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Chapter 952 - Old Ginger Is Spicier than Young Ginger

When he felt the smooth and youthful sensation underneath the covers, Zu An was stunned at first.

Then, he was overjoyed, exclaiming, “Dandan, so you were already ready and waiting for me!”

Sang Qien was incredibly embarrassed. This cheating couple was already together after all! Even though she had already suspected that before, speculation and reality were still two different things.

You have successfully trolled Sang Qien for 444 444 444…

“Huh” Zu An was surprised.

He mumbled to himself, “Why is Little Qien angry”

Sang Qien was confused as to why Zu An could sense her anger.

However, she was still happy to see that. Yes, yes, hurry and find out that something isn’t right! She had her acupoints sealed by Auntie Mu, so she couldn't speak to warn Zu An at all.

She could only hope that he’d notice something.

But soon afterward, she heard him mutter, “That little girl is always unhappy with me.

She probably already knows about our relationship.”

Sang Qien thought to herself, At least this fella knows himself. But she didn’t have any time to think about other things at the moment; she could only pray that he would figure out what was happening sooner.

But unfortunately, things didn’t go the way she had hoped.

Zu An was already drunk from drinking so much, and all of his blood was already flowing through his lower body.

How could he still have the mental room to reconsider the situation Sang Qien soon felt herself being pulled into his embrace like a toy.

She knew that there was no escaping her fate and felt despair.

Zu An noticed that the feeling was a bit off and muttered to himself, “Huh Dandan, when did you get skinnier”

Sang Qien was ashamed and embarrassed.

Her sister-in-law’s build had already given her enough of a confidence blow, but even now, she had to go through another round of psychological attacks from this guy

But she suddenly found a trace of hope.

Her figure was clearly different from her sister-in-law’s, so this guy should be able to tell the difference, right It wasn’t too late to stop now.

However, she soon heard Zu An say something else.

“Damn those Hu clan merchants for harming you and preventing you from sleeping well.

You actually became this much skinnier!”

Sang Qien wanted to cry when she heard that. Is this guy really drunk or not How can you focus all of your reasoning on that

But she quickly wasn’t in the mood to think about such things anymore.

She sensed how proficiently he moved.

Before she could even react, she felt as if she had been penetrated by a hot iron rod.

Two streaks of tears silently slid down her cheeks.

Auntie Mu, who had been quietly observing from behind a large tree outside, sighed.

As she heard the bed groan under the force, she decided to buy a sturdier bed sometime in the future.

At the same time, there was a bit of worry between her brows.

They had really let Qien’er down this time.

The next morning, the skies in the east gradually became suffused with white.

Zu An was sleeping soundly when he was woken up by quiet sobbing.

He was still a bit drowsy.

He reached out his hand and slapped the bottom of the beauty in his arms, asking, “Dandan, why are you crying so early in the morning” The other party didn’t reply, and only stared at him red-eyed.

Zu An’s sight gradually cleared.

He suddenly saw who it was in his arms.

How could it be the charming Zheng Dan It was the petite and exquisite Sang Qien! Her tearful face was heartbreaking.

Zu An quickly rubbed his eyes and mumbled to himself, “Am I dreaming Why did I end up seeing your sister-in-law”

“Let go!” Sang Qien bit her red lip.

She pushed the man embracing her away.

The previous night, she had felt like a small skiff in a stormy sea, battered and beaten by the winds.

In the end, she was so tired she had unconsciously fallen asleep.

When she woke up the next morning, she had finally recovered her ability to move again.

She had instinctively tried to leave, but Zu An had clung to her as if she were his pet, not letting her go at all.

She couldn't free herself even after trying several times.

When she thought about what had happened, she was overwhelmed with sorrow.

She couldn't help but start crying, thus waking Zu An up.

Zu An finally realized that none of what had happened was a dream.

He immediately jumped back in fright and pulled up the sheets to cover himself, exclaiming “What did you do to me”

Sang Qien was speechless.

She almost fainted from anger.

How could there be someone this lowly in the world She really wanted to bite him right now!

When Zu An saw her completely exposed body and the bright blossom of color on the sheets, he felt as if she were like a wounded little deer.

He finally realized what had happened.

He wrapped the covers around her and asked, “What really happened”

When the blankets covered her again, Sang Qien’s ice-cold heart finally felt a shred of warmth.

“It’s nothing.”

If one asked her if she hated Zu An for stealing her virginity, of course she would say yes.

But if one asked her if she blamed him, she couldn't say so.

After all, what had happened the previous night was way too ridiculous.

Not even she, the daughter herself, had expected her father to do something like that.

How could she blame Zu An

But the more she was like that, the more confused Zu An was.

He quickly looked around him. There shouldn’t be any mistake, right This is the same room, the same familiar bed.

This should be Zheng Dan’s room…  He could only ask probingly, “Did you return to the wrong room last night”

Sang Qien took a deep breath.

She felt anger surge within her as she said coldly, “Even if I went to the wrong room, this is still my sister-in-law’s room!”

You have successfully trolled Sang Qien for 233 233 233…

Zu An smiled awkwardly, looking a bit embarrassed.

Zheng Dan was currently the Sang clan’s daughter-in-law after all.

