full of violent and dangerous aura, while the ring in Jiang Jianming’s hand was extremely delicate, like a rose wrapped around a lover’s ring finger.

Other than that…they’re pretty much the same.

“Seth,” Jiang Jianming’s voice was hoarse and trembling slightly, “Why… Ryann’s crystal bone…”

(…..) Seth Henry was uncharacteristically silent for a moment, then said:

Master, if you want to match the real crystal and the crystal bone, you need to measure whether the color and light data, grain direction and internal crystal particle activity of the two are consistent.

This is a very complicated process woof woof… You can ‘t judge by visual observation alone that it is the real crystal..woof woof…coagulated from the old master’s crystal bone.


Jiang Jianming took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

In the next second, Jiang Jianming opened the hard cockpit, leaned out from the mecha, his face and voice were unusually cold.

“Yes, a high-level crystal bone can make the crystal particles crystallize the moment it is released… this alien creature may have just fought against a very powerful new human being.”

He said to Gao Long and jumped directly from the mecha.

On the broken red hard soil, the corpse of the monster lay in front of him.

From behind came the cry of a sergeant of the Silver Big Dipper. 

“Kid, what are you doing, the situation is unknown and dangerous, go back to the cockpit of the mecha!”

Jiang Jianming turned a deaf ear, stretched out his hand to hold a small piece of real crystal, and simply tried to break it with force!

Break it..

“Don’t move! We are already contacting the fortress to inquire about the situation, obey the order, and go back to the cockpit–”

So hard, he can’t break it.

Jiang Jianming was silent for a moment in embarrassment.

He withdrew his hand as if nothing had happened, and turned to Gao Long calmly.

“Good friend, please come down and use your crystal bone to help me break a piece of this real crystal.”

“Eh, okay!” So Gao Long also jumped down.

The sergeant of Silver Big Dipper: “……”

This duo was too daring, and all the recruits who had just stabilized their formation were stunned.

One sergeant hesitated and said: “Lieutenant Colonel, this…”

Lieutenant Colonel Louis had a sullen face.

He thought of the special order chip and shook his head.

“Forget it.”

His wrist device happened to flash at this moment, and the lieutenant colonel raised his hand and made a quiet gesture, then turned around and connected the communication.

Jiang Jianming just took the real crystal back to the cockpit of the mecha and gave it to Seth for the so-called complicated comparative analysis.

At this time, he thought of an idea. 

He pointed to the lieutenant colonel and whispered to Seth Henry.

“Seth, do you still have the communication frequency of the Silver Big Dipper military in your information database… Can you help me tap into their conversation”

Seth Henry, the super omnipotent intelligence who fought alongside the late crown prince for many years, was basically “the only that can do the unexpected, and nothing can be done without it.”

Corresponding frequency has been confirmed—

Invasion of the communication channel…woof!

The screen flickered for a few seconds, and then lightning suddenly flashed.

Another flash of lightning showed the smoky black iron fortress building and the face of a middle-aged man in a Silver Big Dipper uniform!

Lieutenant Colonel Louis looked up.

“This is Lieutenant Colonel Louis who is handling the recruits, asking about the situation of the fortress!”

The middle-aged man hurriedly grabbed his military cap.

He seemed restless, and shouted in the roaring background sound.

“Heck, forget it.

“Lava” bandits stole the interference wave and used it to overshadow our mecha, even **ing attracted alien creatures— bro, take the rookies and hide well, don’t come back!”

As soon as these words came out, not only was the eavesdropper Jiang Jianming surprised, but Lieutenant Colonel Louis’ tone also changed.

“What! Now you…”

“Now all the mechas can’t be launched, and the technicians are still on it!” 

Lieutenant Colonel Louis’ face sank, and he glanced around.

“We still have more than 100 IPs here, if you need support–”

Unexpectedly, the middle-aged man’s expression changed greatly, and he waved his hands again and again.

“Don’t come! Alien creatures are not a problem, His Highness is here with us!!”

Jiang Jianming’s pupils suddenly shrank.

He held his breath and he felt a chill run from his head to the soles of his feet.

His Highness…. how long has it been since he heard this title from a stranger

On the other hand, he said that His Highness is there!

Louis choked for a moment, and said while stunned.

“His Royal Highness Garcia!” Then he breathed a sigh of relief.

“…It turns out that His Royal Highness has returned to the fortress, so it’s all right.”

The opposite wanted to cry without tears.

“It’s not okay! It’s such a big incident, His Highness is already angry! Look, see the smoke behind me, it’s not because of a thief or an alien creature, it’s His Highness’s crystal bone that blew it up!” 

“Louis, keep an eye on those recruits, don’t add fuel to His Highness’ anger… Also, there may be alien creatures fleeing to your side–what Has one already passed…damn it!” 

Jiang Jianming didn’t listen carefully to what the two Silver Big Dipper officers said after that.

He remembered that before he left Aslan, a lot of rumors circulated in the Imperial Capital, such as His Majesty appointing a new crown prince this winter.

When he came back to his senses, Lieutenant Colonel Louis had already cut off the communication.

“Excuse me, can I ask” Jiang Jianming, once again found himself leaning out of the mecha.

The dry wind of the alien star blew his black hair, and under the soft hair, his eyebrows and eyes were as pure as the Milky Way.

“The person you just mentioned…His Royal Highness Garcia, who is that”

Lieutenant Colonel Louis gave a “hmm” and looked around.

“His Royal Highness Garcia Kaios is the second prince of the empire.

It’s normal that you don’t know about him.” Obviously, he not only said this to Jiang Jianming, but also took the opportunity to tell all the recruits.

“His Royal Highness Garcia is different from the late Prince Ryann.

He grew up in the Far Star since childhood, and even the citizens of the Empire rarely heard of his name.

However, His Highness is a powerful new human being no less than the late Prince Ryann, and he is also one of the supreme commanders of Silver Big Dipper Fortress.”

“It’s just that His Royal Highness Garcia has been going back and forth between the first fortress and the outer space starship all the year round.

This time, it should be due to a special case that he stayed in the Second Fortress.” 

The lieutenant colonel paused, curled his lips, and continued, “But it doesn’t matter, you are all famous talents in your respective star cities.

As long as you perform well, you will always have the opportunity to see His Highness in the future.

Then you can see what is real…hmph, tough and unreasonable.”

As expected, there was a burst of shrieks around.

Jiang Jianming’s face showed a clear look.

“So that’s how it is…Thank you.”

Bang. He retreated back into the mecha and closed the cockpit door.

Then pull the seat belt, press the control screen with ten fingers, and quickly type.

There were flashing red words on the screen.

The target position has been locked: the second fortress of Silver Big Dipper

Command had been received: M-IP 18 is about to switch its form, woof!


“Jiang Jianming’s brows were cold.

“Ryann never told me that he has an Imperial brother.” Then he pinched the ring through the fabric of his clothes.

Flight Configuration Switching…20%…40%…70%…90%…100%!”

The next moment, the M-IP 18 mecha burst out with strong light.

The four-pointy legs, the two mechanical arms and the muzzle shrank at the same time, left and right wings and a rear tail popped out, the engine exerted frantic force, and the deformation switching was completed within two seconds.

“Kid, what are you doing! You….

Come back…!”

Lieutenant Colonel Louis, who was the first to respond, only had time to shout in a panic, but the wind drowned the end of his sentence.

Jiang Jianming didn’t even listen to what he was shouting about.

He pulled the lever, and the mecha instantly lifted into the air!

The strong wind swept up the terracotta soil and raised dust with only Gao Long’s loud voice that sounded in the wind.

“Hey!–Little brother, where are you going—”


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