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Chapter 30: Chapter 29: Adele Thorin

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After a short conversation, Onyx readily agreed to Richards conditions under the temptation of the Desert Crown.

For the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce, these requirements could be fulfilled with the flick of a finger.

The aborigines had developed after countless eras in the Shining Era, and the resources in their hands were many times better than the current players.

After Onyx went down to rest, Richard asked Karu.

“Have those desert horses been brought back”

“They have been brought back, a total of 92 horses. But there are too many of them, and I havent had the time to deal with them yet...”

Richard nodded. “Theres no need to deal with them. I have other uses for them.”

After thinking for a while, Richard directly opened the [Forum Chat].

He opened the private chat of [Wheres Your F*cking Italian Cannon].

“Ill produce the food for you in advance.”

When Richard bought the Russian olive seeds and the spring water fragments, he still owed [Wheres Your F*cking Italian Cannon] 1,600 units of food.

Richard had never liked to owe money.

Now that he had the resources in his hands, there was naturally no need to make him unhappy over this little thing.

After sending the message, Richard went to the well and looked at the pile of desert horses on the ground. He picked six of the larger ones and directly traded them in a way that fulfilled the contract. Richard paid the other party accordingly.

The moment the trade was successful, the contract between the two disappeared without a trace.

[Wheres Your F*cking Italian Cannon] suddenly saw in the system notification that he had received six desert horses.

He immediately replied to the message after he came back to his senses.

[Sh*t! Big Brother Qing Qiu!! I havent seen you for a day and you are rich again]


[To be honest, I truly admire you. I havent found a food source yet. You always have thousands of units of food... Can you bring me along]

[As long as you are willing, you will be my big brother in the future!]

Richards face was full of black lines.

[If you have any good treasures in the future, you can contact me.]

After sending that message, Richard did not bother with the top-grade treasure anymore and directly opened the [Trading Market].

Richard began to post the information on the reward column.

[Reward 1-star Resource Treasure — (Spring Water or Spring Water Fragment) Reward Amount: 3; (Desert Horses) Reward Amount: 4]

[Reward 1-star Resource Treasure — (Acre of Russian Olive Seeds) Reward Amount: 15; (Desert horses) Reward Amount: 2]

[Reward Special Lair — (Desert Bee) Reward Amount: 20; (Desert Horses) Reward Amount: 1]

After posting this information, there were only 24 desert horses left on the ground.

Pondering about it, Richard posted another message in the reward column of the [Trading Market.]

[Reward: Any valuable resources or other treasures that can be used in the desert. Price: 20 desert horses. This reward requires both parties to agree to the transaction.]

As a result, there were only four desert horses left in the mountain of desert horses.

Dozens of residents who had just finished their dinner and were happily preparing to deal with the desert horses looked at the empty ground and couldnt help but be stunned.

If it werent for Richard, they would have shouted that there was a thief.

“Good evening, Lord Richard...”

“Greetings, Lord Richard... Those desert horses”

Richard waved his hand.

“I have other uses for them. You can deal with these horses. Thank you for your hard work.”

A few residents answered in fear.

“No, no!”

“Its our honor to serve you!”

Richard nodded and directly returned to the mansion.

At this time, the Lords [Forum Chat] blew up again because of his information on the bounty.

[F*ck!!! Did you see that That Qing Qiu boss is selling food again!!]

[This is f*cking ridiculous. I just did some calculations, and the other party sold more than 80 desert horses at one time... I just want to ask, are you the galloping horseman]

[Which wild horse groups lair did they dig out Why is it so exaggerated]

[F*ck, my territory ran out of food today. How can Qing Qiu get so much food]

[Casually taking out tens of thousands of units of meat Isnt the desert lacking in resources]

[My territory is in the desert. Im telling you clearly, Qing Qiu must be next to an oasis rich in resources! A territory in an ordinary desert is simply the beginning of hell on level 10 difficulty!]

[Thats right, this lousy desert is not a place for people to stay! Inadequate water. Inadequate food. Everything is inadequate! It would take less than two hours to kill monsters in the desert, and one would be completely exhausted! Moreover, those troops in the wild were stronger than the last. Yesterday, I had gone through great difficulty to kill more than a dozen desert rats. On the way, I even encountered a group of more than a hundred desert bandits... If we didnt run fast, we would be dead!]

[Sob, sob, sob, sob, I dont want to play anymore. I want to go home…]

[F*ck, why dont I have any resources or treasures I seriously want those 20 desert horses.]

Richard was completely speechless.

Several players were doing well. However, there was only one person like Richard who traded over a thousand units of meat the other day and sold over 80 desert horses and over 20,000 units of food today.

This caused countless people to be envious.

How many lords could kill over a hundred desert bandits in just three days

Richard was tired for the entire day and had a good sleep.

Early the next morning, he was woken up by the noise outside.

After getting up and washing up, Richard went out and saw a group of haggard refugees squeezed into the space around him.

Karu was talking to these people.

After Richard came out, the noise just now seemed to have pressed the pause button and disappeared in an instant.

The pressure from the dozens of soldiers behind Richard was too strong.

Especially the scorpion warrior. Its two-meter-long body was bent like a steel whip behind its tail. With the addition of two terrifying giant pincers, it looked terrifying.

Although the mummy didnt have such a strong body, its snow-white bandages and dry hands were equally terrifying.

Living beings always had a special fear of the undead.

Under the terrified gazes of the refugees, Richard scanned his surroundings.

“Whats going on”

Karu immediately stepped forward and bowed.

“Good day, Lord Richard.”

After he finished his bow, Karu straightened his body and pointed at the fearful and uneasy crowd.

“These are the refugees we found outside the Rusian olive forest this morning. They are together with the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce...”

Richard nodded.

His sharp gaze swept across the crowd.

“You people, who is in charge here Come out and talk to me.”

Hearing this, the crowd subconsciously turned their heads to look behind them.

Tap, tap, tap

The sound of boots stepping on the ground was clear.

A slender girl separated the crowd and walked to the front of the crowd.

What caught peoples attention was that the thin girl was carrying a bronze hammer that was taller than a person on her back.

The other partys delicate eyes looked straight at Richard, and she leaned forward with her hands on her chest.

“Respected Lord, Adele Thorin sends her regards.”


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