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Chapter 14: You Look Beautiful

Before the admin block, Gu Jinghang dragged Song Ran under a little aspen tree. “Im going to apply for leave with my manager. Wait right here for me. Its shady over here.”

Song Ran nodded her head. “Okay, go on.”

Gu Jinghang turned and ran to the admin block.

“Ran, this isnt right.” Wen Huihuis voice came from behind.

Song Ran turned around and looked at her, pretending to be puzzled. “What do you mean”

Wen Huihui held her hands, acting like it was all for her own good. “As a girl, didnt you know you needed to act reserved That way, men will like and respect you. If you always take the initiative, Jinghang will look down on you.”

Song Ran lowered her eyes and curled her lips. Then she looked up with eyes full of innocence. “I like him. Why should I act reserved If I do, other girls who like him might steal him away from me. By that time, wouldnt it have been too late”

The facial muscles of Wen Huihui twitched as she looked uneasy, “Why are you worried about this Its for nothing.”

Song Rans face suddenly closed up. “How can you say that my worries are for nothing My Jinghang is dashing, kind, and his boss appreciates him. He has a bright future ahead of him. A lot of girls like him.”

Wen Huihui did not dare breathe under Song Rans watchful gaze.

Song Ran continued, “Huihui, dont you like Jinghang too”

Wen Huihuis expression turned ashen. She felt her heart stop. After a while, she stuttered and pretended to be angry as she answered the question, “Ran... what are you saying”

Song Ran looked deadpan as she fixed her gaze on her. Wen Huihuis heart slammed against her ribs as she began to feel uneasy and petrified.

Did Song Ran sense something Impossible. She was a well-protected child at home. Song Ran might be full of herself, but she was a simple person who was easy to fool.

Suddenly, Song Ran put on a broad smile and took her hands. “Im just joking with you. Why are you so nervous”

Wen Huihui was so scared that she broke out in a sweat. She forgot what expression she should have on her face as her face stiffened after Song Ran sent her that fright.

“You cheeky girl. Dont play such a joke next time. Understand Im treating you like my own younger sister. If you doubted me, Id be really upset.”

Wen Huihui was one year older than Song Ran. She was an understanding and gentle girl who seemed to be thinking for Song Ran all the time. Hence, Song Ran did not have her guard up around her. It wasnt until recently when Wen Huihui plotted to snatch away her Gu Jinghang, that she became wiser.

It turned out that humans could be such hypocrites, doing whatever it took just to get what they wanted.

Plenty of thoughts were racing through Song Rans mind, but she remained calm on the surface. She was no longer the girl who revealed her emotions outright to everyone.

The aspen leaves rustled with the breeze. Song Ran kept silent for a while before she put on a smile as though nothing had happened. “I know youre being nice to me. I do. Ill repay you in the future. I owe you big time.”

Her words stung Wen Huihui. Wen Huihui was unsure if she was imagining things. Since yesterday, Song Ran was a completely changed person. She could even sense unkindness and malice in Song Rans words.

Wen Huihui hoped that this was only part of her delusion.

Subsequently, silence flowed between them. Wen Huihui did not dare make small talk with Song Ran since she was feeling guilty while Song Ran simply could not be bothered.

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