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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 1 Marvel World And Strange Quest

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Chapter 1 Marvel World And Strange Quest

On the opening day of the Empire State High School, the group of enthusiastic young students was once again welcomed to high school after vacation.

“Hey! Jackson, what are you looking at” At the gate of the campus, a tall boy in a sports shirt with white skin and brown hair patted on his friends shoulder and asked.

“Ah! Oh… nothing. Its my first time coming to a high school. Its a little surprising. Lets go in. The teenager, who was slapped on the shoulder by his friend, looked back and quickly walked towards the school.

“Hey! Wait for me!” Seeing that his friend has left quickly, the tall boy hurriedly followed.

Going down to the campus quickly, the young man who was in a daze has a fierce tumbling in his heart: System! What is the Quest again

“Whats wrong Whats wrong with this Quest Just after the teenager shouted that sentence in his heart, he immediately had a light voice in his mind to respond to him. Yes, the teenager is having a magical systematic conversation in his mind.

Jackson-Lin is the full name of this boy, which is obviously a Chinese-English mixed name. Because he is a mixed-race, he also has a simple Chinese name called Lin Rui. Lin Ruis mother is an American and his father is a Chinese and his parents have settled in the United States for decades. Because he is a mixed blood, Lin Ruis looks combine the advantages of China and the West. His facial features are not lacking in exquisiteness. The black-hair and black eyes retain the mystery of the Orientals. He is also a handsome guy.

In fact, Lin Rui is a person who has crossed over. In his previous life, he was a recent graduate intern living in Tianjin who crossed over to the United States during an unexpected electric shock. However, after Lin Rui thought he was just reborn on the other side of the ocean of his original world, he slowly found some differences. There is World War II hero Captain America in the world and there are his heroic deeds in the National Memorial. This world also has Stark Industries, as evidenced by the prominent building in downtown New York. As he got older, the more positive Lin Rui became. It turns out to be the Superhero Marvel World!

Although it wasnt a big deal for him to be crossed over but crossing over to the Marvel World still shocked Lin Rui. In particular, he also found that he has a weird system, which made Lin Rui very helpless.

Even if he crossed over to Marvel World, Lin Rui had no intention of doing anything earth-shaking. It would be good to have a safe life since he was also the only son of his parents. And now his family is more complete than his previous life. But he has a mysterious system in his body and it always releases some Quests from time to time. Like puncturing the tires of Uncle Morgans next door, helping Grandpa Merrys family sort out the messy gardens and asking him to go swimming in the winter at T-minus ten temperature. Even more outrageous was that the system actually made Lin Rui give all the pocket money he saved for a year to a roadside tramp! That was the money he saved to buy an x-box!

Of course, since the system has released Quest, there is a Reward when it is completed and Penalty when it fails. For trivial things like puncturing the tires and tidying the gardens, the system counts Reward from one to five points and the unfinished Penalty is slight, like calling Tom and saying that he likes him.

Reward points can be converted into anything in System Shop, provided your Reward points are sufficient, and Lin Rui sees countless things in System Shop that hes dreaming of. So, despite reluctance, Lin Rui has completed many Quest releases from childhood to adulthood. However, the Quest that popped up in his mind today is quite incomprehensible to Lin Rui.

“Whats wrong! Destroy the relationship between Peter Parker and Harry Osborn. After completing the quest, the Reward is 50,000 points and should the quest failed you will be faced with no penalty. This is the Quest you just posted, what does this mean” Walking forward, Lin Rui asked eagerly in his heart. This is still Lin Rui, who has seen so many Quests in the system since he was a child and whether he has failed or succeeded there was always rewards and penalties. There is no Penalty and this time, when has the system became so good.

“Whats wrong High return and risk-free quest. Why questions about such a good Quest” It seems that Lin Ruis response to this Quest is not understood by the system.

“Thats right, but why do I feel that there is something wrong with this. And the difference between this Quest and the ones you released before is a little too big. I know Peter Parker will be Spiderman in the future. Harry Osborn will become Green Goblin in the future without any accident. Its not right for you to let me destroy their relationship. From childhood to adulthood, Lin Rui was trained by Quest, which had been released by the system for a long time. After a little thought, Lin Rui felt that the system seemed to have some purpose.

“So You are not going to accept this Quest” Without answering Lin Rui, the system asked indifferently.

