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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 6 Preparing For Quest

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Chapter 6 Preparing For Quest

After a short weekend, Lin Rui dragged his tired body and Tom to the school. Tom has asked him a dozen times along the way, why does he look so tired. And Lin Rui always fools around with no sleep excuse, he cant say that he is practicing Intermediate Fighting Technique and Beginner Insight Technique overnight!

“Hey! Jackson!” Just as he arrived at the school gate, he saw Peter standing in front of them. And next to him is a girl that everyone is already familiar with: Gwen Stacy.

“It seems that Peter and Gwen are still going to come together, but I dont know if the story will develop according to my memory. Maybe I can change the outcome of Gwen. Looking at the handsome couple in front, Lin Rui thought in silence.

“Hi! How do you get together Depressed by his thoughts, Lin Rui and Tom went towards them with a greeting.

“Well, I happened to meet Gwen on the way and we came together. “Peter said shyly, glancing at Gwen beside him. Before he became Spiderman, Peter was just a bookworm with good grades. He was a bit talkative, but he had no experience with girls.

“Jackson, why do you look so tired” Gwen, standing next to Peter, saw that Lin Ruis face was not right and asked curiously.

“That… I was so excited these two nights, I didnt sleep well.” Lin Rui replied awkwardly.


“Yes. Come on, lets go to the classroom together. Avoiding Gwens inquiring eyes, Lin Rui took Tom and headed for the classroom.

“Then Im going too.” Later, Peter and Gwen replied and followed them.

Soon, a quiet day of school classes ended and Lin Rui almost slept in his classroom. It would have been a bit embarrassing if he hadnt known all the knowledge in class beforehand.

“Peter, Harry, I have to go home first, I have something to do!” Just after class, Peter and Harry hadnt even packed their things yet and Lin Rui had already rushed out of the classroom with his bag and his words slowly drifted from outside.

“What the hell” Peter and Harry looked at each other and finally turned towards Tom with an enquiring look.

Tom who was being stared at by Peter and Harry, could only helplessly spread his hand and said. “I dont know, but he said that he didnt get any rest last weekend.” Since they had entered high school, Tom has felt that he cant understand Jacksons behavior anymore.

While the three were discussing what had happened to Lin Rui, he was already speeding on his bicycle.

“System, cant we postpone this quest for a few days I had only practiced the Intermediate Fighting Technique for one day. I wont be able to finish this new quest by tonight. Dont you think its too much!” As he pedals his bicycle, Lin Rui bargains with the system in his mind.

“Its not that difficult! You only have to defeat five villains, I believe that you can do very well.” In Lin Ruis mind, the lazy voice of the system spoke.

“Only five! Its easy to talk about it. I dont know if I can defeat five villains now. Even if I can defeat them, its hard to say that I can meet five in one night!” Listening to the systems indifferent tone, Lin Rui complained.

“Rest assured, you have nothing to worry about even if you have never done this kind of things before. Youve been to Brooklyn Fifth Avenue many times over the years to earn Reward Point. There are also a lot of little gangsters that you have defeated. What are you worrying about now The system suddenly dismantled Lin Ruis intention to drag the time.

“You tempted me with Reward Points before I went there! There were 20 to 30 Reward points to straighten a bully, so I had to fight even if I was beaten or injured!!

“Besides, you didnt give me any time limit for those Quests. I went when I was ready. But now you want me to defeat five villans in one night, which is not just a little hard! Are you planning to see me killed tonight Lin Rui was not angry when his request was turned down by the system. He wanted to persuade the system to let go with reason and emotion.

“The previous Quests were randomly given to you depending upon my mood, but this time Quest is the main line Quest for your Superhero road. In fact, it is not from me and thus I cant control anything in this quest!” The system said faintly.

“Ah! Forget it, Id better hurry home and make some preparations so as to not get killed tonight.” Knowing that he cant get what he wanted, Lin Rui has to prepare as much as possible.

Ten minutes later, Lin Rui rushed into his yard with his bicycle. The bicycle has not stopped yet and Lin Rui has disappeared at the gate. Today is a working day, so Lin Ruis parents are at their jobs, This is perfect as it gave him some time to do something that he doesnt want them to know.


The bag was thrown toward the floor of his room and Lin Rui then threw himself into his bed. Hes not going to rest, hes going to go into the system shop and have a good look at what he needs. Although he only has more than 500 Reward points, he does not need much powerful equipment to deal with ordinary villains.

“System, what do you recommend You know that I only have some Reward Points and there are so many things in your shop that I dont know what will be useful and what should I pick!” Since the Mainline Quest, The system cant help him, so the system should be able to at least help him with this.

