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This chapter is mad long.

You can’t understand how it to translate lmao, it just kept GOING AND GOING, but it’s a fun one.

Lots of new people to meet.

TL: Toasty

ED: Toasty

Spring arrived.

The lovely lily-of-the-valleys I was enjoying will end in a little bit.

Next month, the multi-colored tulips will liven up the flower beds.

I wonder what my dad will grow in the next flower beds.

It isn’t natural, perhaps, but while helping with his work, I’m looking forward to what he’ll plant next.

What should I do for the self-study garden Right now, it’s easy for Ojou and her sister Flora to play with the violet dandelions, but soon it will be time for western ajugas.

Because they have the height, it might be interesting to make a walking maze with them.

In spring, yellow and red flowers stand out, but there are many unexpected blue flowers.

Even after Ojou and Leo’s engagement was decided, my surroundings didn’t change very much.

Rather, because I stopped dance lessons and substituting at parties, the times I can be absorbed in my garden work increased.

I’m simply happy with that.

However, I can’t be glad, huh……

The time I was told by Ojou I wasn’t required to substitute for dances, although I was glad I didn’t have to do dance drills, I couldn’t honestly be happy.

Here, in the otome game my sister in my past life was playing, I realized in the world of Kimisei, I knew the future of Ojou’s engagement.

Even with the state of affairs now, I thought it was very probable it would become that.

Simultaneously, the potential she would come to like Leo, who seemed to embody Ojou’s ideal of a prince, was more than present.

If that’s the case, I should be able to make preparations to say congratulations.

However, Ojou doesn’t like Leo with romantic feelings.

She didn’t have the words for the situation of being engaged to someone she doesn’t like.

I saw Ojou’s refreshingly resolved facial expression, and I realized I shouldn’t interfere.

I don’t understand what the right thing to say is, and in the end, all I could do is praise Ojou who was way cooler than me.

I wasn’t prepared as I thought, so I became miserable.

I’m the Ernest house’s gardener’s apprentice.

I can only help Ojou on the road she chooses and watch over her.

Although I’m not even a mob, I hadn’t properly made preparations to watch over her.

I tightly clasped my hands wearing cotton gloves.

Because I can’t be helpful, at the very least, I can make a garden Ojou will be happy with.

Firing myself up, I resume the work I had stopped doing.

「Wah, it’s cute!」

「Do you like it」

「Yes, very much! I heard about it through Roy-nii-sama, but the Ernest house’s garden is very lovely, right」

「I don’t lie, you know.」

「I know.

Ah, the sun……」

When I think I hear someone in high spirits, under the warm sunlight, two people with dazzling blonde hair and a pale blonde girl who was easier on the eyes arrive near the swaying tulips.

Then, the girl whose long golden hair reflects the light, looks at me who is in front of the flying ladybugs and stiffens up.

What kind of reaction is that, as if I saw something unpleasant It’s not like you were acting especially innocent.


「Hey, Isaac.

Are these the flower beds you’re looking after」


Although I matched my father’s bowing, I also lightly bowed my head.

「Philine-sama, they’re this house’s gardeners.」

Ojou, who doesn’t know this isn’t our first meeting, introduces us.

There, Elena pinches her skirt and says her greetings.

「I am the third princess, Philine Elena von Rosenbein.

I am very happy to be able to see this kind of lovely garden.

Thank  you very much.」

She mainly faces my father and conveys her feelings of thanks.

Around the time my father replies saying it is an undeserved honor, I approach Ojou and apologize.


I’m late in finishing the maintenance.」

We heard about having visitors beforehand.

Even though we had arranged the preparations…

「No, it is us who are early.

I do not mind.」

「It’s our fault.


Philly is in a hurry for something……」

「T, that sort of thing……」

At Leo’s words that seem to be amused, Elena shyly blushes and hesitates to say something.

Waiting to see how things go, Ojou also pleasantly softens her expression.

「Being able to give you something to look forward to, I’m happy.」

「……! A, a, after all, with the first time I was given permission to leave……」

At even Ojou who was smiling at her, Elena lets out an ‘awaawa’ in a panic, making excuses.

「It’s because with me, a precedent ended up being made.」

「A precedent」

「Philly became seven years old.」

Because Leo, at his birthday party for turning seven, had his debut, it seems the younger prince and his sister Elena also ended up having the chance flow to them.

