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Bad Luck and Secret Promotion

In a small house near the wall of the Thunderbolt Dojo, Hong San crossed his legs and sat leisurely on the wooden chair, sharpening his nails with a knife.

“Tell me, who are the more talented guys in the Changshan Dojo”

In front of him was a young man, Gao Leya, who was covered in blood.

Gao Leya endured the pain and squeezed out a smile that was covered in blood.

“Yes, yes, Master Hong. Recently, the only person whose name I can call out is someone called Qin Huai. He managed to reach level 10 breathing technique in three days!”

When Gao Leya spoke, his mouth was bubbling with blood. He had been an apprentice of the Changshan Dojo for five months. Today, he was just mining and refining iron as usual.

As for the dispute between the two major dojos, he only wanted to fool around a little. He walked toward the middle line symbolically and then returned.

He didnt think. He had just walked out when he bumped into Hong San. And so, he was immediately brought up with a series of strict questions.

“Level 10 in three days!” Hong Sans eyes twitched. “What kind of cultivation speed was this”

Gao Leya opened his mouth and explained the entire situation in one go.

“Its that guy from the Slaughter Gang. I was wondering why he sounded so familiar. It turns out theres such a relationship between the two techniques. If thats the case, then level 10 in three days is still acceptable.”

Hong San patted Gao Leyas blood-stained face, his expression cold. “If you had told me the truth earlier, you wouldnt have to suffer this beating.”

Gao Leya bowed his head and didnt say anything. He also wanted to be more unyielding and be a loyal hero of the dojo. However, Hong Sans attack was too painful and he couldnt hold back.

“You are the son of Scholar Gao from Pingnan City, right” Hong San seemed to remember suddenly.

Gao Leyas heart suddenly quivered. He already understood that this was Hong Sans threat. In Hong Sans hands, his family could be destroyed easily.

“Gao Leya will be at your beck and call from now on, and will follow all of Master Hongs orders!” Gao Leya did not hesitate at all.

As for Hong San, who had caused him such injuries, he didnt dare to have any hatred. He had heard of Hong Sans reputation. He was gloomy and unscrupulous.

“Youre so smart. Send me a letter every two days to report the movements of Changshan Dojos disciples. If there are any good seedlings, you must give me an explanation.”

Gao Leya could only nod.

“Ill send more silver to the Gao mansion later as medical expenses.” Hong San was expressionless.

Gao Leya gritted his teeth. This was to prove that he was guilty of colluding with the Thunderbolt Dojo. He might not be able to explain it clearly if he went back. Even if he explained it clearly, there would definitely be a gap between the brothers.

“I promise you that the Thunderbolt Dojo will be your secret backer. If something happens to the Gao residence in the future and the Changshan Dojo cant solve it, you can come to me,” Hong San continued.

When he heard this, the ferocity on Gao Leyas face had completely disappeared.The two big dojos, one in the light and one in the dark, are protecting me.

As long as Hong San didnt expose himself, he would be able to enjoy this protection for free.

“Thank you for the beating, Master Hong!”

After Hong San said a few more words, Gao Leya was rewarded with medicine to treat his injuries and swelling, and he quickly left.

“Heres the chicken soup ~”

Outside the door, Gu He and Gao Leya brushed past each other.

Gu He placed a bowl of chicken soup on the table, and Hong San hurriedly got up and scooped a bowl for each of them, drinking a mouthful of it happily.

“Ha~ Uncles chicken soup is still so amazing!” Hong Sans face was expressionless, only his tone was fluctuating.

As the two of them drank the soup, Gu He pushed a long black box in front of Hong San.

It was a Qi and blood pill box.

Gu Hes younger sister died in her early years, leaving behind only her son, Hong San. Gu He, on the other hand, did not have any children, so the relationship between the two was particularly close.

“Uncle, youve earned so much this month” Hong Sans eyes flashed with surprise.

The price of a vitality pill had now soared to five hundred taels, which was already a gold price. There were five of them in the long box, so that was two thousand five hundred taels.

