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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 27 Broken And Injured

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Chapter 27 Broken And Injured

Lin Rui, who suddenly stood up and threw the Flowing Flame Blade out did not look at the results but quickly turned back to face the front. But he was obviously late.


The sound of a sharp blade piercing the skin and the muscles came from Lin Rui, Worms right hand has pierced Lin Ruis stomach. Needless to say, the bone spur must have penetrated Lin Ruis body. Worm, who had been watching Lin Ruis condition, gave up Lin Ruis fight against the humanoid tank and rushed back as soon as he turned around and threw the blade.

“Uh-huh!” Lin Rui, who was attacked by Worm, muttered. It was the first time he had been so badly injured.

“Die!” Worms right hand is in Lin Ruis abdomen. Worm controls the bone spur of his right hand and sprays it out, directly piercing a big hole in Lin Ruis abdomen


However, at that moment, the already reacting Lin Rui grabbed Worms arm with a cold and cruel look under the mask.

“No! Its you who is going to die!” With a low cry, Lin Rui grabbed Worms right hand.


With a snap, Worms right arm was broken by Lin Rui. Although there was little internal energy left in his body, Lin Ruis strength was higher than that of Worm.


After breaking Worms arm and preventing him from shooting bones deep into his body, Lin Rui slapped him on the chest.

“Ah! Ah! Worm screamed as his right arm was broken and bone spurs had begun to appear all over his body.

“Go to hell!” Instead of letting Worm do it again, Lin Rui loosened his arm and put his foot in his chest.


Worm, who was just about to burst out with numerous bone spurs was kicked by Lin Rui and Lin Rui also stepped back quickly.

“Ah ah ah! I am going to kill you!” Worm was enraged as his right arm was broken and his chest was kicked, He shot more than a dozen bones spurs in midair.

“Hem! Blast! ” However, the retreating Lin Rui said in a cold and low voice.


“What!” Worm, who had just landed on the ground, suddenly heard a strange noise coming from his chest. He looked down and saw something on his chest. He didnt know when but a metal disc the size of a beer bottle cap was added on his chest. At that time, it was shining red.




In the next moment, Worm, who had already figured out what the thing on his chest was, shouted. At the same time, a violent explosion occurred in his chest. His figure was directly covered by the fire of the explosion and some broken limbs could be seen flying out.

“Who is the dead one now!” Lin Rui, who avoided the aftermath of the explosion, muttered and then rushed quickly to the position where the humanoid tank fell behind him.

On the way to the humanoid tanks fallen position, Lin Rui waved and threw a few smoke bombs around him. Although he defeated the two Mutants, there are still a lot of heavily armed Jeston Gang members in this factory. Now he no more energy to deal with them.

Bang bang bang!

Lin Ruis figure was again shrouded in smoke and disappeared from the shocked eyes of Jeston Gang not far away.

“What shall we do Stane” Watching the black man defeat the mutants, Jeston Gang members, who were far away from him, asked Stane in horror.

“What to do! Shoot! Shoot!” Stane, who was also frightened by Lin Ruis strength, roared, if they do not stop Lin Rui now, they would be killed one by one if they did not fight back.

Bang bang bang!

Da da da! Da da da!

Stane shouted and fired and every member of the Jeston Gang around him shot in the smoke. Instantly, countless bullets were fired into the smoke ahead, almost dispersing the diffuse smoke.

Da da da!

Despite the frightened movements of Jeston Gang members around him, Lin Rui in the smoke has taken his own Flowing Flame Blade and has come to the front of the container that held Matt. Without any hesitation, Lin Rui swung up and hit the container with his blade.


The blade flashed and the hard container was cut open by Lin Rui. In the next moment, he had flashed in. Ten seconds later, Lin Rui jumped out of the container carrying a comatose man.

Lin Rui, carrying Matt, patted his waist and a rope with a metal hook rushed out of his belt instantly, shooting directly over the factory building.! The metal hook was smoothly stuck in the slot in front of Lin Rui and in the next moment, Lin Rui quickly caught Matt from the ground and was pulled up.

“Up! Quickly! Shoot! Shoot!”

Bang! Bang bang bang!

Da da da! Da da da!

Exposed to Jeston Gangs vision, Lin Rui and Matt instantly attracted countless bullets. Faced with the brainless shooting below, Lin Rui took two protective charms directly on himself and Matt, enough to persist until they left.

Puff! Puff puff!

