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“Is that brat really as formidable as you say” Xie Daoyun was a bit unconvinced.

“Even though he didnt do too bad during the clan competition, his strength is still limited in the end…”

Xie Xiu shook his head.

“That guy looks like he doesnt have any restraint on the surface, but he is actually extremely cool-headed and intelligent.

Sometimes, I cannot even see through him.”

“I couldnt care less about his matters, Chu Chuyan can have this headache all to herself.” Xie Daoyun retracted her gaze.

The current Zu An was clearly still not worthy of her extra attention.

She looked towards the second floors pearl curtains, but unfortunately, there was still no one there.

“When is this Qiu Honglei going to come out”

She heard that Qiu Hongleis skills in the arts were peerless, her poetry and singing ability unmatched.

She didnt have the slightest interest in her other talents, but she spent quite a bit of time in music, so she decided to come and see if she could exchange some pointers here.

Xie Xiu explained, “I fear that we might have to wait a bit longer.

Sis, what I am more worried about is that your identity might be revealed.

Even though you are dressed as a man, those who are more careful will definitely notice.

If that happens, dad wont let me off easy…”

The more he spoke, the more regretful he became.

Bringing his big sister here really was too reckless of a decision.

The jealousy and competitiveness of women were indeed terrifying, not even his big sister who usually lived a simple life could hold back.

Xue Daoyun sneered.

“Hmph, arent you always causing trouble Why dont I ever see you so scared of dad all those times”

When she saw her young brothers face scrunch up, in the end, she still gave in.

“Alright, alright.

If you dont speak about it and I dont either, how will dad know I wont even show myself later, so even if I end up with some commentary, wont it be enough if you go out and speak for me”

Xie Xius eyes immediately lit up.


He wasnt too skilled in this field, understanding himself well.

He knew that before true talents, he wasnt even worth a second look.

Now that he had his sisters help today, he had a high chance of being viewed favorably by Qiu Honglei.

Who knows, he might be the one who gets the personal meeting.

“Of course! But if Qiu Honglei decides to meet with you, then you have to bring me with you.”

“What” Xie Xius expression immediately broke down.

It was supposed to be an alluring date where the two of them spoke with romance in the air, and then they would of course naturally continue the conversation in bed.

However, with his sis on the side, all of this went up in smoke.

“Normally, I leave you alone no matter how many girls you play around with since they are all girls from respectable families.

However, this is different.” Xie Daoyun grabbed her brothers ear.

“No matter how pretty, how talented Qiu Honglei is, dad will still never allow a brothel girl to enter Xie Family.”

Xie Xiu began to mumble to himself.

“I was just joining in on the fun… I never said I was going to bring her home.”

“Then thats even worse!” Xie Daoyun shot him an annoyed look.

“Even though Qiu Hongleis reputation is great, her background has doomed her to be a pitiful person.

Since you have no intention of taking her as a wife, then dont harm others, prevent her from finding a true ideal husband.”

Xie Xiu said with a bitter smile, “Sis, those who ask a girl in this type of place to marry and leave her trade are usually extremely foolish… heheh…”

If it was another man who spoke these words, they would have long been looked down upon by him.

However, when facing his big sister, he couldnt act out.

“In the end, it is still you men who treat girls like playthings!” Xie Daoyun said hatefully.

Her expression suddenly froze.

Her eyes landed on Zu An in the hall below, her face immediately reddening as she scoffed, “You really are something! All jackals of the same trade!”

Xie Xiu followed her line of sight in confusion.

He was also immediately stupefied.

He saw that Zu An was currently embracing a slim girl, his hands even seemingly already moving inside her dress.

“This guy, why… why did he suddenly become so bold”

With a goddess wife like Chu Chuyan, why would he still…”

Dont tell me that Chu Chuyan isnt enough

That extremely shocking scene from the dungeon appeared in his head again.

With that type of thing, perhaps a normal girl really might not be enough…


Xie Xius face was dark like coal.

He had finally freed himself from that psychological shadow not long ago, yet he ended up remembering it again.

He immediately drained the cup of wine in front of him in one gulp to drown out these thoughts.