When he heard the system say so, Lin Rui did not answer immediately. Although he feels that the system has a purpose to release such a Quest, but the 50,000-point Reward is really tempting! Since Lin Rui was three years old and capable of completing Quest, he has only earned 532 Reward points to this day. Today, this Quest is almost worth a hundred times that of his previous Quest!

“Can I think about it” With respect to Superheros of Marvel World, Lin Rui really needs to be careful. And this time the Quest is not simple and he does not know where to start to break the relationship between Peter Parker and Harry Osborn.

“Yes, are five seconds enough Five, four ~…” Hearing Lin Ruis request, the system generously agreed and then began to count down in his mind.

Five seconds of consideration!” Lin Rui was a little relaxed when he heard the system give him time to think, but almost jumped up when he heard the last half sentence.

“Three…two…” Ignoring Lin Ruis complaints, the system counted down without delay.

“… one~”

“Okay! I accept!” Just as the last word of the system was half spoken, Lin Rui screamed in his head. Finally, he could not give up the temptation of the 50,000 Reward points. With those 50,000 points, he can exchange what he has always wanted in System Shop.

“Ok! Quest has been released! Remember, Quest time limit is half a year, you have to hurry up!” After Lin Rui agreed, the system immediately answered, with a tone that seemed somewhat happy.

“There is time limit! Half a year Its a little too fast!” Lin Rui frowned tightly when he heard that the Quest only gave him half a year. Neither Peter Parker nor Harry Osborn knows him now. Its not easy to finish a Quest that destroys their relationship in half a year.

“Well, dont complain now. And youll be sixteen in two days, Ill give you a surprise then.” Without caring about Lin Ruis mood, the system went on.

“Oh, a birthday present How many years have you given me a surprise birthday present I just hope that this years gift is something useful!” Apparently shocked by what the system said, Lin Rui responded angrily.

“Rest assured, At 16 you will become an adult, I will prepare you a decent adult gift.” The system tone seems to be serious.

“Come on, whatever you do, dont deceive me.” Lin Rui now has this requirement for the system. Then the voice of the system in the mind goes silent. Lin Rui has also raised his head as he has already reached the door of his class.


“Jackson! Why are you running so fast After Lin Rui stopped, the tall boy who had been following him finally caught up.

“Oh, Tom. Sorry, I forgot about you!” After communicating with the system in my mind, Lin Rui really forgot his friend.

“Its okay! Is this our class Looks like everyones almost here, huh Thats!…” Instead of blaming Lin Rui for forgetting him, Tom has begun to observe their class. However, when his eyes swept to the corner of the classroom, he suddenly exclaimed.

“Well Whats wrong Is there beauty” Seeing the sudden exclamation of his friend, Lin Rui looked over curiously.

In the bright classroom, young and beautiful girls who just entered high school all gathered in twos and threes to talk. However, two of these people additionally attracted the attention of other students in the class. It was two handsome boys, not a beauty.

“That is……”

“Peter Parker and Harry Osborn, I didnt expect us to be in a class with them,” Tom said in a faint voice and only Lin Rui heard him. He doesnt know if the system can arrange these things or if its such a coincidence, but Lin Rui wont get bogged down.

Peter Parker is very smart, but he wont attract much attention. The classs attention is obviously due to Harry Osborn, the Young Master of Osborne Group. As a big company that is comparable to the Stark Group, Osbornes name is very big, so it is understandable that Harry Osborn is being watched like this.

“Dont be a fool, Tom. Find a place to sit first.” Clapping Tom on the shoulder, Lin Rui has moved towards the window seat in the classroom.

“Uh-huh, Im just a little surprised.” Hearing Lin Ruis joke tone, Tom smiled embarrassingly and followed Lin Rui to the window.

Sitting down in the seat, Lin Rui didnt go to see the two “great characters” of Marvel World. Anyway, they are in a class now and he will have some time to understand them. While waiting for the teacher, Lin Rui began to think about how to complete the Quest. Searching for the story of Spiderman in his memory, Lin Ruis eyebrows began to wrinkle together. Although Lin Rui cant remember why Spiderman and Little Green Goblin had such a bad relationship, it doesnt affect the fact that they are now like brothers. Even though there was a rift between the two because of Harrys father, they finally made up. Lin Ruis attempt to undermine their relationship is not going to be easy.

Lin Rui rubbed his eyebrows and turned his eyes to his side. He thought that the people around him could help him. But when he saw Tom staring excitedly at the beautiful young girls in his class, Lin Rui knew he was thinking too much.

“Ah! I am not gonna get these 50,000 points!”


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