The bullets hit Lin Rui and Matt, shaking their fast-rising bodies, but they couldnt really hurt them. As he rose to the top of the building, Lin Rui suddenly shook his hand and threw out several small metal balls, some of which hit the ground and some of them flew to the walls around him.


After this last step, Lin Rui and Matt finally landed on the roof of the factory building. Without any hesitation, Lin Rui carried Matt and left farther away.

Da da da!

Da da da!

Lin Rui and Matts figure have disappeared from the top of the building, but the Jeston Gang members below are still unconsciously shooting at them, as if they were going to shoot the roof down.

There was no shadow of the man in black and Stane suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart. During the chaotic shooting just now, he seemed to see the fellow throwing something outside. He thought it was the same smoke bomb as before, but no smoke exploded.

“Not good! Run!!” Looking at the little things that had flown down from above, Stane finally saw the metal balls that had landed everywhere in the factory building. He remembered the sudden explosion of Mutant just now. Stane turned pale in an instant and then rushed towards the exit. He did not forget to warn others.

However, he apparently discovered it too late. Before he had rushed out two steps, there was a violent explosion all around the factory.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


The power of the explosion spread out in the sealed factory, the ground exploded and the walls cracked. The location chosen by Lin Rui just blew up the main structure of the factory building and in a shake, the whole factory began to collapse.



“Ah! Save me! “

“No! Ah! ~ “

In less than a minute, the 500-square-meter factory collapsed in loud noise and all of Jeston Gangs members were buried underneath.

“Huu! The power of this miniature bomb is really strong. It is no wonder that each of them cost 50 Reward points!” Lin Rui, who had already carried Matt to hide a hundred meters away, witnessed his masterpiece and muttered to himself.

“Ohh! It hurts!” It was only when he finally decided that everything is resolved that Lin Rui tried to relax, but he couldnt help crying out because of the severe pain that came from him.

In the battle just now, the systems advice to Lin Rui was to lure the enemy deep. Let Worm attack with his deliberate flaws. When he thought he could kill him with one stroke, Lin Rui instantly retaliated. Although he finally succeeded in killing Worm, the bone spurs that have pierced into his body remained in his body, causing him constant harm.

“Ah!~” Endured the pain, Lin Rui closed his eyes and reached towards the wound and then there was a more miserable cry in the night.



With Lin Rui pulling out the bone spurs from his body, the blood that has been blocked in the wound is running out.! He quickly pulled out a special treatment spray that was exchanged from the System Shop and sprayed it on the wound.

Silk coolness came from Lin Ruis stomach and blood from the wound slowly stopped gushing out. After stopping the bleeding, Lin Rui managed to treat his wound simply.

This time it was really dangerous!” Lying on the side of the road, Lin Rui sighed and muttered.

In this operation, Lin Rui consumed four protective charms. Thats 400 Reward points. And then there were the mini bombs that Lin Rui converted, seven of which were already 350 Reward points. As for the smoke bombs thrown out without any consideration in battle and the final automatic suspension rope also cost a lot of Reward points. With Lin Ruis Flowing Flame Blade and allied arm guards, the cost of Reward points has already exceeded 1,000 points. To save Matt, Lin Rui bled heavily this time.

Glancing at Matt, who was still in a coma, Lin Rui did not feel much pain. Lin Rui thinks its worth spending more than a thousand Reward points to save his allies.

After dealing with himself, Lin Rui also gave Matt a simple physical examination. He found that Matt had many wounds all over his body, though not fatal, but shocking enough. It seemed that Matt had a very bad time these two days.


Spraying some special treatment spray on Matt, Lin Rui didnt plan to rest here again. There was such a big explosion at the front of the dock, which would surely attract the police. He would take Matt and leave as soon as possible. Simply clearing up the bloodstains on the ground and the bones, Lin Rui took out his cell phone and dialed a number.

“I am Mirage Knight, Matt is here with me but he is injured, where are you now”

“Okay, Ill be right there!”

Lin Rui hung up after speaking some simple words on the phone. Then Lin Rui pulled out the suspension rope that was fixed at his waist and wrapped it around Matt several times, which would make them both more comfortable when he left behind.

In the next moment, Lin Rui once again carried Matt in the darkness and soon disappeared into the darkness.

Shortly after Lin Rui left, harsh sirens and fire trucks came from the pier. New York police dispatched more than a dozen police cars and firefighters and ambulances rushed in after they found the wharf exploded. However, Lin Rui felt that their arrival did not help much. Under such an explosion, the Jeston Gang members inside would not survive.


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