Because they showed up at an official space, they reached the point she could receive permission to exit the castle.

「Ahhh, gardener apprentice-san, what is this flower called!」


Was she unable to endure it, I wonder, and Elena suddenly withdraws from the subject, leads me by hand, and brings me to a lily-of-the-valley by the promenade.

「What in the world are you doing」

「Hey, what is this! What is this!」


Asking what’s before our ours with all of her might, I tilt my head in confusion.

I’m certain what Elena is pointing to isn’t a flower, but what in the world is making her so excited First of all, I only understood she distanced herself because she didn’t want to show Leo and company something.

This seems to be a habit of reporting information one by one that she carried over from her past life.

No, this is a fundamental for girls, right The time I went to school, schoolgirls also, with their friends, loudly yelled.

「Miss Lydia, this is incredibly cute!! What, are you a fairy!」

「Ahh, is that it」

I understood the cause for her excitement.

I thought when my sister from my previous life sees a beautiful girl, she charges at her, but I didn’t think I would be rushed by her.

Well, I’m glad Ojou wasn’t hurt.

「It’s natural that Ojou would be cute.

She’s a beautiful girl.」

「That’s true, but! It’s different, I thought she would be more aloof in my imagination, but her interior is also cute!!」

Elena is emphasizing, but it’s too natural for me to understand.

「Although you are also just as beautiful, but you react to Ojou.」

「It’s because it’s a different person.

You see, Taichi…… no, that isn’t it, Isaac, did you change something……」

「Did I」

With the exception of not being stubborn and make reflections on my past life, because I wasn’t doing anything in particular, I don’t understand if there’s any difference from my past life.

「First of all, since it’s painfully bright on my eyes, I should get away before long.」

When there’s a really dazzling beautiful girl in front of me, it’s painful on my eyes.

Especially golden hair.

「As expected, you aren’t unusual!」

Having to immediately eat her words, as impolite as ever, Elena makes her cheeks swell, pouting.

With the power of her excitement, there’s a lot of strength in her tightly clasped hands.

Because they cross through my cotton gloves, with a girl’s strength, it’s not especially painful.

At Elena’s hand, another white hand comes on top.

「……Philine-sama, your hand will end up getting dirt on it.」

Ojou, softly saying those words, undoes the Elena’s hand that is gripping onto mine, and with my handkerchief, removes the dirt that was on Elena’s hand.

At how Ojou helped me, I let out a sigh of relief.

「Ah, thank you very much.」

When the blushing Philine thanks her, Ojou smiles.

Elena, who saw that, hugs Ojou with unrestrained vigor.

「Please become my big sister!」


「Oi, Elena! You’re sekuhara’ing Ojou!」

「Philly, saying that kind of thing, won’t you make your big sisters sad」

「Leo, that isn’t the thing to be pressing about!」

「After all, I love my big sisters, but they already have married into other kingdoms, so I rarely get to meet them.

Furthermore, I want a big sister close to my age.」

「Eh, um……」

「Hey, hey.

It’s fine, Lydia-sama」

「U, um……」

Ojou, not quite understanding the situation, has bewildered eyes.

Leo, who is sweet on his sister and tolerates things, only watches over the situation, and there’s no sign he will come to help.

I sigh, thinking there’s no helping it, so I grab the nape of the neck of Elena, who is clinging to Ojou, and separated them.

「Don’t say selfish things and trouble Ojou.」

「Isaac is stingy.」

Fuu, Elena lets out that noise, pouting.

Even though she’s in front of Ojou, her princess mode is removed, but is it fine, I wonder.

Well, I also am not treating her like a princess.

Because Matteus-onii-chan, who had been holding himself back as an escort, turned pale, I quickly let go out Elena.

At the angry Elena, Ojou looks to be at a loss on what to do, and gives her follow up.

「Um…… although it is a great honor for a lovely person like Philine-sama to adore me, there isn’t any feeling of disagreement.」

「Then, please call me Philly, Big Sister!」


「Yes, Big Sister!」

With a smile on her whole face, Elena clings to Ojou again.

She’s perfectly holding Ojou in her arms.

The way she closes the distance between them is forceful.

「She twisted her arm, huh」

「Philly, from long ago, has been good at getting others to spoil her.」

When I’m astounded, Leo ame to boast about the strong point of his sister.

Well, Ojou has a shyness of strangers, so maybe it’s better she was forceful.

