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Report! I have to make sure to report them!

The flames of justice in Vast Skys heart were shining fiercely.

While growing up, he had encountered many injustices leaving him with a high moral standing.

When he entered the game, he never once expected to encounter such brazen cheating.

It really annoyed him!

Before he started the game, he was full of beautiful fantasy about this game world.

He believed that he would be reborn and enjoy the good life here.

However, as soon as he entered the game he encountered this situation, it made him feel like he had just stepped into a big pile of s̲h̲i̲t̲.

“This is too unfair to the rest of us! I must make sure they are delivered to justice and see to it that the world has a glorious future!”

Vast Skys sense of justice burned like a smoldering volcano and his eyes seemed to spew out fire.


“Why is there no report button!”

From the Character Info to the game forum, he had searched everywhere but still couldnt find any official report option.

“Could it be that the game officials are working together with the cheaters No, it should be that the developers are too confident, thinking that it must be impossible for someone to cheat! This wont work.

I have to inform them as soon as possible!”

Vast Sky quickly published an article on the forum to highlight the cheaters in the game.

Immediately afterwards, he quit the game and left a comment on the game companys homepage to explain the situation.

However, he still did not feel satisfied so he went to the web forums and Weibo to blow up the matter even further.1

In the end, he felt that it was not enough so he used the live streaming service on Bilibili which had a partnership with the game company to screenshot Yaegers post on selling equipment and posted it all over the internet.

A tossed stone raised a thousand ripples.

Vast Sky did not expect that his accusation of the cheaters post would instantly create an explosive situation on the internet.

Not only Cathays internet but even foreign internet exploded.

This game had attracted an unprecedented level of attention because of the insane hype and promotion by the big five countries.

Therefore anything related to it attracted peoples attention.

Whats more, there were publicly cheating players in the game!

Unexpectedly, this player actually dared to sell equipment which they obtained through cheating.

It was a downright provocation!

Players who havent even had time to enter the game, and those who were still watching from the sidelines became angry.

For a time, netizens all over the world were discussing this matter with great enthusiasm.

It didnt take long for some players in the game to get to know about it through other players who had just entered the game.

Because of the game forum and private messaging in the game, Yaeger gained the reputation of a well known cheater.

“What! Someone in our Newbie Village actually cheated!”

“I think its a lie.

This game is developed by the combined technologies of the big five countries.

How can there be cheat plug-ins!”

“In the end, what are the origins of this player called [Princess]”

“Hehe, someone is shameless enough to actually use the name Princess in the game!”

“This must be fake news.

If they could really cheat in this game, that person must be a god!”

“Yeah, yeah! If the game developed by the combined technology of all five countries is this easy to hack, this would be much bigger than just cheating!”

In Novice Village 101, almost all players were discussing the cheater called Princess.

Vast Sky smiled with satisfaction.

Now that the whole world was discussing this matter, he believed that officials would deal with it soon.

Humph, cheaters must die!

Rakshasa: Princess, they are claiming that you are cheating.

“I didnt cheat!” Yaeger looked at the unceasing flashing public messages and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly.

It seemed that it was because of a similar event in her past life that the game company (Original Sea) only announced the information about the closed beta players later.

Nangong Lin looked at the equipment and other items laid out on the ground, and then looked at Yaeger: “If youre not cheating then Ill start saying my name backwards!”

United States, New York, top floor of Empire State Building.2

F̲u̲c̲k̲ you! You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, dont you know what being low profile is!”

Leon punched the display which made sparks fly in all directions.

“Youre lucky that youre Chinese! Youve done an excellent job of pissing me off!”

Leon was an American but he spoke Chinese fluently.

Previously, he was happily going through Chinas Weibo and a hot trending search suddenly popped up on the screen.

At first, he didnt pay much attention to it.

However, when he saw the game equipment, Leon understood that it was something done by other closed beta players!

He originally planned to develop in a low-key manner so that other players would not notice him.

However, this player called Princess directly threw the fact that they were a beta tester out there!

Because of this, players all over the world would notice the existence of closed beta players!

“[Princess], Im going to kill you!” Leon gritted his teeth and his originally handsome young face became ferocious.

United States, Puerto Rico, Dorado, outskirts.3

“Such a ridiculous person.” Mira looked at the information on the screen, sighed, and shook her head.

Her expression changed.

“But this person can get so much equipment, its worth it to stay vigilant.”

Japan, Okinawa.

“Chinese like to amass wealth while keeping a low profile, how did such a strange person like you appear” When Honda Yu saw the message, she was completely stunned for a minute before reacting.

Finally, she threw away his mobile phone and kicked the door open angrily.

Gaul, at a horse racing match.

“Haha, it seems that some people dont want us to be low-key!” Podophe smiled scornfully and a cold light flashed in his eyes, “[Princess] right Dont let me bump into you!”

Linhnan server, Newbie Village 101.

Yaeger shuddered for no reason and felt like chilly winds blew around her.

While all the commotion was happening, Vast Sky felt that the timing was almost right so he looked at Yaegers direction and yelled, “The player who cheated has set up a stall right in front of us!”

In an instant, hundreds of pairs of eyes looked over and Yaeger immediately became the focus.4


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