When Zu An threw a tantrum and insisted on leaving, a brothel keeper in heavy makeup quickly strolled over.

“Aiyou~ So it was Chu clans young masters! How long has it been” That female brother keeper waved the handkerchief in her hands while saying.

Chu Yucheng immediately waved his hand up and down.

“Long time no see! Sister Hua has become more and more voluptuous.”

This is how women needed to be! Most women were skinny like sticks.

He really didnt understand what was wrong with those peoples eyes.

Chu Hongcai took the opportunity to explain to him, “This Sister Huas full name is Hua Weimian.

Back then, she was also a famous courtesan within her region, but as she got older, she instead became a brothel keeper.

For the sake of broadening their network, many great figures have good relationships with her.”

Zu An stared blankly.

Who would have thought that this damn fatty Chu Yucheng was actually a true veteran in this field despite being so young!

But wasnt fellas taste a bit special He actually preferred those who were quite a bit older.

Also, wasnt this Sister Hua a bit too big

But when he looked at his figure, he immediately felt relieved.

Perhaps in his eyes, only bigger girls could barely be considered slim.

“You little demon…” Sister Hua teased playfully.

Her eyes suddenly shifted to Zu An.

“This one is”

She had already lingered around these places of romance for too long, her eyes already incredibly sharp.

She could tell with a single look that Zu Ans face was quite young, and from his slight ill at ease and curious eyes, she knew that he never came to this type of place before.

However, the material of his clothing was precious.

He came together with Chu clan too, so he was definitely someone wealthy and respectable.

As such, she didnt dare act carelessly.

At this time, an Immortal Abode servant whispered a few words by her ears.

She immediately reacted.

“Turns out it was young master Zu! No wonder that young miss Chu ended up liking you! You are clearly a talented person with a fiercely handsome face!”

People in her trade knew the major figures of Brightmoon City like the back of their hand.

A recently risen figure like Zu An was not only Chu clans young master, he was also Brightmoon Academys teacher, so she already had a file on him prepared here.

It was just that she had never seen his face yet.

Even though her words were clearly flattery, Zu An still felt amazing listening to them.

Everyone always described him as a useless drafted son-in-law, that he was nothing but trash.

Only this female brother keeper called him young master Zu, and she didnt even mention anything about him marrying into his wifes family, instead saying that Chu Chuyan liked him.

This immediately brought their relationship much closer.

No wonder she was able to do so well for herself in this city!

At this time, Chu Yucheng patted her bottom.

“My brother was upset that you intentionally left him out, not giving him an invitation! Hurry and find some nice girls to help him vent his anger.”

“We are being wronged here! Young master Zu is young miss Chus sweetheart, and he is also Brightmoon Dukes ideal son-in-law.

Even if I had ten gallbladders, I still wouldnt dare send you an invitation! If I ended up provoking their displeasure, our Immortal Abode would be biting off more than we could chew!” However, Sister Hua still understood that Chu Yucheng was helping her out here, so she hurriedly added, “As an apology, well waive all of young master Zus expenses here tonight.”

Spending a night in Immortal Abode was a considerable expense, but compared to establishing a good relationship with Zu An, it was still worth it.

After all, he was Chu clans young master and even Brightmoon Academys teacher.

Furthermore, rumor had it that he had over a million silver taels of gambling profits.

If he was pampered well, would she really be scared that he wouldnt come to play again in the future

Upon hearing this, whistles of envy immediately sounded from the surroundings.

Chu Yucheng also couldnt help but say, “Sister Hua, you waived the bill for my brother here, but what about us Arent you showing too much favoritism here The two of us are already so close.”

Sister Hua couldnt hold back a scolding laugh.

“Who here doesnt know that Chu clans third elder is a great salt merchant The amount of money you make in a single day might match a month of Immortal Abodes income.

If I waive the bill for you, then wouldnt I be showing you great disrespect”

Chu Yucheng rolled her eyes.

“Your Immortal Abode is a well known place to blow money.

I might believe you if you said the opposite.”

Sister Hua said with all smiles, “Aiyou~ lets not flatter each others businesses too much.

