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“Director Wang, please bend the rules and sell the sculpture to us.

It will promote the cultural exchange between the two countries, which is a good thing.” Seeing Director Wang hang up the phone, Anna tried to persuade him in non-standard Mandarin.

“The sculpture belongs to Mr.

Su, and he has to agree on whether to sell it or not.

You wait here for a while, he is on his way over so you can just talk to him later.” Director Wang said indifferently.

“Then we will wait beside the Fong Lam Court sculpture.” Alan was afraid that the sculpture would be damaged or taken away by someone so he wanted to go over there personally.

“All right, Ill take him to you when he comes.” Director Wang nodded.

Walking out of the management center, Anna lowered her voice and said next to Alans ear, “Alan, Im afraid its not going to be that easy to buy it at a low price.” 

Because it is obvious that the person named Su Jing is quite serious about that Sculpture and he does not intend to sell it that easily.

“I am afraid that we wouldnt have been able to buy it even after offering tens of thousands of yuan if it was placed someplace else, but since it is placed in the park, at most they just regard it as a good statue, and they do not recognize it as an extremely precious artwork so the price will not be too high.

I will call the museum and ask Boss for financial support.” Alan said and he immediately made a phone call back to the United States, to the director of the museum he worked at. 

After the curator saw the photo, he was so shocked that he wanted to fly to China.

Without Alan speaking, the curator also wanted to buy the statue back, so without saying a word, he promised to give Alan all the financial support he needs.

Only then did Alan have the confidence to go to the Fong Lam Court pool sculpture, admiring the sculpture and waiting.

After a while, Director Wang and Su Jing walked into the Fong Lam Court together. 

Many tourists recognized Su Jing and cheered.

Alan and Anna were stunned when they saw this scene.

Is that Mr.

Su, is he a celebrity

“Look, its Su Jing!”

“Why did he come here”

“I heard that this Fong Lam Court was rebuilt by him.

I didnt believe it at first, but it looks like that news was true.”

“Brother Jing, can you take a photo with me”

“Brother Jing, can you give me your autograph”

Su Jing and Director Wang were surrounded by the uproar.

The sculpture was good-looking, but she couldnt compare to a real celebrity, and many of Su Jings fans were present there.

Su Jing didnt show any pretense at all as he took selfies with fans and gave them his autograph with a smile on his face but Alan and Anna couldnt wait, and finally squeezed into the crowd and came to Su Jing.

“Let me make the introductions, this is Mr.

Su and these two are the people who want to buy the Sculpture.” Director Wang introduced.

“Hello Mr.

Su, my name is Anna and this is my husband Alan,” Anna said in broken Mandarin.

“Hello.” Su Jing shook hands with them with a polite smile on his face.


Su, we like Chinese culture very much and we want to buy this Sculpture and take it back as a souvenir.

Can you resell it to us” Alan didnt want to show his excitement but he couldnt contain himself and pointed to the sculpture in the pool as calmly as possible.

“This sculpture was originally placed here to decorate and improve the Fong Lam Court.

I have no plans to sell it.

However, I decided to hear you out since you are foreign friends and this would promote the cultural exchanges between the two countries.

How much have you offered” Su Jing said.

Alan was overjoyed and said, “Twenty thousand.”

“Too low.” Su Jing shook his head instantly as he replied.

“Thirty thousand.” Alan pretended to think hard before saying.

“If you can only afford such a low price, then dont waste my time.” Su Jing said with some finality in his voice as he turned around to leave.


Su, please stay.” Alan quickly grabbed Su Jings hand and said, “One hundred thousand.”

Su Jing shook his head and shook off Alans hand at the same time, and strode forward.

Alan and Anna tried to catch up with Su Jing, but were hindered by the crowd and couldnt catch up. 

Seeing Su Jing hurried away, they quickly increased the price: “300,000, 500,000, 1 Million, 3 Million…” Seeing that Su Jing didnt stop, Alan gritted his teeth and spoke the highest price supported by the curator: “Five Million Yuan!”

Su Jing finally stopped, while the others were stunned by the price mentioned by Alan.

My God, whats going on, these two foreigners are willing to pay 5 Million for the Sculpture by the pool, is it really that valuable

Director Wang was also dumbfounded.

He couldnt help but scold the two foreigners inwardly.

These two foreigners are really crafty.

They dared to speak about the price of 20,000 Yuan before for something they knew was worth a lot more. 

Fortunately, he didnt agree to sell it stupidly but was this sculpture really worth 5 Million Yuan Is it really that valuable

At this time, Su Jing opened his mouth to say: “This sculpture is placed here to decorate the Fong Lam Court and to receive the appreciation of the vast number of Chinese people and you people want to buy it for only Five Million Would you have been willing to do that if you were in my place This sculpture is so beautiful and you want to buy it for champs change You dont want a cultural exchange, you want to cheat on the artworks of our country.

Director Wang, dont call me next time if someone offers such a low price, its just a waste of time.”

After saying all that, Su Jing left without looking back.

Director Wang was stunned, the asking price of Five Million is still low, What the Fuck How high would it have to be for Su Jing to actually consider selling it

The crowd was amazed and they felt a sense of pride rising in their chests.

They felt that Su Jing was too domineering.

He called 5 Million just a little and a piece of ** not worth his time. 

The Chinese artwork is placed in the park for the Chinese people to appreciate, and it cannot be sold to anyone.

Alan and Anna were dumbfounded.

They didnt expect Su Jing to dismiss the price of 5 Million so easily.

Does he really know the value of this Sculpture If its really worth that much then why put it in the park 

Did he really put something this precious just to decorate this forest garden for the Chinese people to appreciate


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