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"Hmm hmm" Elowen coughed clearing her throat nervously as she thought hard on how to face the so called handsome stranger who had saved her and now standing in front of her.

"Thanks" she muttered sheepishly as Cian just nodded as if calculating something in his head. Elowen sat down on the bed for what seemed like ages as Cian on the other hand stood without saying a word.

Is he dumb Elowen thought as she felt his gaze on her, hes been like this for minutes now geez. Elowen wondered as she sat nervously on the bed.

The both of them just stayed silent as it seems none of them was willingly to break the silence that has engulfed the room.

"You are?" Elowen finally asked breaking the awkward silence as she pointed at Cian inquiring about his name.

"I don think thats what you need to be thinking of now ughh" Cian replied as he moved closer to her. "Lie down and stay still" he commanded as Elowen gawped at him raising a brow. "Say what now?" " Just obey before complain,lie down and stay still, don move" he ordered again as Elowen sighed hard as she tried getting back on the bed.

"Ouch" she winced in pains as she tried getting back on the bed,her body really hurt badly. She turned to look at Cian who didn even utter a sorry as he just watched her struggling to get up from the bed.

is he that cold not even a sorry Elowen thought as she stared hardly shooting daggers at him but he ignored her as he held an expressionless face as she struggled still to get on the bed.

Cian walked close to her immediately she laid down on the bed "what are you doing?" Elowen asked alarmed "healing you" came the short reply from Cian.

"Heal…wait healing me!!!!" Elowen exclaimed in horror as she opened her eyes wide in surprise. "Who really are you, i saw you burning those men alive, you literally burnt them to death, now you

e tryna heal me, wait are you like me?, But I can heal though, back in the palace there was no one like me, everyone was totally different, its so good to find someone like me" Elowen blabbed as Cian stared at her in amusement.

She still had the strength to talk even in her bad state. "Just shut up, I guess you really have some energy, youve been talking none stop for the past three minutes in your condition, youve really got the guts" Cian scoffed but Elowen just continued talking regardless.

"Look Mr whatever, I Know you saved me but youve gat no **ing right to shut me up, back them in the castle, I always beat up the guards then, so I don think youll be an exception"

Elowen continued fearlessly as Cian watched her in bewilderment she really gat some guts Cian thought as he grinned.

" Just shut the hell up, you **ing talk too much" Cian said coldly as Elowen wondered how he could be so rude.

Cian held her legs as Elowen froze at his touch as she moved a little.

" I said hold still " Cian hissed in anger as Elowen tried keeping her composure.she noticed Cian was mumbling something as the pains in her legs slowly dilapidated.

Was he seriously healing her then he moved his hands to her waist as she shook again nervously. " I said hold still" Cian blurted out in annoyance, she was really gonna be a pain in the neck.

Then he moved his hands to her forehead repeating the same procedure he had done earlier on other parts of her body.

" Wait are you a healer or something, I also have powers, but I don have this healing ability,are they others like us also? or is it just the two of us in the world and why are you **ing helping me?, Do you have a crush on me?" Elowen suddenly blurted out as Cian choked at her words, what sort of a human being is this Cian thought as he just ignored a her questions as he gave her a Stern look warning her to just shut the Fuck up.

"All done" Cian announced as he stepped away from Elowen. After some minutes Elowen was feeling a little better as she still wondered why he was helping her, then suddenly she was beginning to feel dizzy as she looked at Cian startled. "What have you done?" She asked in horror as she was slowly losing conciousness.

" I healed you no worries this part of the healing process, lets say youll be out for five hours, sleep tight" Cian grinned waving at her playfully. " Five hours, youve got to be kidding me!!!!" Elowen exclaimed In horror as her eyes started closing slowly before she fell into a deep sleep " interesting" Cian smirked after standing for a little more minutes before walking out of the room as he locked the door behind him.

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