「Then, Philly-sama……」

「Yes, what is it, Big Sister」

With a look of being somehow dispirited, Ojou asks.

「Zack…… our family’s gardener’s apprentice, you seem to be very open with him, right……」

Elena’s facial expression, which was all smiles, suddenly froze with a snap.

Then, immediately, the stiffness loosened and a frantic look came in.

「It’s different, you know, Big Sister! The person ideal for me is cool and smart like Roy-onii-sama! Someone like Isaac is out of the question, there is no interest!!」


「Don’t stand there vacantly, Isaac should also clear up this misunderstanding!」

「Eh, what is it」

「She’s suspicious of our relationship! Realize it, idiot!!」


How can she have that kind of misunderstanding The other person is calling me an idiot right now.

From Leo and company’s view, do nobles have love for brains Is it something like sweets Isn’t this only casually speaking with each other

Something like our relationship being misunderstood is seriously disagreeable to my sister from my past life.

So, Elena frantically revises that sort of thing.

Understanding the state of affairs, I deny it with all of my might.

「Ojou, it absolutely isn’t like that! She was only a lost child, I only know her face a little!」

「But, I’ve never seen Zack talking with a girl so closely before……」

「That’s because……」 

How good would it be if I could say it’s because we were related by blood in our past life Well, even if I were believed for that reason, in the end, because it’s a different person, it doesn’t change anything.

How can you trust me if I said she’s just a person that I can’t think of as another person

「It’s because Philly-sama is very cute……」 (Implied to be Ojou here)

「Certainly, Elena is a beautiful girl, but for me, Ojou is more cute!!」 [T/N: Ah yes, Zack’s manwhore ways are finally coming back to bite him.]


「It’s because furthermore, compared to Elena’s blue eyes that are like gems, I like Ojou’s pale blue eyes that are like a flower.」

「I, u-u-u-understand, so close that mouth of yours!」

Somehow or another, when we resolved the misunderstanding and argued, when I noticed it, Ojou, whose face turned red, scolded me.

「Are you still misunderstanding……」

If I’m being misunderstood again by Ojou, I have to weaken it.

When I become worried and meet her eyes to check, Ojou nods her head.

「I won’t misunderstand again……」

「I’m glad……」

With relief at clearing up the misunderstanding, I soften my facial expression as if becoming weak.

I feel guilty at how I made Ojou mad and the degree she turned red, but because that misunderstanding was a matter of life or death, I’m seriously relieved it was cleared up.


「This is a difficult problem, Philly.」

「Big Sister, you’re Roy-nii-sama’s fiance, right」

「Yes, that’s right.」

「Is it fine」

「He’s better than anyone else, right」

I can’t understand what is being said, but Elena, who looks at the smiling Leo, sighs.

Somehow, even though after this I didn’t do anything special after this, again I was called an idiot by Elena.

In any case, having cleared up the misunderstanding, I passed the time with a bright mood.

A few days passed, and this time a separate person came accompanying Ojou.

Waiting behind Ojou, a girl who seemed to be the same age as her, Katherine-san, was wearing the same maid clothes.

She had straight black hair that reached her shoulders, beautifully cut evenly.

「……We’re in the estate’s grounds, you know.」

「We may be on the estate’s grounds, but we cannot leave someone alone.」

Ojou, who appeared to drop her shoulders, was decisively responded to by a person who greatly resembled the butler, Heinz-san.

But, this girl’s words were more emphasized.

「Ojou, who is this」

「Zack, she’s……」

「You’re being rude to Lydia-sama for a person of your social standing!」

Before Ojou could try to introduce her, the girl whose hair stood up like a cat’s took out a sharp piece of metal from her sleeves and faced me.

She only threatened me by putting it to my throat, but I understood, so first of all I should avoid her.

「Ah, a guard Being trained with a stiletto is dangerous, huh」

The dagger that’s like a cross, it’s smaller than something I knew.

It’s something small you can cram in your clothes, huh

「Wh—how can a gardener avoid……!」

「You shouldn’t worry about me, but rather behind you.」

When I point behind her, the irritated girl looks over her shoulders.

「What’s behind……」

When she turned her head, Ojou, who even if she couldn’t scream, held her breath and had turned pale, was there.

The girl, who realized that Ojou is there seemingly waiting to see how things turned out, seemed to realize she did something bad and froze up.