“Well, tell me what you want and I will help you select the most suitable item for you.” This time the system didnt decline him and readily agreed to help him.

“Well, in this case, I need a hero suit that can hide my identity. It must be good-looking!” Lin Rui made his first request.

When it comes to a Superhero, the first thing people might think of is not how powerful they are, but their signature special hero costumes, such as the guy who likes to wear his underwear outside of his pants. Of course, Lin Rui is no exception. Since he has chosen the Superhero Road, a unique and beautiful hero suit is essential.


Brush ~

Just after Lin Rui suggested that he needed a hero suit, the complicated System Shop in his mind began to change in an instant. All commercialized dots disappeared and then the dots gathered again, displaying five special suits of different shapes.

“Here are five growth hero suits I picked out according to your preferences. Which one do you like” Instantly, five hero suits were brought out and the sound of the system echoed in Lin Ruis mind.

“Are these five pieces I like there shape and color, you can pick one for me. Looking at the five hero suits in my mind, Lin Rui was satisfied with them, so he asked the system to help him choose one.


Lin Ruis voice had just faded and four of the five heroic suits had disappeared, leaving behind only a dark grey, hood-like, loose-fitting overcoat. Needless to say, the system has helped Lin Rui choose.

“Growing Phantom Suit has a certain effect of hiding the body shape and the hood has a mask effect. Moreover, it will adjust the temperature appropriately according to the external environment.” Since the system has picked a suit, Lin Rui directly look at the specific effect of this hero suit.

“Well, this looks very good! Hidden, It will hide my identity and it can adjust the temperature, I like it very much. System, how many Reward points does this suit require” Lin Rui asked the system.

“250 Reward points.” However, the system reported a price that almost caused Lin Rui to fall from his bed.

“250 Why dont you just rob me! With this hero suit, you are ready to take half of my Reward points. Can you still talk to me after that! Lin Rui, scared by the price, shouted at the system.

“For the growth hero suit, the price is fair enough. I will give you a 20% discount and sell it to you for 200 Reward Points. “Without explaining anything to Lin Rui, the system just gave him a 20% discount.

“20% off! 200!”

“Well! 200, can you lower the price a little more!”

“Fine then! 200 it is!” Finally, Lin Rui gritted his teeth and bought the phantom hero suit, he could not afford to go out tonight without any type of equipment.

Since Lin Rui has chosen the Superhero Path, this growth hero suit is a must-have item for him. In fact, according to the functions of the Phantom Suit, the 200 Reward Points are really not that expensive.

“Well, I think I need something more to protect myself.”


Once again, Lin Rui has several kinds of things in his mind that are suitable for his use and the efficiency of the system is indeed super high. So after nearly an hour of brainstorming with the system, Lin Rui finally got what he needed. For this reason, he also spent 400 Reward points but he was not distressed because of it.


“OK! At last, its all done!” Jumping out of bed, Lin Rui looked at the black wristband on his right wrist and shouted excitedly.

With Lin Rui thought, the black wristband disappeared instantly. In the next moment, Lin Ruis body is covered by a gray coat. Although he doesnt know how other Superhero change into their costume, Lin Rui thinks that nobody should be as quick as him.

With the Phantom Suit on his body, Lin Rui body began to integrate itself into darkness. If someone doesnt see the place that he is standing at carefully, they will not realize that there is a person standing there. However, at this time Lin Rui did not put his hood, so his face could still be seen. He went to the mirror in his room and put on the hood.

Shiii ~

It was like putting a filter on Lin Ruis face. After wearing the hood, his face was covered by a faint mist, but it did not affect his ability to see what was outside.

“I cant see it, but is it scary There is a mist under the hood, Will I be known as a faceless man in the future” Although it is true that no one can see his face, Lin Rui is obviously not satisfied with the effect.


The next second Lin Rui gave his opinion, the mist that covered his face began to change, gradually changing from illusion to substance. Three seconds later, the mist turned into a black mask that blocked the lower half of Lin Ruis face. The black mask starts from Lin Ruis chin to the end of his nose, hiding his face and making it less frightening.

“Eh Thats very good. It seems that the functions of this suit are still very powerful. I can hardly feel the mask on my face, Lin Rui said satisfactorily.

Solving the problem of the mask, Lin Rui began to check the other equipment he had bought.

“Jackson! Are you in your room” While Lin Rui was checking the equipment, his mothers voice suddenly came from downstairs. It seemed that Lin Ruis mother had come back from work.

“Yes! I am coming down!” Phantom Suit was taken back in a hurry and Lin Rui promised in a loud voice.

Then, Lin Rui, who had tidied up his room, went downstairs. He would like to say something to his parents. He has to go out tonight. Of course, he is not going to say anything about it.


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