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He Is Warmer Than Time Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: A Smile Only For Her

Gu Jinghang placed his hand on the door and spoke without any emotion in his voice, “Im fine. You may leave now.”

But Wen Huihui kept trying to force her way in. “I havent had my breakfast yet. Can I just take some breakfast first before I go”


“No, you cant.”

As soon as she heard Song Rans voice, Wen Huihuis face revealed a dire expression.

Song Ran got up, walked to Gu Jinghang, and wrapped her arms around him. With a broad smile, she looked at Wen Huihui who had obviously dolled herself up. “Jinghang only prepared breakfast for two.”

Wen Huihui stared at Song Ran with displeasure. She really stayed here for a night. Did they... sleep together Gu Jinghang was young and rash. Coupled with the wine and that kind of drug, he would not be able to hold himself back when faced by the prospect of being with the girl that he liked.

Song Ran, on the other hand, was a proud and rich girl. Could she really disregard the worldly constraints and sleep with Gu Jinghang

Uncertainly, she asked, “Ran, did you really stay over here last night”

Even without saying it, Song Ran knew what her concern was. She smiled and said, “I told you Jinghang was not feeling well, and I had to stay over to take care of him. Do you think my words speak louder than my actions”

Wen Huihui looked dreadful. Its over. The two of them must have done it.

Song Rans really shameless.


With an enigmatic tone, Wen Huihui asked, “Did your dad look for you since you didnt return home last night”

Song Ran felt her heart sink. The utter shock and tremendous joy from being reborn again had swept away all her senses. She had forgotten that she had to face the same people and types of situations in her past life.

She was the only one who had changed but not the others. For example, her father remained strict and unyielding with the rules.

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She went slightly pale, and her legs shook. She leaned herself onto Gu Jinghang and spoke with a trembling voice, “If my dad hits me, what should I do”

Wen Huihui furrowed her brows involuntarily. Song Ran was simply weird. In the past, she would never lean on Gu Jinghang like a little girl. Neither would she use that kind of tone to ask for help, acting like a spoiled child especially when she was a proud person.

Gu Jinghang was already crazy about her even when she did not act pitiful. Once she did, the impact was unimaginable.

True enough, the tough man displayed a gentle look when he spoke to her, “Ran, dont be afraid. You have me.”

Song Ran responded to him sweetly and tenderly, “Jinghang, I would be lost without you.”

Team Leader Gus mind was not working properly. Something must be wrong with this bewitching little fox. He could barely get a hold of himself when Song Ran was cold and aloof. But now that she was acting this way, he really could not take it anymore.

Team Leader Gu maintained a serious look on his face as he deliberately lowered his voice and stroked her hair. “Mm, everything will be fine.”

Wen Huihui was growing more and more perplexed. What is wrong with this Song Ran A warning alarm sounded off in her head. It would be challenging to deal with the current Song Ran. To fight for Gu Jinghang with her was as good as mission impossible now.

“Finish your breakfast first and come home with me then.” Song Ran pulled him to the dining table.

“Todays not a weekend. Jinghang has his training.” Wen Huihui was concerned with Gu Jinghangs future, and therefore, she did not want to see him taking leave for no exceptional reason, even for Song Ran. She hoped Gu Jinghang would place his full concentration on his career so that he could quickly get promoted.

Song Ran cast her a cold glance. “Huihui, you seem to be concerned with my Jinghang.”

Yes, hes my Jinghang. He is Song Rans Gu Jinghang!

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