Although Ojou has seen an act of violence, she’s not used to it.

She was thinking of Nico hitting with the glove as a sport.

I was thinking it would be better for both Ojou and I not to get used to it.

「If you’re a guard, don’t make your Ojou, your master, afraid.」


She didn’t want me to say anything, I think, and the girl grimaced.

Because she understood it was easy to avoid, Ojou, who understood I’m safe, put on an angry face, and once more, after tightly closing her lips, opened her mouth.

「Emilia…… at any rate, he’s a coworker, isn’t he Can you not differentiate my friend from my enemies」

「B…… but, this guy was rude to Lydia-sama……」


「……I am very sorry.」

This is the first time I’ve seen Ojou get mad at someone who isn’t me.

While the girl called Emilia seemed to be frustrated, she said her apologies.

「Not to me, but to Zack…..」

「It’s fine, Ojou.

It was my words that caused it.」

「You, again with that rudeness coming out of your mouth…..!」


When Ojou sternly glares at her, Emilia falls silent.

If you look in her eyes, Emilia’s gaze is sharp, but Ojou is angry again, so her spirit lost.

But, at how Emilia pointed it out, I remembered my attitude on how I disregarded social standing between us.

「Hmm…… If I’m like this to my juniors, I’ll set a bad example, won’t I I’ll correct my attitude……」


「 「 Eh 」 」

Surprised at the sudden, loud voice, Emilia and I look in Ojou’s direction.

Ojou, who ended up seeming reflexively shouting, right away put her hand on her mouth, but she couldn’t take back the words she already said.

Lowering her eyebrows, while blushing, Ojou intermittently mumbles.

「A… at this stage, Zack humbling himself is…… disagreeable……」

Seeing Ojou saying that with an appearance of getting smaller as she spoke, after Emilia made a facial expression that seemed to be worried, she let out a long sigh.

「I understand.

I will tolerate him.」

「Thank you, Emilia.」

She seems happy to have gained her understanding.

When Ojou smiles broadly, Emilia, as if unsure how to best respond, makes an exhausted facial expression.

First of all, since we secured an understanding, I say my greetings.

「I’m the apprentice gardener, Isaac Baumgartner.」

Because it’s a coworker, I give my hand, but I’m glared at and turned away.

「……Emilia von Pechstein.

Don’t get carried away just because Lydia-sama has her eyes on you.」

I feel as if somehow there is a terrible deal of hostility, but after thinking she’s like a ct, I don’t mind it and smile.

「Yep, best regards, chairwoman.」

「Ha! Don’t call me by that strange way!」

When I call her by the impression she gave me, I was scolded.

「Ehhh, but you’re like a disciplinary committee member, right」

「Public morals and respecting decorum is natural, isn’t it, and furthermore why is there a necessity for a committee member for that!」

「See, you’re like a chairwoman.」

「I told you already!!」

I was snapped at by the chairwoman, and ultimately Ojou told us not to fight.

Somehow or another, this included me.

Even though I tried to talk normally, it’s no good.

In my inner thoughts, I was relieved that Duke-sama gave Ojou a guard as promised.

The likelihood Ojou will go through something dangerous lessened.

[T/N: There’s no formal break here, but in the raw text there’s a bigger chunk of whitespace which is sort of like a divider line]

Again, a few days later, with a boy who seems like a different guard, Ojou came.

This time, Nico also came.

I notice that Ojou already looks tired out.

What’s wrong, I wonder.

「Zaaack, I wanted to meet you.」

「Yes, yes, thank you.」

The moment we meet, Nico embraced me, and since I understood he simply only enjoys using the mitt to hit something, I let him do as he likes.

The boy who’s a guard looks this way, opens their mouth a few times, but leaves it alone, when Ojou, who looks as if she got a little angry, raises her voice.

「Ojou, are you okay」

「I, I’m not particularly jealous, you know!」

「Huh No, that isn’t it.」

The wrong answer was returned to me.

Before clinging to me, Nico might have been teasing her, but I wasn’t worried about that.

Because it’s difficult to move, I tell him to wait a little bit before peeling Nico off, and I face the flower bed I was working on until just a little bit ago.

Plucking a few flowers at my own discretion, I hand over a bundle to Ojou.


「This is a chamomile, right」

With how it seems to smell of tea, Ojou immediately guessed the name of the flower.

