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These three people just walked away, which caused a circle of earthquakes, leaving Star Entertainment in a terrible plight.

Public opinion is very unfavourable towards Star Entertainment.

The lawyers in Shengshi also pointed out the flaws in the three’s contract and Star Entertainment’s breach of contract, so they don’t even plan to pay the sky high liquidated damages.

Of course, Star Entertainment is unwilling to give up without a fight.

Some shareholders who are against Fu Han propose to remove Fu Han and throw Fu Han and Wen Jiaojiao out to take responsibility and state that Star Entertainment is innocent.

But whether they want to fight back or push responsibility, it seems too late.

Suddenly, more than ten artists under StarEntertainment stood up and spoke out, exposing many hidden rules inside StarEntertainment on Weibo.

In the end, someone directly reported the illegal acts of the top executives of Star Entertainment.

Now, ordinary passers-by were stunned, and fans of star entertainment artists were also blasted.

The current Star Entertainment seems to them to be a pit of fire.

Maybe their favourite artists have suffered unimaginable oppression in places they do not know.

Even if other artists come out to speak up for Star Entertainment, it’s useless.

Under the guidance of people with intentions, a group of fans ran to their idol’s Weibo to leave messages.

[Gege, were you kidnapped It was definitely not you, right]

[Ah, ah, ah, son, don’t be afraid, jump out of the fire pit of Star Entertainment bravely, mother will raise money for the liquidated damage]

[Jiejie, run quickly! Spicy Chicken Star Entertainment can’t be stayed in.]

The bombardment of online public opinion continued until the emergence of a long Weibo from a big V known for their authenticity and accuracy, rushed straight to the top.

The title of this Weibo is # 8181 A certain little flower in the entertainment circle and the four men behind her#.

Yes, this long Weibo not only revealed the existence of Zhou Yao and Fu Han by name, but also revealed the existence of two other people who had been unknown.

Specifically the two brother’s Yu Chen and Yu Yu.

This big v directly picked up all the resources that Wen JiaoJiao has obtained since her debut, and her footprints along the way.

Immediately, there were innumerable traces that inextricably linked these four people.

Wen JiaoJiao does have acting skills, but with her background, she should have risen up step by step under normal circumstances.

Without these four people secretly giving her all kinds of good resources, she definitely needs twice or even more time to climb to her current position.

After reading this long Weibo, the melon eating netizens were shocked.

There is reason and evidence, with pictures depicting the truth.

Even if they are brain damaged fans, there is no way to refute in front of evidence.

What’s more, Yu Chen and Yu Yu’s fans were unprepared and stunned stupid.

[Wuwuwu My house collapsed, tell me it’s not true]

[I can’t believe it.

They must have been cheated by Wen Jiaojiao.

They must have been.]

[Ah, they are obviously the deceiver.

What good things they have done using their high position and ignoring the rule of law]

Of the two brothers, one is a movie king and the other is the king of heaven2.

They both have a high attractiveness index and are rare twins.

One is gentle, while the other is cold.

They have always kept themselves clean and even publicly said that they would be single all their lives and concentrate on their career.

Because of the fan absorption effect of 1 1>23, they have always had a huge fan group, but at this moment it is simply a large-scale live performance of fan4 removal.

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[It’s also 65.

A top traffic, a company president, a movie king, and a king of heaven, all went through fire and water for her, rushed forward, silently put in effort and did not ask Wen JiaoJiao for anything back.

Wen JiaoJiao created the script of the heroine of Mary Su, and suddenly I admire her a little.]

[Admire 1.

Her fishing skill is at the level of a grand master.

I had no feelings for her before.

Those little moons boast that she is talented and hardworking.

I dare say I can as well.

But at this fishing level, I really can’t do it orz.]

[By the way, this strong sense of deja vu, does it not remind you of anything Fu Han framed Director Yan inexplicably before, even at the expense of his own film losing 100 million yuan.

I remember thinking he was mentally handicapped.

Zhou Yao is the same, a good top class celebrity will deliberately instruct the mental hospital to abuse director Yan.

Now, look these two people attack, each time is either towards Wen JiaoJiao’s scandal partner or Wen JiaoJiao’s opponent.

The truth is clear.]

[Who in the circle didn’t know that Wen JiaoJiao was interested in Director Yan.

Then someone happened to secretly leak the news that Wen JiaoJiao went to audition for the second female lead in director Yan’s new film.

Director Yan rejected her, so she joined Star Entertainment’s new movie as the female lead.]

[So attractive that Fu Han really can’t feel the green on his head Or is this just the self-cultivation of licking dogs]

[I don’t know why, I suddenly thought of Director Yan’s “Monologue”.

