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He Is Warmer Than Time Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: High Fever

Song Ran spun around and was about to leave when she felt a tug on her hand. “Ran, Im fine, really. Ill feel better after I get some sleep.”

Song Ran furrowed her brows at him. “Gu Jinghang, I want you to take good care of yourself, do you understand”

He passed away in his fifties, which was considered early. He must not have been taking good care of himself.

Gu Jinghang was stunned once again. Is Song Ran sick too He never expected such kind and gentle treatment coming from her like this.

While Gu Jinghang was still trying to put two and two together, Song Ran was already walking out of the door.


The bright brilliance from the moon cast a soft glow on everything outside. The vast quiet yard was filled with the sounds of Song Ran dragging her feet in Gu Jinghangs oversized slippers as she rushed to the other four-story dormitory next to his.

Inside the adjacent dormitory, it was pitch dark around her. She noticed that the corridor was installed with motion sensor lights. Song Ran stomped her feet to get a light to turn on. There were four units in one story, and Song Ran was thinking of where to start.

She crept quietly to one that was nearest to her and placed her ears on the door. Silence.


They were probably asleep, so it was best not to disturb them.

She went to the one opposite of it and did the same thing again. She was delighted when she heard a sound. Just when she was about to knock on the door, she realized that the noise sounded out of place.

When she realized what she was hearing, her cheeks flushed. The people in the room seemed to be enjoying theirmarried life.

She saved herself the embarrassment by quickly removing her hand from the door and walking further in without making a sound. She stopped at the third unit and perked up her ears to eavesdrop again.

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Song Ran was elated as soon as she heard blaring noises coming from the occupants TV set. Great, this family is watching television.

She quickly knocked on the door. In no time, a man in a white undershirt and oversized pants opened the door.

He looked at Song Ran curiously. “Miss, who are you”

Then a woman called out from behind him, “Isnt she that pretty girlfriend of Team Leader Gu What are you doing here at this hour”

Song Ran anxiously replied, “Team Leader Gu is sick. Hes running a high fever. Do you have any medicine in your house”

As soon as she heard that, the woman told Song Ran to wait outside as she returned to the room and brought out some tablets. “This is for fever. Take two each time and make sure he drinks lots of water.”

Song Ran took the pills and thanked them as she walked off.

The woman pulled her back and said, “I bet he doesnt have any warm water in his room, right”

Song Ran nodded in a dazed manner. “I... I think so.”

It was widely known that men did not like to drink hot water all year round. What was the possibility they would have any hot water laying around in the summer

The woman returned to her room again. In no time, she drew the curtain and carried a thermal flask with a peony flower on the cap. With that, she walked to Song Ran. “Get him to drink some hot water and sweat it out. Hes fit. Im sure he will be back in shape in no time.”

Song Ran took the flask and thanked her kindly before leaving.

The man grumbled softly, “Didnt that little girlfriend of Team Leader Gu often go about ignoring him We all said she was like a proud peacock, and we were egging him to upgrade to a more gentle girl.”

The woman gave him a soft punch. “Never persuade a couple to break up. Dont you dare say such things again, you hear”

“Okay, got it.”

Song Ran brought the tablets and hot water back to Gu Jinghangs room in a rush. Back in the room, she poured a glass of water and placed it on a square stool beside the bed. Then she reached out and shook Gu Jinghang, who was still asleep.

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