Because it’s an herb with an effect of healing tiredness, it’s also used in tea.


It’s because we were just pruning these.

Ah, but, I just chose and picked these guys!」

「Fufu, I don’t know if Dennis will scold me.」


I didn’t want to think about it to that extent.

First of all, because Ojou’s expression relaxed, it’s acceptable.

I’ll be prepared to eat a fist from my father.

「What’s going on over there! Did you say two swords! Lydia-sama, falling into the clutches of evil……!!」

Abruptly, the boy came between us and shouted.

There’s a lot of lively guys in Ojou’s escort, huh Or rather, does that make sense Somehow, I’m reminded of Johann.

「For some time now, with this mood, he’s been yapping at me, you know.」

While he has his arm around my neck, Nico says that.

At the same time as reporting the damage, I think it’s better if he stops teasing.

「Two swords……」

「Ojou, even if you learn it, because it’s meaningless, you shouldn’t mind it.」

At Ojou, who not understanding the boy’s words, tilts her head in confusion, I give a warning that even if she learns the meaning, it’s not pleasant.

Mainly, it seems like with Nico’s onee acting, it caused a misunderstanding, but I’ll correct my previous greeting.

「I’m the gardener’s apprentice, Isaac Baumgartner.

Nico is only a friend.」

The hand I put out for a handshake was slapped away.

「I am Eric von Kollwitz! The house of Count Kollwitz has produced knights for generations.

As Lydia-sama’s knight, at your sinisters ways—!」

His light brown, short haired head was smacked.

By Nico.


「But, this stupid brat, was rude to my Zack.」

I’m not yours, I thought as my neck is wrapped by his arm.

I’m happy his friendship is heavy, but I think the open palm of Nico who’s normally hitting with the glove with the mitt on is incredibly painful.

After a while, your true nature comes out, doesn’t it, Nico

Holding where he was hit on the head with both hands, Eric bites his lips.

As expected, it seems to be painful.

「What are you doing, you gayman!」 [T/N: The term Eric uses is “okama”, which is something along the lines of “effeminate gay man”, but it’s hard to put in without it being clunky.]

「I’m an onee, you know.

If you appear to be rude to Zack again, I won’t forgive you.」

「I’m only looking after Lydia-sama!」

Nico and Eric glare at each other.

Ojou and I are completely at a loss on what to do.

I understood the reason Ojou was tired just a bit ago.

Before coming here, Nico agitated him, and Eric is honest to a fault, I think.

However, Eric is a difficult name to call out, huh I’ll bite my lip.

「Miss Dia, please properly train this dog of yours!」

「M, me」

Suddenly brought up by Nico, Ojou is bewildered.

「That’s right.

Here, take this and throw it as far as you can, then try to tell him to go fetch it.」

Nico designates Ojou to throw a branch from around here.

「Nico, why are you seriously treating him like a dog……」

「I… I have taken it.」

The branch Ojou threw without understanding the reason fell down just a few steps away.


I, forgetting Ojou’s offensive power was low, ended up unconsciously laughing in surprise.

At once, I use my first to cover my mouth but Ojou shyly blushed and glared at me as if to make me stop laughing.

「Haha…… Ojou is cute, right……」

Ending up being mad, with how badly I apologized while unable to hold back a laugh, Ojou’s face turned further red.



At Ojou who got mad, with her raised fist of low offensive power raised overhead, Eric, with two hands, presents the branch Ojou threw.

Turning towards his smiling face that held no doubts, Ojou stops her movement.

I’m not the only one who could seem to see an invisible wagging tail, right

「As expected, he’s a dog, right Miss Dia, I request you to discipline him.」

「I don’t do things like disciplining!」

Ojou’s full power denial resounds through the Ernest garden.

Several days later, again, Ojou came with an unknown maid as an escort.

How many people are there If there are anymore, it’ll be hard to memorize them.

I think Ojou is about the same, but the small girl is wearing a larger maid outfit, and I can’t see her hands from the cuff-holes.

She isn’t walking straight, and with a swaying step, her evenly cut beige hair sways like a dandelion.

「Ojou, is this girl also a guard」



I’m Petra von Damaaa.

I’m Ojou-sama’s guard and maaaid.」 [T/N: She elongates the end of her sentences as a verbal tic of sorts, so it’s a little hard to convey.]