The metaphor and irony are very strong, I seem to finally understand what the movie means]

[Entangled by fanatical pursuers, and also targeted by the other party’s licking dog, he was almost trapped in a mental hospital.

Alas, the director is so distressing.

He really met a disaster.

I think some talents should be put into a mental hospital, since they act like mad dogs.]

As more and more inside information is revealed, netizens finally understand all the causes and consequences, and there are more and more comments mocking certain people.

However, in the case of Yu Chen and Yu Yu, the public opinion is not one-sided.

Because the first time they were mentioned, the two posted on Weibo successively, turned on Wen Jiaojiao, and packaged themselves as victims deceived by scumbags.

There are still a lot of people who eat this set and believe their words, except for the fans-turned-anti fans who have been stepping on them frantically, gradually some passers-by actually feel sorry for them.

At this time, a group of people suddenly came out and gave them a fatal blow.

That is their former classmate.

These people fall into two categories.

One group, like Wen JiaoJiao, were once selected by the four people.

They were the target of games and pranks to the point of ruining their future, and still have a psychological shadow.

They mustered up their courage to stand up.

The other group are girls who were obsessed with Fu Han and them and bullied Wen JiaoJiao on campus.

Later, they all became the tools for the four to show their sincerity to Wen JiaoJiao, in the end suffering extremely brutal revenge.

Before they knew nothing about it, and thought that everything was their bad luck.

[As a kind-hearted person who does not ask for anything in return, Yuan Buwei told System 999 to send the truth to them.

These people endured it before because of Star Entertainment, but now they finally found the right time to say it.

This was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

It completely drove Fu Han and others to the bottom of the valley, and it was difficult to turn over again.

Netizens seem to have watched an annual major drama, but in the end they didn’t even bother to scold people.

They always feel that they don’t deserve such attention.

[233336  I don’t envy Wen JiaoJiao at all.

Top traffic, movie king, president and heavenly king seem to be the four most beautiful men acting like the stars circling the moon.

Who would have thought that they are all scumbags under their human-like appearance One after another are legal coffee’s7.

Wen JiaoJiao’s vision is poisonous]

[No, you can’t say that.

There was one time she had a good eye, it was when she fell in love with Director Yan.]

[Hold it, please stay away from director Yan.

With these four mad dogs, whoever they encounter will be unlucky, I feel sorry for my Director Yan.


[The real person to be distressed about is director Yan.

It turns out that the reason why he was bitten by mad dogs is that his appearance is beautiful and he is too charming.]

Netizens’ comments are moving in a strange direction.

The original Weibo suddenly filled up with a lot of heartache, and even the stubborn black fans who refused to admit their mistakes stood up and apologised to him.

And the culprit who deceived them and guided them was met with even crazier revenge from this group of black fans.

At this time, Yuan Buwei updated his story.

Yan Xun V: New movie promo.

[Slowly type a question mark]

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[I can’t laugh or cry.

Director Yan never forgets to promote his new movie, and the strange style of painting has increased.]

[God’s new movie promotion while the whole network is denouncing Star Entertainment, why is your first reaction still promoting the new movie There is a traitor among us.jpg]

[There is only one truth.

Everything is a routine to poach from Star Entertainment, expose its true face, and exposing the four legal coffee’s was the original purpose of “Monologue”.

Everything is for this moment of publicity for the new film.


[Alas, “Monologue” is crying till fainting in the toilet, I didn’t expect you to be such a scumbag: ]

The comments of netizens gradually became superficial.

[So this is it.

Worthy of being Director Yan, his publicity method is unusual.

Don’t worry, we will definitely go to see the new movie.

I’ll empty my wallet and give it all to you.]

TN: Cry this took so much research, I’m pretty sure I’ve missed some slang here and there … 

1 818= Refers to the entire process of narrating the event, picking up details like a magnifying glass, and sorting out the context of the event.

Usually for gossip purposes. 

2 This can mean a lot of things because in Chinese they use 天王 for basically the top of any field.

But in reference to this novel I’m guessing it’s the Heavenly King of youtube or the Chinese equivalent, who have loads of fans.  

3 Sorry couldn’t find the definition for this, but I’m guessing a twin effect makes them twice as attractive 

4 So in Chinese fans are called powder and when they stop being fans it’s called removing powder

5 6 = Similar to 666, but compared to 666’s pure admiration, this is more of a feeling of “compliments for a bad job”

6 23333 =  a thumping and laughing emoji

7 Legal coffee’s = refers to celebrities who have been reported or entered into the news because they have violated laws and regulations.

Ke Zhendong, Fan Bingbing, Li Daimo, Chen Yufan, etc.

are all members of legal coffee.


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