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Chapter 4: “An Embarrassing Thing”

Sweeping across the objects strewn across floor again, Huang Yue Li discontentedly said: “You are the Marquis Houses Fourth Miss. How could you possibly be this poor Could it be that youre still hiding some items”

“Third……Third Sister……I really didnt hide anything……”

Knitting her brows together, Huang Yue Li continued her interrogation: “No money Touch your heart and ask yourself whether or not if you truly have no money left Look around and view the damage you have caused. If you do not make the proper compensations, how can my spirit possibly allow you to walk away freely” She scoffed and looked at Bai Ruo Yan with narrowed eyes.

Shuddering from those words, Bai Ruo Yans words were shaky as she replied: “Third Sister………I really……really dont have any money. Second Sister……she has money, so……so go and ask her……” She pleaded desperately.

“Seems like you really are poor. Why dont write up an IOU then.”

Bai Ruo Yan blinked in confusion.


Lowering her head, Huang Yue Li swiftly wrote on a piece of paper and threw it towards Bai Ruo Yan.

Due to fact that Bai Ruo Yan was overwhelmed with fear, she did not even stop to think for a moment why a ghost would ask for money. She didnt even read the contents on the piece paper, but proceeded to the snatch the brush and signed her name down immediately.

Picking the paper up, Huang Yue Li scanned it before nodding in approval and said in a satisfied tone: “Fine, then well reluctantly let you owe the money for now. Take off your clothes and kowtow to me three times, then you can scram!”

Bai Ruo Yan was momentarily stunned.

“What Take off my clothes”

Even if she could not think properly due to fear, she still knew that if a young lady took off all her clothes, there would be very severe consequences.

Unfortunately when Bai Ruo Yan looked into Huang Yue Lis endless eyes, it was as if what remaining bit of consciousness she had left was sucked away.

Under the control of the Clear Sky Eye, Bai Ruo Yan didnt not have the slightest resistance. Obediently, she acted according to Huang Yue Lis instructions.

Listlessly, she undressed in front of Huang Yue Li and knelt to the ground. She then proceeded to kowtow three times.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Clear, crisp knocks could be heard as she powerfully banged her head against the limestone floor.

By the time she lifted her head up, her skin on her forehead was torn and blood was trickling down.

Waving her hand, Huang Yue Li commanded: “Scram!”

Hearing those words, Bai Ruo Yan leapt up and madly dashed towards the door as if she had received a great pardon. Bursting through the door, she furiously ran away.

Outside, the serving girsl and nurse that Bai Ruo Yan had brought along with her were still immersed in their grand scheme as they surrounded Bai Ruo Lis serving girl and continued their torture.

“Ill whip this damn wretch to death! Dare to go against our Fourth Miss You didnt even stop to look around before peeing. What status does your Mistress have!”

“Thats right! The ill star of the deceased Master and Mistress. Not to mention that she is a complete cultivation trash! If it werent on the fact of being kin, Master would not have kept her. This is already showing great benevolence. But who knew, that she would dare to commit adultery with a random man. Thats truly losing the face of this entire Manor! Even death cannot wipe such a stain away!”

“Just a lowly and disgraceful thing, yet she still has the audacity to refuse and hand out the items that the previous Master had left behind Hmph, moreover she still has the cheek to keep it all to herself. But now that shes dead, everything is settled. So everything here would naturally belong to our Manor!

“Third……Third Miss……she isnt that kind of person!”

Even though she was covered in blood and barely breathing, she stubbornly clung on to her last breaths and struggled in a weak voice in an attempt to clear her Mistress name.

It was at that moment that a sudden shriek erupted from within the room, followed by a loud bang as the doors flung open. Hearing the commotion, they all turned their head to only see a naked silhouette flying out.

“Who is it” Observing closely, the serving girls asked before crying out: “Its……Fourth Miss. What happened to Fourth Miss What happened”

Bai Ruo Yan looked completely disheveled. Her hair completely in disarray and matted with dust, not a single accessory was seen, and blood was trickling down her forehead. It was too hideous to look at. Still trembling, she cried out deliriously: “Ghost……spare me Third Sister……spare me…it wasnt me who harmed you. Please dont come find me……”


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