The thoughtlessly smiling Petra, with a lazy voice, presented a hand that you can’t see due to her cuffs.

This is the first time the other side asked for a handshake.

「I am—」

「The gardener’s apprentice, Isaac Baumgartner, riiight」

I reach over the sleeve to take her hand in reply, and when I try to give my name, inversely, my name is said to me.

「Because my family is the prime minister with direct supervision of inspectors, intelligence gathering is a pushoveeeer.」

「Is that so」

Is that how she knew, and since before I could ask, I was given the answer, I can only nod my head.

「Emilia is part of a military family, Eric is part of something like a knight family and while I can’t fight, if it’s information gathering, that’s my strength, you knooow.」

I get the feeling that my master has told me before, that in noble society, manipulation of information is essential.

Even with an armed struggle, because muscleheads will gather, somehow who has brains is certainly good.

「Which reminds me, I’m sorry for the other day.

Please forgive me for telling Heinz-san and asked him to scold him.」

「No, I’m not mad」

At what point was that the case Because the Chariwoman had been scolded by Ojou, Pochi had been hit by Nico, I thought they had been sufficiently scolded.

In the first place, I hadn’t been mad.

「Or rather, why did you know」

Although Petra wasn’t there, what was the reason she knew, I wonder.

I didn’t think those two would explain the circumstances.

「Ahh, the focus of our eyes is differeeent.

Buuut, it’s a trade secreeet.」

「I see.

It’s something you can’t tell me, huh」

When I apologize, somehow for a moment Petra stopped smiling.

Then, again, she thoughttlessly smiles.

「Isaac-san is intereeesting.」

「Ah, I’m glad.」


「You can properly smile.」

Petra was smiling from the beginning.

However, with that always same smile, just as how Master’s facial expression doesn’t change, Petra’s smile is the default state.

But, because the area around her eyes certainly narrowed as if something was interesting, I could judge it was a truly amused smile.

「I’m also relieved.

Because Petra always doesn’t laugh, so I was worried I was worried I had done something to hurt your feelings.」

「If your facial expression doesn’t change, she’ll get worried, you know.」

When she smiles as if glad, Ojou also seemingly happily smiled.

It seems Ojou was worried about the same thing.

Petra, after staring at us, puts her cuffs over her mouth and laughs, amused.

「Fufufuuu, I like the two of you.

Please treat me well from heeere.」

「Yes, once again, please treat me well.」

「Yep, I will, Petra.」

After giving our greetings, somehow a complaint came from Petra.

「It’s only me being left ooout.」


「I’m the only one being called by name.

I’m being leeeft out.」


Her arms flapping, she demanded to be called by a nickname.

I only called Chariwoman like that arbitrarily and the person themselves didn’t give me acknowledgement of it, and I didn’t give the name to Pochi.

「Um, then…… Pome」

She’s something like a Pommeranian.

Pommeranians also have a default face like they’re smiling, but it doesn’t mean they’re always happy.

It’s not just in hair color,but that too, she resembles one.

「Woooow, Pomeeee.」

She seemed to be pleased with it, repeating 「Pome, Pome」 many times over.

Is this kind of casual naming fine

「Theeen, as thaaanks for this cute nickname you gave me, I’ll tell you how long it to Ojou-sama to hand over that looocket.」

「How long ago did you know about that!」

When Ojou asks with as much force as if her hairs had stood on end, Pome smiles back while answering it’s a company secret.

For now, because Ojou has become a pitiable bright red, I should refuse the giving of information.

It’s the season that spring has arrived, but is very busy.

At any rate, the number of people newly hired as guards is easy for me to remember.


Pain da yo.

Anyways, WEW, well, there’s a lot to break down.

Three new characters plus, Elena figuring out that something is different about Ojou’s character.

Eric is important later, but I do find it hilarious that it’s Nico that deals with him.

Personally, my running theory is Zack is actually setting up the base events of the game to begin with, as I keep swearing that there was a note way earlier that the otome game ends up a happier note, with Ojou actually not being banished or anything.

However, as they keep up the charade, the players of the otome game don’t see the full picture.

I’d have to go back digging through old chapters to check, but the thought crossed my mind.

Anyways, one month out-ish from November, so remember there will be no updates in November as I study for the JLPT.

That leaves 2 chapters on October 7 and October 21st, and then I will resume updates on December 11th.

See you all next chapter!


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