Sang Qien wasn’t in the mood to criticize him even more either.

She took a deep breath and said, “Turn around, I’m going to get dressed.”

“Okay.” Zu An no longer acted in his usual frivolous manner.

He obediently turned around.

If it were any other girl, he might have teased her a bit.

However, he had really only treated her as his little sister after being around her for some time.

Now that such a thing had happened, he couldn't help but feel as if he had sinned.

What was even more annoying was her identity.

He had just formed an alliance with the Sang clan.

His thing with Zheng Dan was one thing, since the two of them had already been together beforehand, and the Sang clan had even tacitly agreed to their relationship.

But now, something like this had happened! It was one thing to ask for a daughter-in-law, but now he had even harmed their daughter! Zu An asked himself what he would do in this kind of situation.

If it had happened to him instead, he would probably explode from anger.

While Zu An was at a loss for what to do, Sang Qien spoke calmly from behind him.

“Alright, you can turn around now.”

Zu An turned around.

He saw that Sang Qien was already fully clothed.

She was still just as good-looking and delicate as before, just that her hair was a bit messy.

There was a bit of a worn-out expression on her face, but it only made her look even more moving.

“What happened today was just something unexpected.

In this world, only the two of us will know about this matter.

No one is allowed to mention this matter again.

Do you understand” Sang Qien couldn't look him in the eyes.

She lowered her head and calmly said those words.

She knew her father’s plans, but she really couldn't bring herself to just cooperate and use her own body as a bargaining chip.

The fact that she was still resentful toward her father’s decision meant she especially didn’t want things to go as he wished.

Zu An was stunned and said, “But that’s not fair for you.

I’m not someone who won’t take responsibility…”

Even though the two of them didn’t really share any feelings, he knew that the chastity of women in this world was extremely important.

Now that such a thing had happened, he couldn't just pull up his pants and leave.

Sang Qien interrupted him and said, “I don’t need you to take responsibility.” She walked straight out after speaking.

However, she stumbled as soon as she took the first step.

Zu An quickly supported her, asking, “What’s wrong”

Sang Qien pushed him away. You even have the nerve to ask something like that Her sister-in-law looked all delicate and gentle; just how could she handle this kind of beast

You have successfully trolled Sang Qien for 313 313 313…

She gave him a hateful look, then hobbled out.

As he watched her leave, Zu An felt rather uncomfortable.

What the hell was this

“Right, what about Dandan” he muttered, startled.

He was just about to look for Zheng Dan when he saw her quickly rush over from elsewhere.

He was about to call out, but he suddenly realized something.

He quickly returned to the room and stored all of the messy bed sheets into his Brilliant Glass Bead.

Zheng Dan arrived soon afterward.

She jumped in fright when she saw Zu An, asking, “Why are you here It’ll be bad if someone in the manor sees you!”

Zu An stared into her eyes, asking, “Why weren’t you in your room Where did you go last night”

He even wondered if Zheng Dan was the one who had caused all of this; perhaps she wanted to drag down her sister-in-law too, as that would make things much easier for her in the future.

With the way she had done things before, that was actually a possibility.

Zheng Dan rubbed her head and said, “I might have drunk too much last night, but I actually slept in Little Qien’s room.

Ah, right, have you seen Little Qien I didn’t see her when I woke up.”

“I haven’t,” Zu An said rather unnaturally.

Since Sang Qien didn’t want what had happened to be exposed, he would respect her wishes.

He carefully observed Zheng Dan’s expression, and it didn’t seem that she was lying.

He then thought about what was happening.

The Sang clan had already tacitly agreed to their relationship, so she obviously didn’t need to take such a risk.

Then had last night just been a beautiful mistake

“Hurry up and get out of here! The servants are already about to wake up.” While Zu An was thinking, Zheng Dan was already pushing him out of the door.

It wasn’t that early anymore, so it would be very bad if anyone saw him in her room.

After Zu An left, Zheng Dan planned to get some rest, but she was suddenly a bit stunned when she saw that there were no sheets.

She mused, “Huh Where did the bed sheets go”

Meanwhile, Zu An returned to his own room.

He pretended to look as if he had just gotten out of bed.

He just happened to run into Sang Hong, who was doing his morning exercise.

“How was your sleep last night” Sang Hong asked with a smile.

“It was… pretty good,” Zu An replied, avoiding eye contact with Sang Hong.

“That’s good.

This old one was scared that our treatment was unsatisfactory,” Sang Hong said with a smile.

“It was extremely satisfactory…” Zu An thought to himself, Maybe it was way too satisfactory. He couldn't see anything from the other party’s expression either, which only made him more nervous.

Sang Hong stopped his current stance and invited Zu An, “Since you’re here, why don’t you join me in my morning exercise”

“That’s alright.

I suddenly remembered that I have something important to take care of back home.” Zu An felt really guilty.

How could he bear the shame of staying over when he had just defiled Sang Hong’s daughter He quickly found a reason to leave.

Sang Hong couldn't help but smile when he saw Zu An leave in a flustered manner. Even this fellow is like this sometimes, hm

When Zu An left, Auntie Mu walked over from off to the side and asked, “Master, shouldn’t we use this chance to get some information from him”


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