He knew that his uncle could usually make a lot of money as the chief examiner of the dojo, but this time, the amount of money was really surprising.

“Haha! It has something to do with the Qin Huai that the brat just mentioned.”

“That little brat is delusional. He wants to enter the gate of my Thunderbolt Dojo and be taught a lesson by me~” Gu He laughed and explained the entire situation.

“He wants to enter a dojo with such a poor root bone” Hong San couldnt help but show a mocking expression. “Then youre saving him. If he enters with such innate ability and finds out that his progress in a year is less than that of others in a month, Im afraid hell go crazy.”

“I think so too!”

The uncle and nephew clinked their glasses with satisfied expressions.

“That may be true, but I still have to do what Master has instructed me to do.” Hong San raised his eyebrows. “And knowing who Fang Han had brought with him would make things easier. It just so happens that theres been a conflict between the two dojos in the mine these past two days. Ill have that kid keep an eye on Qin Huai and find an opportunity to kill him in the mine without anyone knowing.”

Hong San had planned everything in the blink of an eye. Besides, he still had people from the Luo residence in the city who were worried about him. Even if he escaped, he still had backup plans.

The two of them clinked their bowls of chicken soup.

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“Ding! You have collected a [Thunderflash Skill Essence (White) ], [Thunderflash Skill] experience 33!”

“Ding! You have collected a [Thunderflash Skill Essence (White) ], [Thunderflash Skill] experience 55!”

“Ding! You have collected a [Thunderflash Skill Essence (White) ], [Thunderflash Skill] experience 51!”

Qin Huai kept moving around in the mine and collected a few more waves of experience. He realized the higher the realm of the warriors on both sides, the angrier they were, and the more ruthlessly he attacked.

Although there were rarely any deaths, they were all covered in wounds and blood. However, there were not many people on both sides who had broken arms and legs.

If Qin Huai encountered a fellow disciple who was about to be in danger, he would also lend a helping hand and resolve the crisis.

After a few hours of strolling, Qin Huais thunderflash skill had rapidly increased to Level 2, 231/1000. He earned a total of 2000 experience points.

“The unique thing about the thunderflash skill is its vibration. Through a unique force-exerting technique, you can complete a high-frequency vibration in the instant of an attack and release a unique force to penetrate the enemys defense.”

In the darkness of the pit, Qin Huai was slowly practicing the Level 2 thunderflash skill. He threw two punches at the iron ore wall to get a taste of it.


“It is indeed full of offensive power.” He compared the breathing technique and the thunderflash skill.

The white dragon of the breathing technique was obviously a combination of attack and defense, but the offensive power of the white dragons Qi wave was far less powerful than the penetrating power of the thunderflash skill. The latter was purely offensive, and its defensive power was entirely dependent on its offensive power and exuberant vitality.

“At this rate, Ill reach level 10 thunderflash skill in four days. My attack power and Qi and blood will both go up another level. By then, I wont be at a disadvantage when I fight against the same-level martial artists from the Thunderbolt Dojo,” Qin Huai mumbled.

He could use the power of the thunderflash skill to offset the penetrating power of the martial artists from the Thunderbolt Dojo. With the breath control technique and the spirit eye technique, he would be overwhelmingly powerful.

“When I go back today, Ill tell everyone about my intermediate forging and get my hands on the blood Qi soup and blood Qi pill.”

Putting the level 20 breathing technique aside, he would use the forging technique to fill the gap in the qi and blood soup. After all, cultivation techniques might be useless, but qi and blood wouldnt.

A strong vitality was advantageous, and so was the intermediate forging technique against a silver disciple. In addition to a bowl of vitality soup every three days, there were also two vitality pills every month.

“Ill raise my vitality to level 30, so I wont be at a disadvantage even if its a competition of vitality.”

He guessed that every time he advanced through blood refinement, his vitality would increase by ten points. Thirty points of vitality were already the standard of a third refinement martial artist.

His vitality, which was close to twenty-seven points, was enough to deal with most of the second refinement martial artists.

As Qin Huai thought about this, he walked toward the forge on the left side of the dojo.




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