How about this, Ill find some beast girls that have just arrived.

These girls havent even entertained any other guests before!”

She waved towards the back while speaking.

Three gorgeously dressed girls walked over.

“Theyve never had customers before” Chu Yucheng snorted disdainfully.

When he gave those girls a look, his expression was full of skepticism. If you really insist that they never entertained guests before, then this chubby young master is a chaste pure boy.

However, beast girls were indeed rare.

When the human race and foreign races fought a thousand years ago, the foreign races retreated to the border, but some of their clansmen still remained in the human world.

Their fates were normally extremely pitiful.

If they werent captured to serve as slaves or servants, then they were sold to places like these.

Those who were able to get married to ordinary people and live simple lives were already the most fortunate.

Despite this being the case, beast race beauties were still rare treasures.

Chu Yucheng never had a chance to play with any after all these years.

When he thought about these things, he decided not to bother unmasking Sister Huas lies.

When she saw their satisfied expressions, only then did Sister Hua release a breath of relief.

“Girls, treat these young masters well! I am going to receive other guests first.

Todays Courtesan Meeting really is too busy, so I must ask for young masters forgiveness.”

“Go, go, go!” Chu Yucheng was in a rush to discuss life and ideals with a beast clan beauty, so he was naturally eager for her to leave.

Sister Hua revealed a smile, and then walked off while shaking her hips in an exaggerated manner.

Chu Yucheng pulled the largest and most well-developed girl out of the three into his embrace.

Then, he pushed the most slender and delicate girl towards Zu An.

Comparatively speaking, the one left for Chu Hongcai was the most ordinary and mediocre.

However, he didnt mind at all.

He was whole-heartedly devoted to Qiu Honglei to begin with.

The other girls didnt meet his standards at all.

Having an extra beast girl at his side was nothing more than having an extra person to drink with, having more people to contribute to the liveliness.

Chu Yucheng said to the young lady in Zu Ans embrace, “This is my brothers first time in this type of place, so you have to serve him well! Dont scare him now.”

That slender young ladys face blushed a bit, lowering her head while saying, “Its also my first time.”

Chu Yucheng laughed loudly, not bothering to argue back.

He immediately began to work at the girl in his embrace.

“What beast race are you

That girl sat in his embrace, her arm hooked around his neck.

Her charming eyes were like silk as she said, “This humble one is from the bear race.”

“Bear race is great! This type of build is what I am talking about!” While saying this, Chu Yucheng already buried his head into her bodys waves.

“This perverted fatty!” Zu An was completely speechless.

He still found it a bit hard to adjust to this type of directness.

While looking at the young lady who was pushed into his arms, Zu An asked, “Then what is your name”

“My name is Leng Shuangyue…” This young lady said bashfully with her head lowered, her voice like a mosquito.[1]

Zu An was stunned.

This name really was different from the style of a brothel like this! Could it be a fake name

As for her bashful expression, he didnt pay it any attention.

Just because he never did anything like this before didnt mean he was completely clueless.

In his previous world, he had read the stories of too many experienced veterans.

Those in her trade sometimes deliberately pretended to be fresh and pure to suit their customers tastes.

That was why all trades and professions needed to be run by businessmen!

“What kind of race are you” When he saw the shaggy ears that stuck out from her hair, Zu An asked with curiosity.

Beastmen were things he only saw on tv before.

He didnt expect to actually have a chance to embrace and play with one after arriving in this world.

“I am a cat woman.” Leng Shuangyue replied.

“Catwoman” Zu Ans eyes lit up.

The figure of Catwoman leaning over a motorcycle from Batman was still fresh in his memory.

As such, he produced a bit more of a good impression towards this girl in front of him.

“Right, theres always been something gnawing at the back of my mind.

Do you beastmen have tails” He reached out a hand behind her while asking.

Because of the angle, it looked like he was reaching straight into her dress from the second floor.

“This damn pervert!”

It wasnt just Xie Daoyun who became furious.

In another private room, another blushing woman also said with disgust.


Leng is the surname.

Shuang = frost, Yue = moon


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